Correct a Hormonal Imbalance Naturally!

Book Recommendation

Posted by Kristi (Cleburne, Texas) on 01/19/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Thanks to Earth Clinic for the natural remedies. I have had much better results with healing my body than with conventional medicine and drugs.

HORMONES: I wanted to share with ALL the women out there about my journey to hormonal happiness. Hormones are such a basic building block of our health.

Somehow I came across the book, What Your Dr. Might Not Tell You about Premenopause. (Got a used copy on Amazon.) WOW, it was fascinating and changed my life. The premise of this book is balancing your hormones and how most of the time it can be achieved with NATURAL Progesterone cream, not synthetic hormones.

My biggest help came with clearing my sinuses. I almost could not breathe through my nose and never knew hormones could affect this. Many things on Earth Clinic's site helped me, but the progesterone finished it off. Within 1 month, I could breathe again. There have been many other benefits as well.

EVERY women needs to read this book -- even those in their 20s. It will help you understand what is happening in your body with your hormones.