Hives Treatment

Laundry Soap With Bleach
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 03/10/2024

Tide Powder Detergent with Bleach Crystals for Hives

It was 1970's and Kim was 7 years old. She broke out with a case of hives. Her father started a hot bath and put Tide Powder Detergent with Bleach Crystals (about half of the normal amount used in the washing machine) into the bath water. He had Kim get into the bath and soak. She said to felt like it was burning. After 30 minutes of soaking, she got out of the tube and the hives had stopped spreading. The next day, her mom took here to the base hospital (he dad was in the military). She told the Dr. what her dad did and the Dr told her that daddy saved your life.