Holistic Remedies for Glaucoma

| Modified on Oct 08, 2022
Posted by Gloria (michigan) on 04/02/2022
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My Mom had non treatable macular, had lost sight in the left eye and it had moved into the right eye along with glaucoma. Our Ophthalmologist said to take 40mg of straight Lutein which I purchased thru Puritans Pride. She took it for the summer, it reversed the macular in the right eye, no more glaucoma and she got sight back in her left eye. She passed away a few years later, I started taking the 40mg Lutein once a day and my eyes got so better that I went from the glasses I had in 2020 back to 1995. I just got my eyes reexamined, and she was shocked at how my sight had improved.

Posted by Art (California) on 03/29/2022 1509 posts
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There are now multiple studies (RCTs) showing that Citicoline is effective for relieving Glaucoma.

Here is a new study( March 2022) showing the efficacy of Citicoline at just 250 mg/day for Glaucoma :


Here is a relevant quote from the study :

>>> ' With oral citicoline treatment, the loss in the average RNFL is prevented in POAG patients in the short-term. Study data show that citicoline may have a significant impact on slowing glaucoma progression, which could have a potential neuroprotective effect.'<<<

In the following RCT (June 2020) it is shown that even eye drops utilizing Citicoline is effective for Glaucoma :


Here is a relevant quote from the study :

>>> ' Additional treatment with citicoline eyedrops to IOP-lowering treatment might reduce disease progression in patients with progressing glaucoma despite IOP ≤18 mm Hg. ' <<<

In this last comprehensive review (March 2021) the protective role of Citicoline against the effects of glaucoma related neurodegeneration are elucidated in greater detail :


Here is a relevant quote from the study :

>>> ' In addition to the evidences of an improvement of psychophysical, morphological, and electrophysiological outcomes, coming from small comparative randomized pilot clinical trials or larger not controlled before-after studies (performed in different ophthalmological neurodegenerative diseases, like OAG, AION, and DR), for the first time a reduction of the rate of visual field progression has been recently reported in OAG patients in a large randomized double-masked placebo-controlled clinical trial, thus further supporting the clinical use of citicoline. ' <<<



Posted by Rhonda (TX) on 03/03/2022 34 posts


Posted by Jacqueline (El Paso TX ) on 03/02/2022

What is IP6? What does one get it? and what dosage is recommended for glaucoma or glaucoma prevention?

Magnet Therapy
Posted by Alexander (Germany) on 01/30/2022

There is still some controversy regarding different effects of applying "north" vs. "south" magnetic pole for healing.

It has been argued for some time, "The Negative Pole reduces, contracts, cools... The Positive pole expands or increases"

However, hard evidence on the effects of polarity are still lacking:


What are the experiences regarding use of different polarities for Glaucoma?

Also is using a stronger Neodymium Magnet safe on the eyes? Some articles mention that you should avoid stronger magnets on the eyes.

Posted by ORH (TEN MILE , TN) on 10/19/2021

RONALD, ORH here, and a number of years ago, I got a DMSO compound formula from a renowned doctor and used it in my eyes. The FDA proceeded to shut down the compound pharmacy and take their license, using this as the reason. They never contacted me to see if it worked. Myself, I would not do what you are doing. DMSO is the most powerful solvent there is. It is fantastic if used properly. It is not for amateurs in the eyes.


Posted by Carolyn (Pearland, Tx) on 10/19/2021

What brand of DMSO you did you use? And where did you get it? Thank you so much in advance.

Posted by Carolyn (Pearland ) on 10/05/2021

How often and how long did you use the DMSO? Any more details will be helpful!

Posted by Nina S. (India) on 08/07/2021

Thanks so much, Jan. I will start juicing immediately, what proportion of veggies do you use or is it just approximately?

Posted by Linda (Springtown, Texas) on 08/04/2021

I bought some diluted DMSO drops from Yummy Mummy and there are 2 different strengths.

Posted by Lexie (Virginia) on 07/10/2021

Hi. How do you dilute your DSMO? Thank you.

Posted by Ronald (New Hampshire) on 07/02/2021
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I have used DMSO diluted to 70% and put one drop in each eye. Yes it does burn, but it only lasts for about 20-30 seconds and is gone. You do this twice a day laying down for five to ten minutes. My cataracts are almost gone and my glaucoma has been cured. DMSO will not hurt your eyes! My vision is so much better also.

Posted by HisJewel (New York) on 02/20/2021

Greetings Hoss from Ennis Tx,

Regarding the use IP6 to restore your wife's vision, when you said,

" She took dosage mentioned "

do you mean the dosage mentioned on the IP6 bottle?

