Hives Treatment

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Dodge (Lincoln, Ne/usa) on 12/11/2009

I have been dealing with chronic urticaria of around 20 years. Each year they get a little worse. For the past 5 years of so I have been dealing with them with Cimetidine and Cetirizine. During warmer weather I can get by with very little but when it gets colder I need more. When winter hit this year it got really bad and I was taking a lot of Cimetidine trying to slow it down. Was not working and I was getting concerned. I found the information about using ACV and gave it a try taking it three times a day. Within 2 days the wheals where gone just a little iching or tingle left. I have even been able to cut back the meds to more normal summer levels. I have not played with different amounts of ACV yet but pleased so far.