Goiter - Thyroid Treatment

| Modified on Dec 17, 2018

What Is a Goiter?

The thyroid is the gland situated at the base of the neck. Responsible for regulating metabolism, the thyroid serves an important purpose in the body; however, several issues can arise in relation to this gland. One such condition is a goiter or an enlargement of the thyroid gland. While goiters are generally painless, an extremely large goiter may cause a cough as well as difficulty swallowing and breathing.

All goiters do not cause signs or symptoms. Some common signs and symptoms have been identified as indicative of goiters, though. A visible growth or enlargement at the base of the neck is one of the trademark signs of a goiter. Additional symptoms include a tightness in the throat, coughing or hoarseness, trouble swallowing and difficulty breathing.

The thyroid gland is responsible for producing two hormones – thyroxine and triiodothyronine – and works in conjunction with the pituitary gland and hypothalamus to regulate the rate at which these hormones are produced and released. While a disruption in these processes may result in a goiter, having a goiter does not necessarily mean that an individual’s thyroid is not functioning normally. One of the main factors contributing to a goiter or thyroid problem is an iodine deficiency. Other issues may cause a goiter including such diseases as Graves’ disease, Hashimoto’s disease, cancer of the thyroid gland. Additionally pregnancy can cause changes in the thyroid.

Natural Goiter Remedies and Thyroid Treatment

Whatever the cause of a goiter, several natural remedies serve as effective goiter and thyroid treatments. Apple cider vinegar taken daily works to shrink a goiter and regulate the body’s systems naturally. Kelp powder, bladderwrack and iodine supplements are also effective options for treating a goiter. Likewise, minimizing stress and participating in calming activities such as yoga help relieve fatigue and adrenal stimulation and may also help diminish a goiter or thyroid issue.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Diane (Ashburn, Virginia) on 02/09/2011

Please tell me how to get rid of goiter. I have been using Apple Cider Vinegar and it seems to be shrinking not completely gone. I have multi nodules in thyroid area. Thank you

Replied by Monique
(Ottawa, Canada)

I have benign multiple nodule goitre. I want to try something natural to shrink it. Could you tell me what quantity of apple cider vinegar was used.

Replied by Tina
(Syracuse, New York)

All goiters are different and some can be cancerous you need to find the cause of your goiter before attempting to use any of the suggested products... a goiter caused by idodine deficiency will shrink if you're taking something with iodine suppliments in it like kelp, but it will not work on a goiter caused by hormone difficiency or a cancerous, or tumorus goiter which is why some people see shrinkage and others do not.

Replied by Healthhope
(Seattle, Wash)

Hello everyone, I'm really needing feedback concerning a large Goiter I see here about painting feet? please instruct, apple cider vineger, and lugols I need to see a change and shrink this goiter! I believe its possible isn't it? I have to see an endo soon please give some feedback what has worked for you ? Has anyone destroyed a goiter naturally or know a doctor that has ???

Replied by Sutkije
(New York)

The best and safest way to cure your goiter is HOLY BASIL. Try it for a month and see if it works for you. It has changed my life in so many ways!

Replied by Glenda

How do I use the Holy Basil? I am desperate to find a natural cure or something that would reduce the size of the goiter. Do I ingest or use it topically and what dosage please? Many thanks.

Replied by Kechiag

Yes, please let us know about the Holy Basil. I have a benign goiter, all of TSH levels are normal. The lump in my neck is just nerve wracking and sometimes embarrassing. I've been on the hunt for something for about 10 years now. So please help us!

Replied by Sutkijeperjuci
(New York)

Hey guys!

Ok, so holy basil that I take is from new chapter and I take 2 soft gels a day. I must add that I have gone on a gluten free, dairy free and suger free diet and I noticed after taking the holy basil for a month that my thyroid nodule had shrunk. After I had my ultrasound done it confirmed that it did :) Now, next month I'm going to see my Dr. And I'll see what he has to say....

Replied by Glenda

Thank you.

Replied by Sandhya

Did you continue to take Holy Basil and did your goiter ever normalize? Please say why you decided to do Holy Basil? Thank you.

I have had an enlarged goiter for 27 years that gets bigger and smaller. All tests come back normal. Seems to get bigger if I detox the body and or am under stress. Gets smaller if I detox the goiter itself with clay and water put on it for hours with plastic wrap.

Replied by Duska

27 years??? Without hormonal disbalance?

How big it is/was? I have a similar problem for about 13 years. I didn't want to have it removed, but it appears that now is the time to do it. I apologize for my broken English. :)

Replied by Fl Sr With Goiter
(Melbourne, Fl)

My "thyroid" doctor did the needles in the throat test and mine is not cancerous, so he's doing nothing since thyroid blood work shows it is working in normal range. I know it will continue to grow if not treated and do not want surgery. Really, who's using a supplement that works....really proof of working would help (ultrasound, etc)

Castor Oil Packs

Posted by Linda (Ontario, Canada) on 06/09/2014

Does anyone have any advice or experience using castor oil packs on a goiter? Thanks, Linda

Replied by Deb
(North Carolina, US)

Have not heard of using castor oil packs for goiter. Let me know if it works.

Replied by Neli

If you do a Castor Oil Pack make sure you do a ORGANIC CASTOR OIL....Rub it on the area that has the goiter....after you put the oil on....wrap a small towel around the hot water bottle or you can use a heating pad on area....make sure the heat is just comfortable on the area....do this 10 mins. on and 10 mins. off 3 times each day....This is what I was told to do for my goiter....I just started doing this....From I'm told this what they do in India :-)

Goiter Remedies

Posted by Remus (Reynolds, Ga.) on 07/23/2013

Hello! My girl have a large goiter on neck, and to know what remedies that she can used to reduced it? She have problem swollening, etc. She have it over 15 years but as large. thank you.

Kelp Powder

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Posted by Nikita (Carrollton, Georgia) on 09/25/2012

I LOVE ACV and use it daily but at one point, I had also cut out salt with iodine from my diet. I didn't realize that I needed to get iodine from another source (sea kelp, soy milk, etc). After approximately a year and a half, I developed a goiter on my thyroid (August 2011). My doctor scheduled a neck ultrasound for me and I knew that the next step was a blast of radiation (the goiter was big). I did research (ON THIS SITE ESPECIALLY! ) and found out that long term use of ACV can leach the iodine from your body. I also discovered the connection between iodine and thyroid function. I immediately started taking kelp powder. My doctor was skeptical but after a few weeks, the goiter started decreasing in size. It was almost gone by the time I went for the ultrasound. My doctor was amazed :) He said that the ultrasound showed that I still had 5 nodules on my thyroid but my recent bloodwork showed that my thyroid is fine! I still take ACV but I now make sure to replace the iodine in my body.

