Hives Treatment

Borax and DMSO
Posted by Renee (Boston) on 05/23/2022 41 posts

After reading on here for days I decided to pick and choose several remedies from various people that I thought may seem to work for my arthritis. One of them was the use of a combination of Borax with a mixing cream, rubbing it into sore spots and then adding DMSO on top. So I have been doing that to inflamed areas for about a week. I am not sure if that is reducing my inflammation or the internal use of Borax or the combo but that isn't the reason for this post.

The reason I am writing is because the Borax/cream/DMSO appears to have extreme healing properties! I suffer from chronic urticaria on top of the arthritis. I get giant hives weekly and take antihistamines for it. Regardless of how many antihistamines I take, the hive usually lasts at least 24 hours. The other day I put the mixed concoction and added DMSO to the hive before bed (it had just appeared that evening). By the morning it was gone!!! This has never happened! The hive is always there until about 24 hours have passed.

On top of that, I was stung by a bee yesterday. I usually get a big red itchy swelling for days after. The sting started to itch and burn right away as usual. I ran in, did the same thing I did to the hive and within 5 minutes the sting was gone!!! I find this to be a miracle. I am still amazed by this. I am not exaggerating. This worked really fast!

When I get a chance I will find the recipe I followed and update here.