Gastrointestinal Disorders - Editor's Choice

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Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 04/13/2012

I'm reading alot of gastro problem posts here where people's fungal and bacterial problems seem to persist or always recurr. The reason for this is because many bacteria including H pylorim C diff etc are able to protect themselves against antibiotics and the body's defenses by living inside protective lipid biofilms. This has only been discovered recently. Biofilms are like lipid (fat or oil) based micro-slime wherein bacteria as well as viruses and fungi can also live and communicate via chemical signalling. So first, you need to disrupt the biofilms to completely expose these pathogens before you can successfully kill and get rid of the offending bacteria or other pathogens. Candida also uses biofims in the gut.

So, how do we get rid of these lipid biofilms without using unnecessarily complex, expensive and side-effect causing drugs? Simple. Soap will disrupt biofilms easily just like detergent disrupts and disperses fats and oils on your clothes. You create washing soap by reacting any alkali usually sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate are used with a fat or oil. Biofilms are made from fat. Therefore alkalizing the intestines will also create soap in the intestines (by reacting with residual fats in the food and in the bile). Sodium Bicarbonate also reacts directly with the biofilms(also a fat) to form soap and destroys it. At the same time, you must take a remedy that directly kills the bacterial/fungal problem. That's the strategy in a nutshell.

In my opinion, both candida and H pylori usually occur due to a lack of stomach acid which protects against incoming bacteria in food and these pathogens also arise due to a lack of bicarbonates which are normally excreted with pancreatic enzymes to create an alkaline environment necessary for main stage digestion. This lack of bicarbonates essentially creates and allows an acidic intestine and allows protective biofilms to form the perfect environment for creating candida and bacteria like H pylori and C diff. Bicarbonates, when mixed with fats create soap. Soap disrupts biofilms thus completely exposing the pathogen. Then you can directly attack the bacteria/fungus to get rid of it. This greatly reduces persistence and recurrence of such problems because the pathogens now have nowhere to hide and cannot protect themselves anymore by using biofilms in the intestines.

Tooth plaque is also caused by bacteria that can hide in biofilms. Here is some significant research by Dr Gerard Judd in an angry letter to the American government who advises using soap as toothpaste to clear biofilms and plaque bacteria from teeth:

Dr judd was 38 years in research and spent 18 years in fluoro-organics research. He also has some fairly scathing things to say about fluoride too.

Alternative and simple methods of getting rid of H pylori are many. You can use food grade 3% Hydrogen Peroxide or Lugol's Iodine(solublizes fats) or colloidal silver(with hydrogen peroxide) or herbs like olive leaf, cat's claw, peppermint tea or tumeric(Curcumin).

Taking the ACV or lemon/lime remedies are not alkaline enough to destroy the biofilms. I discovered this only recently when I was treating an African woman for systemic candida plus many other bacterial gut problems. I kept urging her to take Ted from Bangkok's sodium bicarbonate with water remedy as well because I wanted her to alkalize her blood. Eventually she started taking it, and immediately I noticed that she started to recover swiftly with much reduced symptoms -- and this can only be because the fungal and bacterial biofilms were completely destroyed by the alkaline BS. Thus, with the fungus and pathogenic bacteria completely de-cloaked and exposed - the other protocols she was taking were enhanced and worked much better to clear the pathogens from her gut completely.

I must finally add here that Ted's Carbicarb remedy would probably work even better than just BS and water to destroy biofilms -- because carbicarb is more strongly alkaline. This however is only a theory of mine -- I haven't tried it yet.

The essential gist of this post is simply that if you alkalize daily using the suggested remedies(Sodium Bicarbonate or Carbicarb) as well as taking anti-fungal and anti-bacterial protocols, then the persistence and recurrence of your gastro problems should be greatly reduced and/or eliminated completely because of the elimination of biofilms from the gut -- and you will also heal more quickly.