Hives Treatment

Chrysanthemum Flowers
Posted by Rick (Jersey City, NJ) on 04/21/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you all! Great website. I have had hives for 6 consecutives days. Every day without fail at 6.3pm. No matter how many antihistamine I take, to no avail. Steriods given by a doctor even made the hives worse. Much redder and itchier. I stumbled on this website and began taking Ted's recipe, B-12, C and E. 2 days ago. Last nite, I boiled some chrysanthemum flower. Hives was itcher than ever. Took a large cup in the middle of the nite and a lot more in the morning. Continued the vitamins and came back in the pm for more. Expecting the hives to break out any time soon....6.30pm. Nothing happened ! No hives!!! BTW, I the nite before, I took some epsom salt and lots of water and apple juice. I believe combining all these cost effective remedies beats all the OTC medication I bougght over the last few days.Did some research on chrysanthemum flower and found that it is an anti-inflamatory agent, a good stress reliever etc. Here is the link I am chinese by origin but never knew that this herb could help.

Hope this helps someone. GOOD LUCK