Replied by The1model
(Baltimore, Maryland)

Hi, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease about two years ago after having horrible symptoms. My Endo immediately scheduled me for the radioactive iodine treatment but I decided to miss that appointment. She dismissed my request to explore natural options to curve my symptoms and disease. I decided to change my diet, began exercising and started taking natural supplements. About six months later, all of my symptoms disappeared but my goiter did not shrink. Now about a year later, it seems that my symptoms are returning and my goiter is becoming even more enlarged. I am currently taking turmeric, mothers wort, selenium, ginger root, vitamin e, beta carotene and a couple more supplements as suggested from a few thyroid books. As a single mom, college student, full time employee, I am willing to take just about anything that will ensure my health in order to avoid surgery and radioactive therapy. How much kelp powder should be taken daily? And can this be taken along with ACV? Any suggestions and advice are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

The1model: Kelp is an excellent source of natural Iodine, but in some cases it's not enough. Fallow the recommendations for Lugols Iodine/Iodide on this site. If this doesn't work try nascent Iodine.

Also, try Magnet Therapy directly over the affected area. Try a small music speaker magnet at least 10 min 2x daily. Also, take Zinc/C Lozenges as directed. People w/ Thyroid disorders often cannot convert Beta-carotene to Vit-A, so drop the Bc and take Vit-A soft-gels. I recommend taking the Vit-A by biting down on the gel and bursting it in the mouth while letting it diffuse through-out the entire local area (which includes both the very important Thyroid and Thymus Glands); you can also do this method with the Vit-E; swallow slowly.

Replied by Natrod59
(Boca Raton, Fl)

Since you said "As a single mom, college student, full time employee... " I think it's worth mentioning that goiters can also grow from stress and adrenal fatigue. I find that yoga or deep breathing several times a day can relieve the adrenals and decrease my goiter. It appears hormones, adrenals, stress, toxins are all interelated and impacted by diet and stress as well. Good luck!

Replied by Gravespatient
(Montclair, Nj)

The1model- do not take kelp as suggested by one of the posters on here. Iodine is the absolute worst thing a graves patient can take. It is like adding fuel to a fire. In graves disease, your body creates too much iodine. Find yourself a good endo thats willing to put you on antithyroid meds & work with you to make u feel better. Thats what I did!

P.S. Stress, as someone mentioned, is also not good either. I find that 30 minutes of exercise helps me.

Replied by Meadowsweet

Just wondering if you could provide links to the research evidence that iodine is the worse thing a patient with Graves Disease could take, please? I've never heard this one before, also I've never found scientific evidence which states that the body is able to produce iodine; if it were possible then we wouldn't need it in our food, yet much of the western world is deficient in iodine. Thanks for that.

Replied by Phunmie
(Lagos, Nigeria)

@ nikita , what's ACV?

thank you.

EC: ACV = Apple Cider Vinegar

Replied by Michael
(Orange County, Ca)

Hello All,

I recently posted my Goiter issue and got some instructions regarding using Lugols Iodine and taking Iodine co factors and some vitamins.

I tired the Iodine for several days with about 6 to 8 drops a day and made me uncomfortable, still am taking 2 to 3 drops a day.

I also am applying mix of LemonGrass, Peppermint and clove essential oils diluted with olive oil in a rollerball on the Goiter and another rollerball for the feet. Also just got Sandalwood and Frankincense Essential oils to apply.

I feel The nodules pushing on the throat and this limits my talking to few minutes at a time and after about 20 minutes I feel I have a sore throat with pressure on the windpipe and can't talk comfortably.

Any suggestions and quick remedy to help me to be able to talk with no difficulty? and cure this health issue?

Thank you


mnjalili at hotmail

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Michael,

I am hopeful that the essential oils will help a lot, especially the frankincense you just got.

Castor oil massaged into the area may be helpful. It is good for cysts.

Another option would be to use charcoal poultices over the area, especially overnight.

Herbalist Rachel Weaver, in her book, Backyard Pharmacy, recounts a story that Maria Treben, another herbalist recounts. A woman with a large goiter gargled fresh chickweed tea daily many times a day and over time the goiter was completely gone. But fresh chickweed may not be easy to come by.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Michael
(Ca., US)

Hello Mama to Many,

Thank you so much for answering to my post. Where do I get "charcoal poultices" and "chickweed", also the chickweed, does it have to be fresh in order to work or dried ones are Ok to use.



Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Michael,

I do not know if dried chickweed will work as well. But we have used dried herbs for many things with great success, so it seems like it is worth a try. You can get dried chickweed from Mountain Rose Herbs. You can make a strong tea from it each morning to gargle throughout the day. (1 - 2 T. herb for each 2 cups water. Pour boiling water over it and let it sit for 15 minutes. Strain.)

For the poultices - you will need to get some activated charcoal powder. You may be able to get it from a local health food store or from


Then you will need to make poultices. You can make a week's worth and keep them in your refrigerator and use one each night.

Here are directions for charcoal poultices:


I would give whatever you try at least a month to see if you are improving. If you are noticing improvement, continue.

Let us know how it goes! I am very hopeful that you will find relief.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Michael...In both hypothyroid and in hyperthyroid conditions the current independent research and historical thinking seems to advise the supplementing of lugol's iodine in both instances -- since these problems usually both involve a lack of iodine as well as lack of certain crucial minerals in the diet. Here's the older, more honest historical research on the success of using lugol's iodine in the treatment of Graves disease (which has been so long and so successfully suppressed by the FDA and drugs companies):

"Iodine was used in the treatment of toxic goiter as early as 1840 by Von Basedow and in 1854 by Stokes. In 1863, Trousseau inadvertently used tincture of iodine successfully in a patient with exophthalmic goiter. "In the course of October, 1863, I was consulted by a young married lady, who habitually resides in Paris. She was suffering from subacute exophthalmic goiter... I still found her heart beat at the rate of 140 to 150 times in the minute... I wished to administer at the same time tincture of digitalis, but preoccupied with the idea that there would be some danger in giving iodin, I wrote iodin instead of digitalis, so that the patient took from 15 to 20 drops of tincture of iodin a day for a fortnight. (For the reader's information, "tincture of iodin" is a 10% solution of iodine in 95% ethanol. The daily amount ingested was 75-100 mg). When she than came back to me her pulse was only 90. I found out my mistake, and I substituted tincture of digitalis for that of iodin, but, after another fortnight, the pulse had again gone up to 150, so that I at once returned to the iodin." Trousseau had the distinction of performing the first double-blind study of iodine in a cohort of one patient with Graves' disease. He also achieved remission of Graves' disease with prolonged administration of potassium iodide."

"Thompson, el al, in a 1930 publication, quoted several authors in the late 1800s and early 1900s who used Lugol solution alone successfully in Graves' disease, with complete remission of the disease, eliminating the need for surgery. Destruction of the thyroid gland with goitrogens and radioiodide was fortunately not then available for the management of Graves' diseased. Professor Kocher came on the scene in the early 1900s and had an adverse iodophobic effect on the treatment of Graves' disease. Professor Theodore Kocher carried a lot of weight, being the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology in 1909, for his work on "thyroid surgery, " the only Nobel Prize assigned to research on the thyroid gland. He was against the use of iodine/iodide in exophthalmic goiter and all forms of hyperthyroidism."