Posted by Hoss (Ennis, Tx) on 01/20/2020
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My wife had visual fields test due to risk of glaucoma. Upper left quadrant was dark. MRI revealed white mass exerting pressure on vision region of brain. I assumed it was calcium. I remembered IP6. She took dosage mentioned above and in 10 days, her vision in that quadrant had returned.

Gentle Eye Rub
Posted by J. Park (United States) on 08/13/2019
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I'm a yogi (non-Indian) practicing "DoIn" methods of various kinds.

One of which for eye health (esp. eye hypertension) is to "rub" your eyes gently every day. First vigorously rub palms against each other, esp, tip of middle& 4th fingers, until they are hot, gently rub your eyes 20 times. Also use the same method for facial rejuvenation as well. This is well-known ancient method. PS: think about what would happen if you rub your eyes, you are putting a gentle pressure against your eye balls which would help squeeze some liquid out your eye balls. right?

FYI, my numbers are 10 (left) 8 (right), I've been neglecting my eye's health and have poor vision and started practicing this ancient wisdom very recently.


Increase Circulation
Posted by Richard (Florida) on 06/17/2020
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Germanium is the best thing for supplying oxygen to the body.....Read the report on it by the Japanese researcher who discovered this: http://www.batfa.com/asaigermanium.htm

Increase Circulation
Posted by NaSt (Florida) on 04/05/2019
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There are different kind of glaucomas. Open angle, closed angle, normal tension, secondary.

The main cause of normotensive open glaucoma is often overlooked by eye doctors. Reduced blood flow to the eyes and therefore oxygenation of the eyes is the main cause. Google eyes moxibustion (moxa).

Invest in legs sleeves that pump blood from your lower body up.

I think everyone over 60 should have it. Increased blood flow to oxygen starved tissues and organs including brain and eyes do wonders in the long time.

Read Dr. Jack Kruse blogs about glaucoma (Optimal health). Sun gazing the very first few minutes after sun rises above horizon is a must according to him.

Posted by Vanessa (Milwaukee, Wi) on 08/28/2020
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I would like to know if anyone has found and used supplements to support glaucoma. I am looking for something to reduce my IOP and something to be neuroprotective for the optic nerve. I am already taking supplements of lutein and zeaxanthin, taurine and MSM. Does anyone know anything about the effectiveness of PEA and herbs?

Posted by Jan (Canada) on 08/11/2020
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I want to share what I've been doing for my pseudoexfoliation glaucoma. I found out ten years ago and have had numerous lasers and drops with no luck in lowering my OP. I tried numerous things over the years with no success.

I started juicing beets, carrots, celery, lemon and apple every morning and drinking it down immediately.

Since I've been juicing, it's been three months now, my OP is down to 16 from 30. I've had my eyes checked twice so far and it's still normal. Thought I would share in case anyone else is as frustrated as I was. Juicing may not be the most convenient thing to do every day but the results are worth it.

Omega 3, Vitamin C, Gingko Biloba
Posted by Godfrey Olokor (Effurun, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria ) on 07/20/2020

Please thanks for the information. I am interested in these items, So how can I get them here in Nigeria?

Diet, Exercise, Frankincense
Posted by Amanda (Oran, Algeria) on 07/18/2020

HI dear, the link to the article on Glaucoma in Mother Nature didn't work. I searched for the article to no avail. Just so you know.

Sea Salt
Posted by Festus (Fl) on 10/01/2018

Do you drink the sea salt or use as an eye drops.....thanks!

Omega 3, Vitamin C, Gingko Biloba
Posted by Liz (Oak Park, Mi) on 07/27/2018

Please let me know if anyone can find that link to the Spanish Dr as I'm going thru a lot with my glaucoma now. Thank you.

Fennel Seeds
Posted by Paula (Pa) on 07/21/2018

Can someone please give more information on fennel seed for glaucoma.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Carlton (London, Uk) on 05/17/2018

Hi Preet. I don't know anything about the protein you mention but read up about Frankincense essential oil for glaucoma. A lot of information online.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Preet (Michigan) on 05/15/2018

I have glaucoma and have blind spots in both of my eyes as a result of the dead optic nerve. The oncomodulin protein seems very promising. Do you know of an ophthalmologist/ practitioner who would prescribe it? I don't believe it is available for anyone to buy and try. But if so, can you please let me know where to buy it from and how to use it? Thanks a lot!!!

Omega 3, Vitamin C, Gingko Biloba
Posted by Ancasale (Zaragoza, Spain) on 03/18/2018

My wife has a Glaucoma disease since a month ago. I would know if your remedy was 100% effective? Would you recomend it to her? Thanks for your help.

