Bill Thompson's Healthy Liver Protocol: 5 Top Supplements

| Modified on Jun 19, 2022
Bill Thompson Liver Protocol
Posted by M (Usa) on 04/05/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Bill, thanks so much for your info, I'm going to try this. Sincerely, M

ALA and Metal Fillings
Posted by Bill (the Philippines) on 01/28/2019

Hi Janet…

The way that I think about your ALA/mercury problem is mostly based on the research of Dr Burt Berkson, who is the ultimate expert or research guru on ALA and who has used the milk thistle, selenium, ALA oral protocol as part of his very successful natural Triple Antioxidant Therapy treatment for thousands of people with hepatitis C, cirrhosis, liver cancer and pancreatic cancer. And you can bet that those people he treated were just ordinary Americans who, without any doubt, would also have many mercury fillings in their teeth. The point is that Dr Berkson, in all his research and in his books, has never reported that people died or were injured with his detox treatment (i.e because ALA was redistributing mercury from their teeth into their bodies).

If you still have any fears about mercury when using ALA then I would also urge that you read Dr Berkson's book “The ALA Breakthrough” on In this book, he also describes, in one simple sentence, how ALA removes mercury safely from the body:

“Alpha lipoic acid has been demonstrated to chelate high levels of mercury and allow the patient to excrete it from the body by way of the gall bladder.”

It also sounds, from the description of your problem, that you may have other heavy metals in your body. If that is the case, I would immediately supplement Chlorella daily to help remove all heavy metals efficiently from just your intestines. I would also recommend that you supplement Cilantro extract every day which should help to also remove all the heavy metals from your tissues, organs and blood fairly quickly (probably within a month).

Chloredane is an awful industrial poison that contains a remarkable 6 chlorine atoms per molecule of chloredane which makes it highly poisonous and dangerous. Supplementing Milk thistle, Cilantro extract, MSM or Sodium thiosulfate (which is a well-known and efficient dechlorinator. The dose is 6 to 10 drops of ST in a glass of water per day – also see Ted from Bangkok's dose recommendations for ST on EC) should help to remove chloredane from the body.

Bill Thompson's Liver Protocol
Posted by Tessa (Okanagan) on 02/17/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you Bill from the Philippines - it's always good to hear from you!

Other than milk thistle (one of the most important vitamins you mentioned), I have the rest of the vitamins that are on your list so I'm going to pick some up this afternoon.

The idea of a preventative daily detox regimen seems more logical to me than those rather ghastly detox cleanses I've subjected myself to in the past (and usually didn't complete).

Thanks again!



ALA and Metal Fillings
Posted by Bill (the Philippines) on 01/28/2019

Hi Janet...

I forgot to mention that if you regularly eat sulfur-containing foods then this will also help to remove glyphosates efficiently from your body. Here are some useful sulfur-containing foods: Apple Cider vinegar, Korean kimchi, sauerkraut, garlic, onions, eggs, organic cheese etc

Liver Supplements With Scleroderma
Posted by Becky (CA) on 01/30/2019

To Bill from Philippines:

I have been diagnosed with Scleroderma and doing a FCT Homeopathy protocol. Can Wheatgrass be used instead of Chlorella? I've heard make Chlorella brands are bad. Thank you.

Liver Supplements With Scleroderma
Posted by Bill (the Philippines) on 01/31/2019

Hi Becky…Scleroderma is an auto-immune disease. Here's what Ted from Bangkok recommends:

“The cause of scleroderma in certain cases may be due to a tiny mycoplasma which bought about the condition. In which case zinc acetate 50 mg every other day, may normalize the immune functions as well as some iodine foot painting, maybe twice a week. A sodium ascorbate vitamin C (or ascorbic acid with baking soda), 1000 mg/day would normalize the body's inflammation somewhat as it raises the body's nitric oxide to some extent.

A drop of lavender oil in a glass of water may help that too for the scleroderma. If you think scleroderma is due to invading mycoplasma, then a pinch of borax in a drinking water would stop the scleroderma then and there.”


Scleroderma can also affect other areas of the body such as skin, blood vessels, muscles and organs. Taking Milk Thistle, Chanca piedra, Cilantro extract and Selenium should also help with these internal issues.

Milk Thistle and Cilantro extract will help to support your liver/blood and will remove heavy metals and poisons from the body. Chanca piedra is highly beneficial for the body and will help to remove any excess calcium in the blood, which should also help to safely reduce excess calcium in the skin(which causes it to thicken). See this link:

Milk thistle and Cilantro extract will remove any heavy metals. Recent research has confirmed that excess mercury in the body can also be a cause for auto-immune disease and that's why it's important for you to take Selenium. Selenium helps to prevent auto-immune disease by removing mercury from the body. See my detailed description of the benefits of selenium here:

Protocol Dosages

* Borax(Sodium Tetraborate)….A pinch of Borax(like a pinch of salt) in a glass of water once per day. You can use unscented 20 Mule Team Borax from the supermarket(washing isle) without problems.

* Lavender Oil…One drop in a glass of water once per day.

* Milk Thistle…500mgs twice a day taken with meals

* Chanca piedra…Take the tea form three times a day outside mealtimes. Or you can take the capsules – 500mgs twice a day.

* Selenium…200 micrograms twice a day with meals.

* Cilantro extract…10 drops(or as recommended) in a glass of water taken twice a day outside mealtimes

Liver Supplements With Scleroderma
Posted by Jgny (Thousand Islands) on 06/19/2022

Bill Thompson, I am going to try your liver protocol this week, my question is you said take resveratrol first thing in the morning, does that mean on an empty stomach? I've read elsewhere to take it with meals. Thanks for your great article!

ALA and Metal Fillings
Posted by Janet (In) on 01/27/2019

Bill, I would appreciate some insight.

ALA, the warnings about mercury, or metal fillings. I have never decided one way or another regarding its use. There seems two sides to this and I am hesitant. Now that I have been sprayed by glyphosates. It is difficult to know exactly what to do. I can unwind some or most of the symptoms. I know I am not making enough headway. The sense it is lurking is concrete. There are protocols and advice. Not enough to eradicate it. It does not take much to knock me off my pins. So looking at your regime, it has some promise. It is crazy making to resolve. I look at this mess as something akin to arsenic or heavy metal poisoning. I am thinking it is not reversable, but manageable. Chlordane poisoning in the 90s was an unknown factor, when I first became seriously ill. I have always concluded that was another issue that remains.

I would appreciate any insight into this mess. Janet