"Thompson, et al published the results obtained in 24 patients with exophthalmic goiter treated with Lugol solution alone without surgery, using a daily dose of one drop. As mentioned previously, goitrogens and radioiodide were not available for use in Graves' disease until the mid 1940s, coincident with the appearance of iodophobic publications by the same authors who promoted the goitrogens as an alternative to Lugol solution in the management of Graves' disease. Thompson, et al stated: "Twenty-four patients with exophthalmic goiter (14 mild and 10 severe or moderately severe cases) have been treated in this clinic with iodine alone, either continuously or intermittently for periods ranging from one and one-half months to three years. The period of treatment was a year or more in 13 instances. With three exceptions (all unsatisfactory responses to iodine) the patients pursued their daily work throughout the period of observation, thus eliminating the effect of rest." That is an 88% success rate."

"She was a classic case of Graves' disease with exophthalmia. After researching the medical literature, she refused treatment with radioiodides, goitrogens and surgery. She was placed on the nutritional program, including 1, 200 mg of magnesium/day for one month prior to iodine supplementation, followed by the same program with the addition of 12.5 mg elemental iodine (1 tablet Iodoral®) daily afterward. TSH was undetectable at <0.01 mU/ml. Total T4 was 18mg/dL; T3 442 ng/dL; Free T4 = 5 ng/dL. Following one month on a high magnesium program, she stated she felt calmer, with less palpitation, could sleep better. The burning, irritation, and lacrimation of the eyes improved. TSH remained undetectable at 0.03 mU/ml; Total T4 dropped to 16 mg/dL and Total T3from 442 to 299 ng/dL. Free T4 did not change appreciably. After the first week on iodine/iodide at 12.5 mg/day, she noticed a clearer mind with improved cognition. Following one month on this program, she slept better and was better organized with improved social activities. Her palpitation decreased markedly with normal pulse rates. Serum TSH became normal at 2.3 mU/ml; Total T4 , Total T3 and Free T4 were all within the normal range at 8.0 g/dL, 195 ng/dL, and 1.2 ng/dL. She continued to improve. After three months on the same program, TSH was not measured, but Total T4, Total T3 and Free T4 remained within the normal range. She experienced some diarrhea following four months on magnesium at 1, 200 mg/day, and the daily amount was decreased to 600 mg/day. As of this writing, the thyroid function test remained within the normal range; she has no exophthalmia; she gained 16 pounds; and her social activities have improved to the point of matrimony. She praises God every day for saving her thyroid gland and making her healthy again."

"The influence of Kocher divided thyroidologists into two schools: the iodine/iodide school which favored the use of Lugol solution first and then adding surgery later for the patients not responding to this approach alone, while continuing the iodine/iodide supplementation; and the surgical school discouraged the use of iodine/iodide, prior to the post surgery. In 1927, DeCourcy stated, "That the administration of iodine prior to operation for exophthalmic goiter controls the symptoms. Lowers the basal metabolic rate and lessens the hazards of operation, is no longer questioned. This teaching, however, is directly contrary to that of only a few years ago. Formerly the surgical school led by Kocher opposed the use of iodine in any form of Graves' disease, holding that it increases the severity of the symptoms and may, in fact, be responsible for the development of exophthalmic from simple goiter." In the same publication, DeCourcy's own experience revealed that out of 30 cases of exophthalmic goiter in children, Lugol solution 5-10 drops (30-60 mg) three times a day "made operation unnecessary" in 11 cases. That is a 36% success rate."

"Starr, et al 65 from the Massachusetts General Hospital used 15 drops (90 mg) of Lugol gaily for the treatment of exophthalmic goiter, with a 92% success fate, eliminating he need for surgery. "Of these 25 cases, 20 (80%) responded to iodine by a more or less extensive remission of the disease. Of these 20, 12 (48%) responded with the acute iodine resembling the effect produced by subtotal thyroidectomy. In the remaining eight (32%) the remission occurred, but was less extensive. In five unsuccessful cases (20%) two of the patients were pregnant, and one had cardiac decompensation. If these are omitted from the calculation, iodine administration was successful in 20 of 23, or 92% of our hospital cases."

"S.P. Beebe from New York reported favorably in 1921, on the use of Lugol solution in hyperthyroid forms of goiter, based on his experience over a period of 10 years, which did not confirm Kocher's iodophobic attitude, "In going over these statements in the literature, it seems probable that the actual basis for the conclusions has been theoretical considerations and preconceived notions rather than careful clinical observations... In this writer's experience iodine is one of the most valuable therapeutic agents we have in the treatment of the hyperthyroid forms of goiter. As in the case of any potent drug, injury can be done with it. So can we do injury with digitalis and salvarsan. During the last 10 years the writer has treated a large number of cases of hyperthyroidism, and with most of them the administration of iodine has been a part of the treatment. There is no danger in so doing if the dose is properly regulated. The extreme sensitiveness described by some writers is a rare event..."

"A cursory review of the literature suggests that the use of Lugol solution in Graves' disease, the preferred approach by thyroidologists of that time, resulted in a higher success rate with fewer complications than the use of iodine and iodide alone. The daily amount of Lugol solution used in Graves' disease ranged from one drop (6.25 mg) to 30 drops (180 mg). A complete nutritional program in our experience improved further the response to orthoiodosupplementation in Graves' disease and other thyroid disorders."


If you are taking lugols iodine, then you should also be taking all the companion nutrients on a daily basis that are shown here:

Iodine Companion Nutrients

To assume that just lugols iodine alone will be enough to heal Graves is also, perhaps, a little too simplistic. The production or over-production of thyroid hormones involves complex processes and sub-processes that involve the crucial production of metabolic enzymes and catalysts in the body that are so necessary and vital for proper thyroid hormone storage and production. So if you are, indeed, also lacking in any of these process-dependent enzymes(which are themselves so heavily dependent on minerals and vitamins in the diet for their source and production) then that is perhaps reason enough why lugols iodine alone may give strange reactions or inadequate responses.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Michael...I must also mention that lugol's iodine is a wonderful detoxer for the body which chelates mercury, aluminum, cadmium, lead, arsenic, bromine and fluorine from the body. By doing this iodine will remove these poisons from your cells and simply dump them into your blood and this puts considerable stress and strain on the liver to remove them -- hence ontributing to all the uncomfortable detox symptoms that you have already mentioned.

To find out what anti-oxidants(think crucial enzyme builders for the thyroid process) are missing in your diet and what excess poisonous heavy metals and halides you have in your own body, I would at least get a hair analysis to see exactly what your status is. And once you know what minerals/vits you are lacking and what heavy metals you have in excess in your body you can use a more focused protocol to help heal your thyroid.

