Hives Treatment

Dietary Changes
Posted by Martha (Oceanside, California) on 11/16/2016

I have been suffering from Idiopathic Uticaria (hives) for 3 years. A year ago I had the worse case, I was getting ready in case I went into an anaphylactic attack. No allergist, no dermatologist, no doctor helped. I went for three weeks to Weimar institute in Northern California, I change my diet to No oils, except for some olive oil, no animal fats, (became a vegetarian) no Refine sugars or flours, Cold and hot showers, exercise, clear air and sunshine, lots of water drinking, relaxation and spiritual meditation. I have lost Over 5 pounds and the hives after three months on this diet, or better, life style went away.I did use alovera gel to calm them down, it was the only thing that gave me relief and the antihistamine Zyrtec. I am afraid to leave the Zyrtec although I do not have the hives now. I think I like to try the ACV just in case it can help me to give up the antihistamine. Any suggestions?