Frankincense, Glycerin
Posted by Gary (Denver) on 03/12/2018
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My intra-ocular pressure has been on the rise for the last 3 years, and was at 20 for both eyes when I had my last eye examine, which was 45 days ago.

I started using Frankincense and taking vegetable glycerin internally and externally making my own eye drops. I also placed magnets in my sleep mask and wore it every night. In addition I changed my diet, going from a healthy vegetarian diet, to a strict vegan 80 percent raw diet, along with juicing lots of organic veggies, and vigorous cardio and resistance training. Today, which is 45 days from my last examine, I was happy to find things were moving in the right direction. My pressures was 18 in my right eye and 17 in the left.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Grace1 (New York) on 02/21/2018
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I always had perfect health took supplements worked out. I noticed I had sinus issues, dry, itchy eyes, rashes, sore throat . After seeing, seventy doctors one suspected mold we hired a reputable, certified industrial hygienist. Mold spores were in the air, nothing visible, no odor at all! We had all the walls removed and water was leaking in three pipes with lots of black mold. We remediated and sold. Saw an opthamologist, eye pressure normal, but the photo showed my right eye right eye was on that fine line for being diagnosed with early glaucoma. I instantly knew it was the mold exposure!

Began taking selenium, niacin, chromium, Lutein Zeaxanthin, organic cold pressed flaxseed oil, and potent fish oil. Also taking an Ayurvedic medicine Patanjali dristhi eye drops causes the eye to tear up, but it works eye muscles is how I look at it . Using my inversion board every night for 10 minutes this is typically for my back, but it brings blood flow to the head this can offset eye issues, do your own research on this it is very beneficial. Read intention experiments done by Lynn Mctaggert saw the medical miracles so I started my own group with 9 like-minded people. I will do everything to reverse this ..yes it is reversible there are medical discoveries made that can reverse this. Get a doctor that is in the "know group"

Dr Benowitz discovered that treatment with the protein, called oncomodulin, nearly doubled the growth of optic nerve fibres by latching on to them and switching on a suite of growth genes.In further tests, found that optic nerve damage and found that tiny capsules containing oncomodulin and another drug increased nerve regeneration by five to seven times. Discovered a molecule that causes more nerve regeneration than anything else ever studied.

Magnet Therapy
Posted by Selena (Texas) on 11/25/2017
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mygawd, I read about the "kitchen magnet" treatment for glaucoma symptoms, GOT UP AND GRABBED A MAGNET off the refrigerator, placed it gently over that eye and kept reading through cures and YES I FEEL A DIFFERENCE within about 5 minutes-when I go to bed that magnet's goin w/me to stay for the 10 minute treatment.

it is the strangest sensation, I feel like that eye is bulging-pushed against the upper eye lid and visible LOL but it's not the least bit noticeable BUT I FEEL IT and am tired of it.

was just diagnosed and cannot remember the reading either. LOL I knew something wasn't right!

Glaucoma Remedies
Posted by Prince Arcane (Atlanta, Georgia) on 09/20/2017

If one recommends Magnet Therapy to someone, they should point out that, the Negative Pole of the magnet is the only pole to use if one is trying to reduce an infection ( I believe he did mention infections) or inflammation or swelling! The Negative Pole reduces, contracts, cools! The Positive pole expands or increases. A lot of people mention magnets and don't consider that the correct one of the 2 poles should be used according to the situation!

Look into Magnet Therapy.

Posted by Hash M. (A) on 06/29/2017

Please let me know where to get this.I contacted Sami Labs who make these drops. No reply from them. THANKS

Glaucoma Remedies
Posted by Nancy (In) on 06/13/2017

Generally speaking surgical implants do not use magnetic stainless steel as it would interfere with MRI.

Fennel Seeds
Posted by Vinay (India) on 05/15/2017

How much fennel seeds are required to age 16 to maintain iop below 20. My iop is more than 25.

Frankincense Oil
Posted by Sbg (Ny) on 04/09/2017

Can you tell us which type of Frankincense oil you use? That would be very helpful. Thanks.

Frankincense Oil
Posted by Peggy (Nashville, Tn) on 03/01/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Frankincense on cheek bones or drops in hands and cupped over eyes several minutes twice daily lowers my eye pressure to normal. Must use high quality product. I have had allergic reactions on skin with some. Have had glaucoma surgery which only reduced pressure temporarily.

Glaucoma Remedies
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 02/11/2017 2073 posts

Hello Mary. Depends on the metal. Most likely is Stainless Steel so it won't rust, and to my knowledge Magnets do not adhere to Stainless S. I would start with a week Refrigerator Magnet and look for any positive or negative response.