I would also strongly advise that you see a thyroid- and iodine-literate doctor in your area to help you manage your problem. Here is a list of all such doctors in the USA(including California):

LIst of Iodine-Competent Doctors in US

Replied by Mama To Many


Thanks for the great historical article. Fascinating!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Michael
(Ca, US)

Hello Bill


Hello Mama to Many,

Since, there is only one area I could find to reply for both of your posting, I apologize that I did not address you separately. I thank you both for taking the time to educating and instructing me to to find a solution to my Thyroid Issue.

Bill, As you mentioned in the prior posting, I should have tested my Iodine level before using the Lugol's Iodine on my own without knowing how much I should use daily. I could not find the right practitioner who could help me as many of them charge between $350 to $500 or so for the first visit and few hundred for the subsequent visits and test. However there is a Lab that they do 24 Hour Iodine Loading test for about $100 and a mini phone consultation with the health practitioner and I will try to that.

Also as I posted, using the Iodine did make me very uncomfortable and I could not tolerate it even dropping at 4 drops twice daily totaling 8 drops to only one time 2 drops including the supplements you mentioned in the first post. It causes also irritating my throat and I can not hold a conversation more than few minutes.

As I read on the internet, Iodine my not heal All Thyroid issues may be damaging a Thyroid( I have normal Thyroid lab results with Multi Nodular Goiter) The specialist I saw after the test result could not determine that I am Hypo, hyper or have any other Thyroid related health issue other than that they all recommend removing my Thyroid surgically. I Also searched that my issue might be auto immune related and maybe due to a leaky Gut Syndrome. Do you suggest I should follow a thyroid health diet with no Gluten and like Paleo diet? or do you have an easier and more economical protocol?

Also do you think applying Essential Oil, which I am using mix of peppermint, Clove and lemongrass diluted with olive oil will help? and recently was told maybe Frankincense and Sandalwood diluted and applied on the affected neck area?

Again, I thank you both for your suggestions and guidance.

God Bess,


Replied by Sp
(New Jersey, US)
32 posts

Hi Michael, have you looked into applying castor oil topically for your goiter? I am currently trying it for a problematic complex cyst on my thyroid. At the time of the ultrasound, the cyst was nearly 2 inches. I also have a small simple cyst and multiple nodes. On October 17th I started using castor oil topically on my neck. Two weeks after that I saw a different doctor for something else but told him about the cyst. He put his fingers on my thyroid and told me he couldn't find the cyst. I told him about the castor oil and he rolled his eyes. My plan is to use castor oil for three months and then get another ultrasound. Those results will determine my next move. (I do plan to work with my chiropractor to heal my thyroid, basically with massage and iodine, under his care in the future.) I apply the castor oil to my neck and leave it on for three hours in the evening and then wash it off and go to bed. I do this 3-5 days in a row with a 1-3 day break. I try to do it 5 days with a 2 day break, but life doesn't always run like clockwork. I'm doing aromatherapy with frankincense while I sleep. I've also upped my potassium intake naturally and am alkalizing with baking soda. I started these other protocols after I had already been doing the castor oil. I feel like the castor oil is my main treatment. Good luck to both of us!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Michael...It is a fairly normal occurrence for doctors nowadays to get their thyroid diagnosis completely wrong. I've read many testimonials where thyroid sufferers go to their doctors with a visually obvious goiter or tactile nodule problem and because their inaccurate TSH/T4 tests tell them that your thyroid is normal -- despite the obvious thyroid goiter or lump -- they send their patients away saying that there is nothing wrong with your thyroid. They do this because the Standard of Care manuals tell them to do this. Trouble is, doctors no longer seem to be capable of using their eyes or their God-given brains or even their logic anymore, not to mention their complete lack of compassion for the patient involved.

The inaccuracy of the TSH/T4 tests is also quite well known. For an honest and accurate description of the proper accurate lab work that you should get -- at a bear minimum -- you should get your Free T3 tested which actually measures the active thyroid hormone in your blood(the important one), as opposed to measuring just the TSH(a pituitary hormone) and T4(inactive thyroid hormone) -- see this link for further explanations.

Recommended Labwork

Optimal Lab Values

The stopthethyroidmadness.com website also provides cheaper recommendations for thyroid testing by mail and most of these tests are below $100. I would also recommend that you get the Free T3 and Free T4 Test and, if you can also afford it, The Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies Test. See this link:

Thyroid Panels

If you shop around on the internet you might find even cheaper sites for thyroid testing by mail. You could also perhaps also ask your doctor to retest your thyroid properly but that would probably be too expensive.

I must also mention that your thyroid problem might have several well-known pathogenic associations. You mention that you have leaky gut. The usual pathogen culprits that are capable of causing leaky gut are candida and/or mycoplasma. These pathogens, as Ted from Bangkok has mentioned, can also attack glands like the thyroid. So Mama to Many's advice concerning rubbing Frankincense or Sandalwood topically into the thyroid area is good advice -- these will kill any fungal or bacterial involvement in that area. Also, as you have already mentioned, peppermint, clove oil and lemongrass will also be quite useful in this respect.

I should also mention that candida can be also associated with a huge number of other diseases and autoimmune disorders including thyroid problems. See these links:

Candida, IBS, Leaky Gut and Allergies

Dr William Shaw's Research

Candida Progression and Virulence

Candida and Hypothyroid Connection

Unfortunately, the doctor's tests for candida can also be highly inaccurate and misleading. Better that you take Dr William Crook's Candida Questionnaire to see if you also have candida. This simple test is free online and is fairly accurate and is based on your current symptoms and problems, past medical history, drug use, etc:

Dr William Crook's Candida Questionnaire

As to the best diet, I would recommend that you try to avoid all chemically processed supermarket food -- buy organic or locally grown food -- and avoid all dairy, wheat and sugar products and reduce carbs in your diet(carbs convert to sugar in the body). Excess dietary calcium(dairy) is well-known to inhibit iodine uptake in the body and excess sugar will just feed any pathogens that might already be involved in your problems and help them to grow and spread.

Replied by Michael

Hello Bill,

Thank you very much again for your quick response. Just about 2 hours ago came from the doctors office. She Thought that I went trough the surgery as I was scheduled. But I cancelled the surgery. She mentioned since I had a biopsy about a year ago with a adenoma and my Mother had a Carcinoma about 46 years ago and she is on Thyroid meds now, I also should go through the surgery the doctor gave both my Wife and I quite a scare ( she seemed very sincere ). and my wife has promised me to go through the surgery now, even though I think I should give the Essential Oils and other suggestions a try.

As I mentioned my talking( for more than 20 minutes or so) and eating are affected and I am not sure I will get any better soon.

The doctor ordered a full Thyroid test which I did do the test this evening and also she ordered a ultrasound on a stat basis and asked me to make a visit with the surgeon and the Endo as well.



