Hematoma Cures With Home Remedies

Jul 15, 2016

What Is a Hematoma?

Medically defined, a hematoma is a collection of blood outside of a blood vessel, much like a bruise. Typically occurring as a result of damage to the blood vessel wall, artery, vein or capillary, a hematoma may range in size from a tiny dot to a large spot with excessive selling. The blood that leaks out of the blood vessel is irritating to the surrounding tissue and may cause issues such as inflammation, swelling and general redness.

The specific symptoms associated with a hematoma depend on the location and size of the issue. For example, a brain hematoma may cause vomiting, headache, drowsiness, confusion, weak limbs, increased blood pressure and even seizures or unconsciousness while a hematoma located in the skin or muscle may cause little more than skin discoloration and slight swelling.

The most common cause of hematoma is trauma. Such trauma can be initiated by car accidents, falls, broken bones, head injuries or even an aggressive sneeze or twist of a limb. As the trauma occurs, blood escapes the damaged vessel and leaks into the surrounding tissue. As the blood leaks, it begins to coagulate and clot, resulting in a hematoma. Additional factors that may affect the development of hematomas include certain medications and disease that decrease the number of platelets in the bloodstream.

Natural Hematoma Cures

While more excessive hematomas, such as a brain hematoma, may require medical treatment, many hematomas can be treated naturally. Nutrient supplements such as vitamin C and flavonoids increase immunity and help repair damaged cells. Additionally, topical applications including anti-inflammatory creams, rosemary extract, rosemary essential oil, sweet clover, arnica and comfrey help control pain and ease inflammation. Using a compress of a cabbage leaf over these creams also helps shrink hematomas.


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Posted by Christine Keitel (Melbourne, Australia) on 09/19/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I had a huge hematoma on my left shin from a bad fall last year. My Physiotherapist said it was the largest hematoma he had ever seen and was not responding to treatment as it should. He then suggested to me to go home and buy some big fresh dark green outside leaves of a cabbage, smother my hematoma with Voltaren cover over with the cabbage leaf and then wrap in plastic or glad wrap as we call it here. I did this every night and it shrunk in size amazingly everytime I did it. Only at night when you go to bed though it does not work as well during the day but could try it. I must tell you the doctor who sent me to the physio was absolutely amazed how this worked on my hematoma when traditional methods had failed and also can I say saved me from an operation where I would have probably been left with a rather large dent in my leg!

Replied by Gloria
San Antonio, TX, USA

What is Voltran? I believe my grandmother has hematoma. She has these large purple-reddish bruises on her forearm. They look awful but she says thy don't hurt. What do I put on her skin before I cover it with cabbage leaves? She has already given up on remedies so far nothing has worked. Please respond as soon as possible.

Replied by Sue
Rockingham, Western Australia

Gloria wanted to know what Voltaren is. It's an anti-inflammatory cream. The type used for arthritis etc. I suppose any brand of anti-inflamatory cream would do.

Replied by Sally
Franklin, Tn

I would love to try this remedy. My doctor says it is very crazy idea and will not prescribe the cream. I have a hematoma size of half dollar of lower leg next to shin bone and say I need surgery. Can anyone help me with this---where can I get this cream to try--?

Replied by Maria
Gippsland, Australia

Hi Sally, I assume you are talking about voltarin cream, it is bought at the chemist/pharmacy. It is an over the counter product here in Oz. If you cant get it then ask your pharmacist for another anti-inflammatory cream.

You could try an Arnica cream/gel instead and apply it then cover with the cabbage leaf. When using the raw cabbage leaf it is best to gently crush the leaf before you apply them, this helps to start the release of its beneficial properties. Arnica cream can be bought at health food shops and pharmacies. I would also take the arnica tablets as part of the treatment. Arnica cream applied several times a day and tablets taken as packet recommends have been used for hematomas with success for a long time. All the best.

Replied by Sally
Franklin, Tn

What kind of cabbage leafs---? From a regular cabbage or the very dark leafs, which really don't look like cabbage in grocery--? Please advise. Thanks!

Calcified Hematoma  

Posted by Michael (Austin, Texas ) on 08/19/2011

I have a calcified hematoma. I have heard DMSO can disolve calcified hematomas. Is that true and is it safe to use on people?

Thanks, Michael

Replied by Jeane Green
Colorado, Usa

Sorry to hear about your calcified hematoma! Not sure about the DMSO effect on it, but my post is regarding safety of using DMSO on people. After I have learned that vets use it on million dollar horse races, I gave it a go. It works on my achy fingers. I will actually pass your idea onto a friend with a large calcified hematoma. Hope it works for you!

He has been using warm cider vinegar poultices that have made it softer, and smaller, but why not give the DMSO a go as well.