Hives Treatment

Posted by Michael (USA) on 12/04/2006

This is an old one (from my grandmother) .If you suffer from hives, make dough with next ingrediants: flour, water and salt. Take about two full tbs of flour (you can increase amount, if you need more dough, or have several hives), about quarter of teaspoon of salt and enough water to make not to soft and not to hard dough (thickness, should little softer then vermicelli dough and not sticky at all). Lay over the dough on the hive and cover with linen. Keep it like that until dough crust, then change if there is a need (usually there is no need... hive burst after first apply). While dough is on hive, you will feel warmth and mild, pricking need to worry, that is a sign that hive is starting to "ripen".

Another cure for hives is Plantain (plantago major). Just apply its fresh leafes on your hive and cover it with linen. Change this every hour, until your hive burst.