Replied by Michael

Hello Sp,

Thank you for the info you sent. As you read about my thyroid health issue after series of Blood test (all thyroid test came normal) and biopsy and ultra sound shown multi nodular goiter biopsy showing Adenoma, that's why doctor's suspicious and want to do surgery. But I am hoping to find a way to shrink the nodules safely and quickly and without any side effects. I will try using Castor Oil as you suggested. Should I use and wrap a cloth on the area or just apply it topically without any cover? On the Frankincense do you use it diluted on the area for how long and how many drops you use.

I am praying for both of us to get healed and As you mentioned good luck to both of us.

Thanks, Michael

Replied by Sp
(Wb, Nj)

Hi Michael, I am not using a cover or heat, but if you want to that would probably be an even better method. I put it all over my neck, not just over the thyroid. It is a little messy. Just wear an old shirt you don't mind getting the oil on. I've never done a proper castor oil pack and really didn't know anything about them when I started using the castor oil. I have read that it is good for getting rid of any growths in the body.

As to the frankincense, I have only been using it as aromatherapy, I have not applied it to my skin. I shake a few drops onto a terrycloth washcloth that I put next to my pillow when I go to sleep, so I am breathing it in all night. It smells great. I have very sensitive skin so I am hesitant to apply it to my skin, but I think I might try it diluted. I don't know if it should be combined with castor oil. So I might try it with olive oil on an alternate day. By the way, all of my thyroid numbers are "normal". I'm not so sure that the numbers they use present a full and accurate picture of thyroid health.

Replied by Michael
(Ca., US)

Hello Sp,

I am applying Castor Oil as you suggested. Today would be the third application. Also using Frankincense diluted with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and applying it directly on the Goiter area. Started to use Sandalwood oil with olive oil as well today try to alternate with Frankincense.

With my Goiter issue, I don't know related or not, I get a sore throat feeling after talking more than few minutes.

Thank you. Michael

Replied by Sp
(Wb, NJ)

Hi Michael, I have had a hoarse throat for a year now. I had laryngitis and laryn-something else with a bad flu I got last November. Since that flu had me sick for about 9 weeks and left me with a post nasal drip that I finally got rid of with Olive Leaf Extract early this autumn, I thought that this hoarseness was caused by that. And my voice is only finally improving now. Now I'm wondering if it was because of the complex cyst, and is being cured with the castor oil?

Replied by Maggie
(Tn., Us)

Hi Michael, how are you doing now? Did you get your operation? Just wondering if the oils helped you?

Replied by Veronicah

I started using Apple cider vinegar for weight loss three years ago.the results were amazing, within six months, I lost over twenty pounds, my skin and everthing else was amazing . however, it wasn't long lived, later after, discovered that one side of my neck had swollen. I was later diagnosed with goitre, my skin had since changed hair was falling off. I was certain that apple cider was the root cause. I have since stopped taking Acv but dying to have my health back.Kelp seems to help reduce the swelling but not completely. wonder if you managed to get a breakthrough? Acv is a magic stuff, but I think it needs to be taken in moderation.people should also be aware of some of the risks involved.

Replied by Jameelah

How much kelp powder did you take for goiter? How often?

Replied by Nadine
(Brooklyn, New York)

Hello, How much of the kelp powder did you take for goiter?

Replied by Lori
(So Cal)


It has been a while since your post. Just wondering how you are doing? I have multiple nodules and in tests done, one came back inconclusive for cancer. My endo did her best to convince me to have my thyroid removed but I refused. I went on a 90 day detox diet which consisted of drink only green juice, lots of water and having salads for lunch and salad and lightly steamed veggies for dinner.

I also use frankincense directly on my thyroid. I got a new endo who supported my desire to go after this naturally and she agreed not to do another biopsy if the nodules had shrunk. Which they have.

Replied by Sp
(New Jersey)
32 posts

Here is the update to my posts in this conversation. I used the castor oil faithfully for three months on my neck. I believed it would help. After three months I had another ultrasound and there was absolutely no change whatsoever. The technician pulled up the previous ultrasound and I saw them side by side. I was devastated. Not even any placebo effect. So I stopped doing the messy castor oil treatments. To date, I haven't done anything else about it or had another ultrasound.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Sp,

That is disappointing news I do really appreciate your diligence in persevering with the protocol you tried and for reporting back. It is truly helpful.

I hope that what you try next will be what works for you.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Daphney
(South Carolina)

I know this is a little late, I have hyperactive thyroid and graves disease. My problem was that I had stopped taking salt for years. I think when I had to take a X-ray for something else. I had to drink Barrium, I guess that's how to spell it. I'm thinking that stuff is full of salt and since I hadn't used salt for years, taking a large dose might have triggered something. I'm might be wrong but I had problems right after that. Anyway I didn't take the radiation pill as suggested by my doctor. I told her let's try the medication first! We did for 18 months, and at the end of that 18 months I'm off the meds. That was 6 years ago! I also have a goiter. But in those months I drank a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil everyday in unsweetened chocolate cocoa and I stopped eating chicken! I still do that routine. Every time I noticed when I ate chicken. I have a coughing bout when I lay down at night. I could feel the goiter, it felt like it had gotten larger. Other than that I don't usually feel it. Oh yeah I do have my salt, iodize that is. I think my problem was not having the iodize salt in my diet in the first place! I don't go crazy with it. I shake it over some of my food.I notice when I stop drinking the oil and try chicken again, my T-cells go up, well something goes up when I go to the doctor. So when she tells me that I get right back on it. And the next time I see her it's back to normal.This is what I do! I hope this helps.

Replied by Consolata

I'm suffering from Toxic modular goiter, will this help?

Replied by Dee

How did you get on with this? I have a large goiter, Graves disease and I'm about to start my second year, full time in college. It's pretty scary, I know my Endo will suggest Radio Iodine and I really don't want it, I've heard so much negative about it. I'd love to know how you got on as you seem to really have been where I am. :)

Replied by Lynn
(Midwest, Usa)

Your body does not make iodine. Iodine may in fact help hyperthyroid patients, but caution is advised. See an iodine literate practitioner and read Dr Brownstein's book on iodine.

Replied by Jennifer
(Ipswich, Queensland, Australia)

I can tell you from witnessing my husbands experience with Iodine that this advice is very sound and worth listening to concerning toxic goitres. My husband has had a multinodular goitre for about seventeen years. He had no symptoms other than a slight swelling in both sides of his neck until taking Iodine. We had searched the Internet on natural cures and found that everybody was advocating Iodine and his blood test had shown that he was deficient in Iodine. The first time he only had a couple of drops for two days and suffered from what the doctor said was thyroiditis. He then had no Iodine for years, then we looked into natural cures again and found that Dr David Brownstein, Dr Guy Abraham and Dr Jorge Fuchas all wholistic MD's spoke highly of taking Iodine for thyroid problems and said it was a must. The problem is, there is very little that can be found on the autonomous toxic nodular Goitre, and here is the trap we fell into.

