Holistic Remedies for Glaucoma

Gentle Eye Rub
Posted by J. Park (United States) on 08/13/2019
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I'm a yogi (non-Indian) practicing "DoIn" methods of various kinds.

One of which for eye health (esp. eye hypertension) is to "rub" your eyes gently every day. First vigorously rub palms against each other, esp, tip of middle& 4th fingers, until they are hot, gently rub your eyes 20 times. Also use the same method for facial rejuvenation as well. This is well-known ancient method. PS: think about what would happen if you rub your eyes, you are putting a gentle pressure against your eye balls which would help squeeze some liquid out your eye balls. right?

FYI, my numbers are 10 (left) 8 (right), I've been neglecting my eye's health and have poor vision and started practicing this ancient wisdom very recently.