Glaucoma Remedies
Posted by Mary (Arcadia, Ca) on 02/09/2017

Hello Tim H. I have glaucoma and would like to use a magnet to help my eyes. My problem is I have a shunt in my brain from a prior aneurysm surgery. Can I use a magnet?

Posted by Luis (Miami, Florida) on 02/07/2017

My doctor prescribed me glycerine oil 60 cc or ml a day to reduce drastically the eye pressure, as I'm currently suffering a spike... But I can't find that (there is one to be applied on skin, but not to be drunk.)

Vitamin C
Posted by Hisjewel (America, New York) on 07/27/2016

Here is an interesting Vitamin C Study


All 30 subjects benefited by taking the approximate amount before loose bowels.

Vitamin C
Posted by Mary (Arcadia, California) on 07/27/2016

How much do you take and at what mg?

Vitamin C
Posted by Aviva (Israel) on 07/27/2016
5 out of 5 stars

For glaucoma try high dose vitamin C- 3-4 grams a day, distributed throughout the day. You can try to read about it first..

Black Seeds and Oil
Posted by Khadar (Seattle, Wa) on 04/17/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I had a glaucoma pressure over 18-20, which is not bad, but enough pressure to be bother me. What I found is Black seed oil and dried seeds which helped me really well.

5-7 pieces of black seeds, intake morning and night before meal at the beginning, and now black seeds oil 1 teaspoons x 2, morning and evening before meal/without it.

I buy my black seeds oil from Amazon/ebay, cold pressed oil and organic - price $ 25-27/piece, and dried black seeds from local market of Somali/Pakistani/Indian groceries that you find in your area.

Good luck!

Fennel Seeds
Posted by Deepika (Dubai) on 01/14/2016

My mother is diagnosed with glaucoma which has effected 70% eye. I am very much stressed. Please tell me how to take fennel seeds and in what quantity. How else can we prevent it.

Fennel Seeds
Posted by Geraldine (Haynesville, La.) on 01/03/2016

How to use fennel seeds for glaucoma?

Glaucoma Remedies
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 12/30/2015

Dear William,

While it may sound like taking 1,000 mg of vitamin c as sodium ascorbate daily is a lot, many people take much more than that daily. Once your body is getting too much vitamin C, you will begin to have loose stools and know it is time to cut back.

Many people take several grams of vitamin c daily and find it helpful. We know a doctor who works in a hospital who takes 8 grams (8,000 mg) a day to avoid getting sick, since he is around a lot of germs. And, it seems that he doesn't get sick. I personally would ideally take 1,000 mg three times a day for general health but I admittedly don't really get around to it as I wish I did.

You might also look into the herb eyebright. Dr. Christopher has an eyebright formula. The herb eyebright is so called because of its positive effect on eye health.

~Mama to Many~

Glaucoma Remedies
Posted by William (Croydon, Surrey, Uk) on 12/28/2015

Hi Mama to Many

Thanks for the reply.

I'm new to this site and not that clever looking it up, only just found your reply, Thank you.

As for looking for any sign of improvement, I don't suffer any bad signs of having glaucoma. So I can't tell if I should take more sodium ascorbate powder or less. No symptoms as I can tell the Dr said I am a Glaucoma suspect or sufferer. And his medication eye drops really up set me being unable to take the eye drops.

If you can give any more advice please let me know. Appreciated, William

Magnet Therapy
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 11/26/2015 2073 posts

TY Susan and the best Thanksgiving to you & yours.

One item I forgot to mention in the warning category is to be very careful to keep magnets away from electronics like TV's, computers, tablets, pads, cell phones, and memory or storage devices aka external hard drives and mini usb memory sticks, as it will erase any or all info stored on those devices.

As a side note in the benefit category, immediately fallowing any major or minor injury, I do Magnet Therapy which greatly reduces pain & inflammation and greatly improves healing time.

Looking forward to your future experiments.

Magnet Therapy
Posted by Susan (Westport, Ct) on 11/25/2015

Thank you very much for your response, Timh! What a wonderful story about the kittens. I look forward to experimenting with the magnets and will report back with my findings.

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you!

Magnet Therapy
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 11/25/2015 2073 posts

S: I am hoping to soon graduate from the art of using Magnets (with real good results) on myself & pets, to the study of Magnets as a science.

So for now I can't tell the gauze strength but maybe I could post some pics of what I use whenever able. From my experience Magnets are almost without bad side effects but there is a warning to not use opposing magnets as the current repels itself and you get no healing.