My husband started taking Lugol's 2% Iodine very slowly for a few months, working up to the 50mcg daily as suggested by these Integrative doctors. He seemed fine. Because there were so many drops involved we asked our Herbalist to find a stronger dosage. She gave us Lugol's 15% but we were given the wrong amounts for my husband to take. It is hard to know who to listen to on the internet when doctors you visit are no help in natural remedies.

A man who seemed to know what he was talking about and has a FB group on DMSO and MSM told my husband to take five drops 3-4 times Iodine a day. On the third day he experienced palpitation and a high heart beat which ended him up in hospital with a thyroid storm. These kill 50 % of people who have them. He was placed on Carbimazole tabs and Beta Block tabs. The affect of the former was terrible. Rash, itchy skin painful muscles and joints but the endo said to keep taking them! He took himself off.

Since then, (about a week ago) all the horrible symptoms from her poison has gone. He is now taking L Carnitine as suggested by an Integrative factor he saw and it is really helping him as he has no more palpitations nor high heart rate. He is also getting onto three herbs today, Bugleweed, Motherwart and Lemon Balm which is meant to help hyperthyroidism naturally. Yes, the Iodine gave him hyperthyroidism with very low TSH and very high FT4 and FT3.

So, if the thyroid is enlarged it sucks up the Iodine and makes too much of the hormone which can be very dangerous. Well, that is our story anyway. I hope this may help some not to fall into the same trap. Selenium also is dangerous to take if the thyroid is enlarged and you suffer from thyroidtoxicosis. We are going to Europe for seven weeks in a weeks time, so we are hoping that our natural supplements (he is on many others as well) will see him through!

Best wishes to everyone on this journey. Don't give up! There is hope! We just have to find the right way! The last thing he wants is thyroid surgery which they all say he should have! 🌺

Replied by Koyo

Thank you! Just to mention also, that you can definitely get some distress, if you detoxify with lugol's iodine, if you do not supplement at the same time with selenium (200 mg is good amount), as well some other antioxidants, but selenium is crucial for the iodine.

Kelp, Bladderwrack

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Posted by Denise (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 12/29/2009

Goiter on my neck

I have been taking kelp and bladderwrack every day. Nothing has worked. I wanted to know if DSMO cream will shrink my goiter?

Replied by Glenda

How much ACV should be taken on a daily basis to reduce goitre?

Replied by Cate

Hiya- you need iodine. Specifically Lugol's, which has iodine and iodide (different areas need different forms). BUT: there is an entire protocol to have established in your mind and in your body prior to beginning, or one can fall in to considerable trouble. Co-factors such as zinc, B-complex, magnesium, selenium and vitamin C are essential to be able to use/absorb the iodine/iodide properly.

First read the book called 'Iodine; What you don't know about iodine can wreck your life, ' by Lynne Farrow. Also, 'Iodine; why you need it, why you can't live without it, ' by Brownstein.

Then join the Iodine Workshop' group on facebook for real-time help with tips, detox problems and solutions. AIP paleo is the best diet to keep routinely detoxing on a daily basis- essential in todays world.

Kelp is no longer considered a reliable source of iodine due to general toxicity of our oceans. To my great and endless dismay.
Good luck.

Lugol's Iodine

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Posted by Mari (California) on 04/23/2014

I've had an goiter for several years, but lab tests were always within normal. The right side of my thyroid is definitely larger than the left. Finally, one doctor did an antibody test and determined I have a diagnoses of Thyroiditis. I was always able to manage without meds, but a few months ago I started having trouble breathing at night and a couple of times had laryngospasms that were pretty frightening.

I was pretty desperate to find something that would help with my symptoms and read quite a bit about Lugol's solution. I sent away for a bottle and began adding 1-2 drops to water once a day. I have been taking it for several weeks now and have noticed my goiter is shrinking and getting softer. I also have no more trouble breathing at night or laryngospasms. Although, the starting dose said 4 drops daily, I decided to try a smaller dose as I believe a thyroid that hasn't been functioning properly probably needs to start slow.

Lately, I've increased to 3 drops/day without difficulty. I've also noticed my skin problems have cleared up and I attribute that to the Lugol's too.

Replied by Tsembel

The information and comments I found here are very helpful, much better than doctors and medicine.

Could you please tell me what is Lugol's solution and how can I get it?

I have thyroid nodules and it has enlarged slightly. I am also getting laryngitis spasm on my throat. Can you help me?

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Tsembel...Lugols Iodine(LI) is simply a distilled water solution containing 5% molecular iodine and 10% potassium iodide. LI provides much needed iodide, triiodide and molecular iodine for your thyroid and your body.

If you take the Iodine Protocol be sure to take the full protocol(see link) -- together with the advised dosages of magnesium, zinc, b vitamins, Vitamin C etc.

If you take this protocol then you should also cut down on your calcium intake -- reduce all dairy in your diet -- because excess calcium in the diet also acts to inhibit iodine uptake by both the thyroid and the body.

You should be able to buy LI quite easily on the internet from vendors like ebay.com and amazon.com.

If you can't find the LI then just eat alot of kelp or seaweed. Kelp is high in iodine and will also help to heal the goiter but may take a little longer.

The spasm in your throat may also be related to a sick thyroid gland. The thyroid is situated very near the larynx. Iodine or kelp should help to cure this too.

Replied by Tsembel

Thank you so much. I'll follow your advice.

Replied by Tsembel

Hi Bill,

I want to ask you and any of this group who can provide me with any site where I can get all the supplement, I.e from place. Like, lugols iodine, selenium, magnesium, celtic salt and other related vitamins. I would appreciate the help you could provide. Thanks Tsembel

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Tsembel...You can get all the supplements you need from ebay(dot)com and amazon(dot)com.

Examples here:



Just search for what you want on the above sites and they will have it.

Meanwhile, if you want a good source of natural iodine that will help your goiter problem then you should try and buy edible seaweed and eat that every day. This might be cheaper for you.

Replied by Tsembel

Thanks Bill,

I am trying to find out which one would be better for my goiter/nodule. It is difficult to find LI here in Mongolia including other supplement. I went to grocery stores and found Dried Seaweed in package, imported from S Korea. Will this type of Seaweed do? All the direction on the package are in Korean language. Thanks for your help. Tsembel

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

High Tsembel....Eating dried seaweed from Korea is fine. Just add it to stews and soups. If you want to eat it raw with fish, just soak in water for a few minutes to soften it. You should eat the raw seaweed every day like this as your food.

You will be taking much smaller amounts of iodine than with LI, so please be patient because it may take a few months for the iodine from the seaweed to have a beneficial effect on your goiter.

Replied by Tsembel

Many many thanks Bill.


