Hives Treatment

Posted by Magicpips (Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines) on 06/02/2013

My daughter started having hives when she turned 1.2 years old. We went to see a pediatric dermatologist and an allergist. Both of them diagnosed her with Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria. She would breakout daily and have hives on her legs, arms, body and face but luckily, it wasn't the itchy kind. The meds they prescribed worked for maybe a day, but the hives would come back with a vengeance. So I stopped the medication and looked for alternative cures. I read that ACV works but it's impossible to get a baby girl to drink the stuff. She continued having her daily hives for about 9 months until we figured that the trigger might be water from the faucett (used for bathing and cleaning). We installed a water filter and her hives improved but not totally cured. She would still break out about thrice a week. Then my sis-in-law suggested that I clean my baby bottles using rock salt instead of the store-bought special baby bottle cleaning solution that I would use. To our surprise, her urticatia got better and within a week, it was gone. She got cured. Don't know if its the water, the salt or the cleaning solution. But whatever it was, it finally worked. Thank God. I just thought of sharing this. Maybe it will help other mothers. My daughter is now 2.3 and she has clear skin now. Thank you. I hope this helps.