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Dietary Changes

Posted by Taroopher (Brazil) on 04/20/2017
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Geographic tongue -> multiple remedies

Hello guys, I've reading earthclinic since 2013 trying to find why I have geographic tongue, acne, stomach pain and many other symtoms. I tried to many things that you could not imagine. My house is a lab. I live for it.

I found some kind of cure for my geographic tongue. Its food. There are several foods that triggers geographic tongue. It's through histamine. High histamine foods triggers the condition. This means that almost everything will trigger your geographic tongue.

It's very sad to hear, but I can't have a normal life like everyone else. I can't eat eggs, bread, gym powders, dairy.. It's a long and exausting list.. really.. It doesn't worth mention what I can eat. It's worth saying what I can in fact eat, which is not much.. unfortunally.

Wake up, eat some cooked potato. For lunch-> Rice, veggies (kale, lettuce, etc), legumes (like zucchini, pod, carrots, etc), chicken, meat. That is it. Your entire diet should be this. I can also drink carrot juice, but that is it!

If you try to eat anything out of this diet, I suffer, that is all. I'm so sorry about it, but I'm trying for 4 years now and this in the only thing that kind of works.

It's not solving the problem though, just avoiding symptoms.