Replied by Tsembel

Dear Bill,

My friend sent me Lugols Iodine, and I'm glad that I can I start with the treatment. Can you please advice on how I should be taking, I.e how many drops per day etc? Thanks. Tsembel

Replied by Michael
(Orange County, Ca)

Hello to All,

I also have multi nodular Goiter about seven of them. The biggest one is about 7 Cm X 3 Cm. I, also like Mari have normal lab results and have problem drinking, eating and at times waking up with a cough a gasp for air. I cancelled Surgery twice and trying to find a natural cure. Now thankfully you posted one I will try it. Is there any side effects by taking Lugols Iodine Liquid? can you substitute Iodoral instead? and how many mg/ per day with food or on empty stomach? What would be a healthy food regimen and change in diet for Thyroid Health?

Thank you all, Michael: infoabc77 (at) yahoo (dot] com

Replied by Sp
(New Jersey, US)
32 posts

Hi Michael, for the nodules, do a search on castor oil and castor oil packs and Edgar Cayce.

Replied by Michael
(Orange County, Ca)

Hi Sp,

I will try to do that. thank you.


Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Michael....Goiter is caused by iodine deficiency. To ensure that you have no problems caused by any autoimmune reactions due to lack of anti-oxidants in your diet, I would also strongly advise that you take all the minerals and vitamins that are advised in the protocol below. Please DO NOT take the minerals and vitamins that are advised in the form of ordinary multivitamins for convenience. The dosages advised in the link below are generally much higher than the RDA dosage and represent orthomolecular dosages that can actually heal the body.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Michael...Forgot to add the protocol -- here it is:

The Iodine Protocol

Replied by Michael
(Orange County, Ca)

Hello Bill,

Thank you for your information and suggestion. What specific Vitamin Brands do you recommend ? do they have to be Non GMO and Vegan also? Should I be on a special food Diet specially Gluten Free? How long usually takes to see results and the benefits?

Thank you, Michael

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Michael...A useful supplement brand that I recommend is in this link:

Pure Formulas

I would consider taking the Iodoral, Gynovite and ATP Cofactor supplements. The dosages in these supplements are not according to the RDA but are larger dosages more according to their orthomolecular health giving effects.

The supplements that I recommend are all made by the Optimox Corporation. This corporation, headed by Dr Guy Abraham and also involving Dr Brownstein with other researchers, has spearheaded the iodine research via their Iodine Utilization Project with the consequent revival of the use of Lugols Iodine or Iodoral for health. Therefore their health products are all very much geared to be used together with iodine supplementation. See this link for all their considerable research on the healing and health aspects of iodine:

Optimox Iodine Research

As regards diet, I would perhaps steer clear of both wheat and dairy. Excess calcium in the diet is also well known to inhibit the absorption of iodine into the body and into the cells. Soy is also a goitrogen.

I would perhaps also strongly advise you to see an iodine-literate doctor for monitoring your progress. There are many such doctors in the California area. See this list:

Iodine Literate Doctor's List

If you use the iodine protocol in the proper way then it will probably take you between 3 and 6 months to cure your goiter problem.

Replied by Michael
(Orange County, Ca)

Hello Bill,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and providing me great information. It seems you are a health practitioner with so much knowledge.

I will contact the local Iodine literate in my area and do what you suggested.

Again I thank you and am grateful for all the info and your suggestions. Michael

Replied by Mylene

I want to know further more about the product because I also have multinodular goitre. Thank you.

Replied by Veronicah

My problem is similar to what you explained on your post. I have a goitre swelling on one side of my neck. I wonder if you managed to get rid of the swelling, it gives me a heart ache and am dreaming to have my life back.

Replied by Caitlin

Hi, some great information in these replies, I am wanting to buy a dr brownstein book, I have a multi nodular goiter, which book would be the most beneficial as he has written several surrounding iodine and thyroid? Any recommendations will be helpful, thanks

Replied by Helen
(Port Harcourt, Rivers State)

Good afternoon, I read your post with keen interest. Last June, I was diagnosed with a simple goiter which has steadily increased in size since. I do not really have trouble swallowing or cough, but it's definitely uncomfortable. Besides, I'm worries about having a huge bulge on my neck.

Is this Lugol's iodine readily available for purchase? I'm desperate for a natural remedy. Thank you.

Surgical Removal

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Posted by Harley_girl_1000 (Mt. Dora, Fl) on 09/19/2010

10 years ago I developed goiter on both sides of the thyroid. Each side was as large as a golf ball and multi-nodular. The doctors said that my thyroid blood work was normal. One side spontaneously shrunk and the other continued to grow. I opted for surgical removal of the larger side and kept half of the thyroid. Although I am on natural dessicated thyroid, my life has never been the same. The day after surgery I felt strangely different. A month later I was impotent. My energy levels have never been what they were. It has affected my whole life and I've had to give up many dreams. Despite a careful diet and exercise, nothing was as good as my old thyroid. Not one of 4 endocrinologists mentioned iodine to me. Now I take several drops of Lugol's a week. I have heard that painting the goiter with iodine can help. China is injecting young brides with iodine to prevent cretinism. I know it is possible to shrink a goiter since the half that I kept was at one time larger than the half that was removed. This post is to emphasize NAY to surgical removal of the goiter.

Replied by Marisa
(Halifax, England, Uk)

I wonder if the iodine has helped to shrink the remaining part of your goitre? Sorry to hear about your experience with goitre. I read in some literature by Dr Brownstein that iodine deficiency can be one of the causes of hyperthyroidism as well as hypothyroidism. It seems that the lack of iodine in the diet causes the thyroid to malfunction which can present itself as either hyper or hypo. To effect a cure Brownstein recommends quite high doses of iodine. In fact for general deficiencies he recommends ingesting iodine at high doses for around a year or so, and then reducing the mg and going without for a month or so each year. He claims that iodine deficiency is one of the causes of loads of diseases. I'm hoping to experiment with supplements shortly for my goitre and hyper condition... After I'm over this nasty virus and chest infection. All the best to you. :-)

Replied by B
(Orlando, Fl)

Hi Marisa, I have not been here in a while. During the 10 years that I had the large goiter I spent thousands of dollars on many doctors and endocrinologists. Not a single Doctor ever mentioned iodine. Prior to my surgery I requested an iodine loading test and my endocrinologist refused. I could write a book aobut the rudeness and superior attitude prevalent in the endocrinology field. It has been two years since my surgery and I have purchased Dr. Brownstein's wonderful book. Now I self treat with natural thyroid and iodine. I am convinced that the loss of my thyroid was solely caused by my dietary deficiency of iodine. My life is improving although it will never be what it was prior to the surgery.

Replied by Jennifer
(Pittsburgh, Pa)

Hi, I was pregnant for the 5th time and found out I had breast cancer and goiter at age 35. I read dr brownsteins book and wanted to go see him but can't b/c not taking new patients. Anyway, I've been loading the body with iodine. Not sure how long but I need to get a loading test thru a natural doctor again. It is very tight and uncomfortable, doctors just want to remove it. Not sure what to do. I'm on a very strict vegan diet now for a year. Let me know where you can get your own natural thyroid medicine?