Generally speaking, the stronger the Magnet the less time need application. I use that 4" speaker magnet as I posted earlier for my eyes and the large speaker Magnet also for only a few minutes on my painful & infected joints. Both do require a soft cloth or clothing as the metal can be uncomfortable.

As for chronic or long-term use I use Serenity 2000 pads and/or belt. I am currently lying on a Magnetic Bed Pad and a Magnetic Belt on my pillow directly over my spine. I use these all the hours in bed and rotate from my left & right side & shoulder to cover those areas and during waking like now cover my back & bottom.

Let me tell you a story of Magnet healing for eyes. A few yrs ago I had a litter of kittens and gave one to the neighbor behind me. Unfortunately I was having a difficult time ridding them of fleas and the new owner (come to find out) used both shampoo & flea collar which resulted in a severe chemical burn resulting in almost blindness. That owner was unable to continue the responsibility of the kitty and I took him back and was determined to do something for his eyes. Well, in the meantime he sired kittens and those damaged eyes were present in three of those kitties (all blind) one of which died and the others put down at the local shelter. Well this broke my heart and I had since learned about Magnets and using them on myself. I applied the 4" speaker Magnet for a few minutes daily with astonishing results and the kitty has since healthy offspring with no damaged eyes.

Here is a link to the Serenity 2000 and bed pad I use daily.


Magnet Therapy
Posted by Susan (Westport, Ct) on 11/24/2015

Dear TimH,

I thank you for all your informative posts. I have learned so much from you and look forward to trying the magnet therapy on my eyes.

I recently bought a 4 -stack of strong magnets from Amazon. They are still in the package. I am a little concerned to take them out of the cardboard as a warning note says be careful because the magnets can cause significant injury to your fingers if they snap together. They are Grade N45; Gauss Rating 13,800 Gauss; 65 lb Holding Power per magnet.

I was hoping you would tell us more about how you use magnets other than on your eyes. Here are my questions:

How long do you apply them?
How powerful are the magnets you use?

For example, if I were to use magnet on my painful knees, would I use more than one magnet on each knee? Do you put the magnet right over the painful area? Would you then put another magnet on the other side of the knee?

Thank you very much in advance!

Magnet Therapy
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 11/24/2015 2073 posts

K: Very glad to hear of your positive report. If needs be, do not be afraid of using a stronger magnet. I currently use a small music speaker magnet for only a few minutes on each eye couple times per week. I also use a very strong speaker magnet for deep healing, reduce inflammation, and removal of pathogens in my joints (elbows & knees) as well as spleen, liver, lungs, and brain.

Carotenoids, Dietary Changes
Posted by Brenda (Fairfield, Il.) on 11/23/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Carotenoids and cutting out sugar is very helpful to bring down pressure in the eyes.

Magnet Therapy
Posted by Karen (New Jersey) on 11/22/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I tried TimH (Louisville, Ky, Usa ) magnet suggestion from his post in 2013:

Betty: I do magnet therapy on my eyes to keep them healthy. Start with a common refrigerator magnet, the side that sticks to metal, over each eye for about 20 min. Daily. This will reduce inflammation and most likely the pressure also.

For the past two days, whenever I've felt increased pressure and pain in my left eye, I've applied the magnet (actually 2 refrigerator magnets one over the other to increase the strength) for about a half hour and immediately after, I've noticed relief. So far it's not a permanent cure, but my eye feels much better for longer periods of time. Thank you!!

Glaucoma Remedies
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 07/30/2015 2073 posts

W: Any type inflammatory condition is alleviated or cured w/ Magnet Therapy. I use a strong magnet on each eye for a few minutes 3x per wk to prevent any degeneration w/ good results.

Glaucoma Remedies
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 07/29/2015

Dear William,

I would look for a sodium ascorbate powder. Usually 1/4 teaspoon of this would have about 1,000 mg. (It should say on the container somewhere.) Start with 1/8 teaspoon (about 500mg) in water three times a day. If that agrees with you, I would increase it to 1/4 teaspoon (about 1,000mg) three times a day. If you do not notice an improvement in your symptoms, you could increase your doses or frequency.

If your body is getting too much vitamin C you will get diarrhea. This just means reduce your amount.

Many people can take many grams of vitamin C each day with no adverse effect.

~Mama to Many~

Glaucoma Remedies
Posted by Wiliam (Croydon Surrey, Uk) on 07/29/2015


I been diagnosed with Glaucoma and have been taking eye drops from the doctor. But the last time I took the eye drops they gave a very very bad reaction, it put me off taking the eye drops.

I looked up that taking Vitamin C three times a day lowered eye pressure. Can any one confirm/advise the correct procedure and what type plus strength one should take.


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