Hives Treatment

Dietary Changes, Apple Cider Vinegar, Vitamin C
Posted by N. Williams (Doral, Florida) on 08/21/2009

Hi All

I live in the Caribbean and 5 years ago I suffered with the worst case of Hives. It affected even my eyes and made the white appear soft and jelly-like!! I missed a lot of work, could not sleep in the nights and visited three doctors and one herbal doctor. The last Dr. was an allergy doctor who could not test me because of all the anti-histamine tablets in my body. Eventually I stopped taking the meds, because my body had just enough of it and started to take a blood cleanser, which worked. Granted that my hives were starting to go. It recently came back and because I am more knowledgeable about it now, than I was then, I read where a raw vegetable and fruits diet will help to clear it up fast. So I tried it, and my hives did not come on as bad as the first time. In fact, it is very tolerable. I continue to take anti-histamines...only in the night. I take the cleanser in the morning. And I only started drink ACV last night, so I have not seen any true results from it yet, but I feel confident it will work. I don't eat any fruits or veges that have a lot of acid. And I only drink water ( not alkaline ). I attribute mines mostly to stress because I have been under a great deal of stress when I had both episodes. Making the scarifice in your diet, and keeping your stress down, helps tremendously. You will loose weight but, if you want it to go, and to be able to sleep, try have nothing to loose. I also read where taking Vitamin C is very good. I am also using it in 1000 mg strength. Hope I have offered some help here.