Replied by Lisa
(Rabat, Morocco)

Jennifer, do you mean your throat is tight and uncomfortable? This happened to me when I first started taking iodine (Iodoral). I believe it is caused by your thyroid enlarging to take in more iodine. It eventually went away. Are you also taking Vitamin C, magnesium, selenium and unrefined sea salt? These are recommended to take with iodine. I also was diagnosed with a goiter (by ultrasound) and after being on iodine for several months I no longer have one. You need very large doses of iodine if you have breast cancer, somewhere in the range of 50-300 mg/day.

In any case, DON'T let them remove your thyroid. You will be on meds for life.

Replied by Jen
(Aliquippa, Pa)

Thanks for your response to my goiter and breast cancer problem. I do take vitamin c, how much though? I did add the b2 and b3 and selenium along with lugols liquid. Thanks this has been so encouraging to me. I talked to a natural doctor today and he said my vertabrae could need aligned and my back has been out of wack lately. I had a feeling I wasn't taking enough iodine.

Replied by Lisa
(Rabat, Morocco)

You need 2,000-5,000 mg/day of vitamin C. I currently take about 4,000 mg. If you are not taking that much, you'll need to slowly increase since it can act as a laxative. You also should take magnesium if you aren't already.

Replied by Christina
(Manchester, Uk)

Hi Ladies, I am new to this forum and probably like you have been searching for support forums/ information on goiters. I was diagnosed with a multi nodular goiter in April 2011 while 7 months pregnant with our 3rd son. It was measured and I had a ultrsound and a biopsy. From all of the it has 5 nodules between 1-2cm and was benign. My docter therefore recommended monitoring it as my thyroid was neither over/underactive. They only recommended surgery and nothing about iodine.

I have been trying to paint it with iodine everyday and taking 800mcg of liquid kelp as well as a vegetarian diet and regular Bikram yoga. Thus far, nothing has changed and it has been about a year. I am losing a little faith but forums like this give an outlet and you realise the wealth of information sharing. Thank you and all the best with your journey.

Replied by Bonnie
(Los Angeles, Ca U.s.a.)

Hi, In the 30's my grandmother developed a goiter on her neck. Her doctor had her place Iodine on the goiter every day! (in those days I'm told Iodine sold was 100% pure)

My mother told me the goiter disappeared. True story.

Replied by Andrea C
(Cardiff, Wales)

You may need another form of iodine xx You did not say which 1 you are using, but it comes in many forms xxx You may need to try another 1 Love Andrea c xxxxxx

Replied by Keith
(Angeles City, Philippines)

I am a 60 year old male and I have had a goiter for 15 years. I had it looked at by a doctor in a army hospital when I first noticed it and he had a cat scan done and said it was a fatty deposit non thyorid related. I have not had it looked at since. It is now the size of a softball. Never considered surgery and it does not affect me other than the noticeable lump. I am considering taking lodoral, vitc, magnesium, selenium and unrefined sea salt as mentioned in another reply but need to know the daily quantities of each. Can anyone help me?

Replied by Mariav
(Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom)

Hi everybody, been reading all comments as am doing research for my lovely aunt who lives in Africa and has been suffering with her goitre for 20years. Shes seen docs and they are all suggesting surgical removal. She is petrified at the thought and has no money to fund for this. Her goitre is now the size of 2 adult fists put together. Shes having difficulty in breathing and can't carry heavy things as that puts a strain on her neck area. I last saw her 3 years ago. Her neck looks smooth but with a display of veins crossing everywhere. Am desperate to try anything you guys have used to see if it works for her. Thank you.xx

Replied by Burnfree
(Dexter, Mi, Usa)

Isn't a goiter an enlarged throid gland due to an iodine deficiency? A holistic nutritional supplement test told me I needed to use kelp. It helped with a thyroid gland that was very uncomfortable when I swallowed. I loaded up on large doses initially and now use a small maintenance dosage. Iodized salt could help too if there is no sodium restriction needed.

Replied by Sandra
(Grand Prairie, Tx)

I was diagnose with mutiple nodules in 2009 saw an endocrinologist and had a fine needle procedure everything came out fine. He gave me no meds or diagnosis.... No hyper or hypo thyroid.... Told to come back in 6 months..... In between that time I tried essiac tea but was on high blood pressure meds and was having chest pains so I stop taking it.... At the time was taking lisinopril and found out I was allergic to that... It was giving me the chest pains but through research I found out that essiac tea ingredients and high blood pressure meds don't mix. Anyway went back for 6 months follow up and dr said nodules had shrunk and come back in 6 months for another follow up. He never asked did I do anything differently just come back in 6 months. 6 months later no change and he put me on synthroid... Took it for about a few months and stop taking them for no reason at all... Fast forward to present day had a sonogram on thyroid and nodules have not grown.... gave me another rx for synthroid/levothroxine... now my thyroid jumps/throbs occassionally and palpitations. New plan: lose weight and get off HBP meds and go back to essiac tea... It is now available in pill form called ojibwa. Also heard frankinscense oil & myrrh oil (essential oil 100% therapeutic grade only) is good for shrinking nodules. I am trying that now and will see what happens after 6 months follow up.

Replied by Tt

Hi, I was wondering if you had found any remedies for your thyroid nodules? Do you have an update on this? Thanks!

Replied by Bunny
(Wa State)

First things first, there is a long history of fluoride and thyroid problems. Yes even the miniscule amount in your tap water can be a problem. I found this out because I was drinking too much black tea (high in fluoride) and started getting cold all the time.. If you all haven't seen it you need to take a look at this:


Replied by Strawchicago
(North Chicago)

Folks buy probiotics for their mouth & health, but don't realize that any oral-probiotics is useless if one uses Colgate Total toothpaste, which contains triclosan, broad-spectrum anti-bacteria chemical. Triclosan kills ALL the bacteria, including beneficial ones in the mouth. From Men's Health magazine: "A recent University of Michigan study suggests that exposure to triclosan may be related to altered thyroid hormone levels in teens. This is supported by previous animal studies: Helbing found similar disrupted thyroid hormone function in bullfrogs when they were exposed to the human equivalent of 1/10 the amount in a pea-sized toothpaste dollop."

For a list of triclosan-containing products, which are linked to antibiotics-resistance, check out drbenkim.com website, which lists Colgate Total toothpaste, Dial liquid soap, Old Spice High Endurance, Merrell shoes, Fruit of the Loom socks, Thomasville furniture, and many others.

We are next to a limestone quarry, with hard-well water. Excess dietary calcium is known to inhibit iodine uptake in the body. Our well-water is very high in calcium, and low in magnesium. I'm in North Chicago, with a calcium of 37, magnesium of 1, and sodium of 8 in my tap water. See government link below for calcium level in tap water across the country: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1495189/table/tbl2/

Replied by Sue
(St. Joseph, Mi)

Do you supplement with magnesium or iodine?

Replied by Mike

How about people with HIV? What is the probability that they will get Thyroid? Just had hiv rna test and like to take Thyroid test.