Correct a Hormonal Imbalance Naturally!

Posted by Patti (Ewing, NJ) on 09/06/2008
5 out of 5 stars

A long time ago I read about a natural cure for hormonal mood swings, (PMS symptoms) and I read that if you have the type of PMS where you are cranky it works to take a Calcium/Magnesium supplement but the Magnesium amount has to be more than Calcium. There's a popular supplement available that has twice the magnesum to calcium ratio. It works so well that even my husband makes sure I always have it on hand/I take it ten days before, 3 times a day. As I get older I've started taking Vitex, and for some reason the (awful tasting) liquid works better than the capsules for me, and that has made a huge difference. I will say that I am now looking into supplements as I head into perimenopause, I am feeling very unhappy a lot of days which is very unlike me. In doing a lot more research (from books) I have been reading great things about Black Cohosh and am about to start taking that. No synthetic drugs for me, just natural cures and I would love to hear how other women have handled the depression (mild, but that's enough) and lethargy that I really want to get some help with. Hope I was able to help someone else!