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Dietary Changes
Posted by Karin (Ny) on 05/31/2018
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Histamine Intolerance and Hives

I am a super "healthy"and fit person with unending skin issues. I have standard contact eczema, pomphlyx/dysdriotic eczema and hives and now also PMLE (sun poisoning after being on antibiotics for an infection.

I've found over the years that I need to have a predominantly organic diet with no preservatives or chemicals to control skin issues. I of course had cortisone (limited length of release), antihistamines (work great- but will eventually cause dementia:( I don't like taking pharmaceuticals unless necessary.

I was taking ACV for a virulent UTI. It worked great for ousting the UTI, BUT, I got hives all over for a month. It turns out I am HISTAMINE INTOLERANT and need to follow a histamine restricted diet. No vinegars, cultured foods like yoghurt, Kim chi, Kombucha, aged cheese, alcohol -especially red wine etc. It's a daunting list of restrictions but I am so thankful I finally know why despite being "healthy" that I am so sick, chronically inflamed, brain fog, Sore joints, allergies, etc.

Being histamine intolerant, most things that I considered super foods and natural healing protocols Made me much more sick.

E.g. These contributed to my hives (and eczema) cacao, sauerkraut, probiotics with certain strains of lactobacillus (which really sucks because all of us with severe skin issues need to heal our guts! ); bone broth (because it is out to long); pulses; turmeric! ; cinnamon; nutmeg etc etc. All of these I thought were beneficial, but they were contributing to my illness.

Leftover food is not good for histamine intolerant people.

DAO enzymes are essential to heal histamine intolerance.

please look up HISTAMINE INTOLERANCE. I was so surprised not to find it on Earth Clinic because this is my go to site where I have discovered many miraculous cures. (Thanks Earth Clinic! )

I found many great sites on this topic. Dr. Jockers and Self Hacked websites come to mind. Mercola only had one article on it.

I'm still in the midst of healing, but I am so thankful to finally know what is wrong with me. Everything I researched fit me to a T, and now I know I can heal completely. Its truly empowering knowing that. But be prepared, it's a very restricted diet.

BTW. I found when my itchiness was out of control, the only thin to relieve the itch was to run my hands, or take a shower in almost scalding water. Immense relief when I was almost crying from the itch. I researched it, and found that many others experienced relief like me. I've been doing it for a long time and put Vaseline or Aquaophor on afterwards along with white cotton gloves on my hands (bought on Amazon).

Good luck to all of you!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Patty (Farmland, Nj) on 07/16/2015
5 out of 5 stars

In my experience, which was over a 9 month period of time having hives on my clavical area. I had went to dermatologist and like many others it did not resolve the issue. I finally went to an Osteopathic Doctor whom informed me I was having a severe allergic reaction to something I was ingesting daily so after 1 month of narrowing down, the culprit was Green Tea & Nuts .. yes, green tea & nuts. I have an allergy to nickel and was not aware that green tea cold or hot contains nickel as well as various tree nuts. I was consuming a lot daily once I stopped it took 2 weeks for all the hives to go away. I did use Calmine lotion to help me deal with them and corn starch it kept them dry and not burn as bad. I used both 3 x a day reapplying. Not sure if what had worked or helped me will help someone else, but if it does then good. Perhaps consider it is a way of the body letting you know something is off..... Best wishes to those who are presently dealing with hives, it is a very unpleasant situation.