Fluoride Poisoning and Fluoride Detox

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sue (Townsville, Qld, Australia) on 05/02/2009
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Better But With Side Effects

This is a rather long submission I'm sorry, but one which I hope someone will be able to find help from.

I found this site a month ago looking for an answer to neck, shoulder and arm pain. I've always had problems in this area but for the last 6 months it was chronic, and had spasmed- leaving me unable to move at times.

After reading the EC fluoride page I now know what the problem is. I've always lived with fluoridated water, and as a child was given fluoride tablet supplements. I have had problems with brain fog, indigestion, muscle and joint pain, and tiredness, for a long time, but they have all become really noticeable lately, yes I turned 50 last year. I drink a lot of water, so I bought a bench top filter (have ordered a fluoride filter module). The first thing I noticed was that the filtered water doesn't burn my throat when I drink it and I don't burp afterwards. I presume that burning is the taste of chlorine.
Here is my diary for the last 4 weeks, I think it is a testament to the EC site , everything I have done I found here:

I took Magnesium and Vitamin C for the shoulder, neck pain .. remarkable, within 2 hours the pain was subsiding, within 24 hours 95% gone. I continued with magnesium and Vit C every day for a week or so. And have weekly professional massages but with coconut oil. I still have some stiffness when I turn my neck too far either way, but at least I can turn it.

My Indigestion: Occasional burning, (especially at night), but chronic burping, all the time. (I use no white flour, sugar, etc that helps a lot, but still burp, burp, burp.)
I Tried Apple Cider Vinegar, a small dash in water throughout the day, but after 2 days this set my teeth on edge.
I Tried it with the Baking Soda. Same thing.
Tried Baking Soda and Citric Acid .. Same thing.

Finally gritted my teeth and tried the lemon juice/baking soda method (the thought of it made my stomach heave) -. remarkable. It was like somebody opened a window and let the fog out --I'm talking within minutes -- and the burping stopped. I was expecting to burp for hours, but nothing, and my stomach felt relaxed, my whole body sighed with relief. Am taking it 2 x day.

I also tried Castor Oil packs on an area central just below the breast bone, that was sore to touch and hard. I put the pack on the spot with a heat bag at night before I went to sleep at about 12pm and took it off at 3 am toilet visit. I did that 2 nights, and both times, the next day, at about 10am I felt a strange trickling feeling from that sore point, and I felt nauseous until I had something to eat. It doesn't feel swollen or sore any more. I don't pretend to know what it was, but it worked and feels good.

Last week, I had a foul, metallic taste in my mouth. I was using Cilantro (made into pesto, with olive oil, sea salt, lemon juice, sunflower seeds, blended till fine). Having that 2 or 3 times a day, and also taking Lecithin granules. I suppose I was taking too much. Couldn't work out why my mouth tasted so foul, I had a look at my tongue in the mirror and got such a fright, it was green. Then I realised that it was probably the "Living Green Drink" I'd also been using to try and get more greens into my diet. Ha Ha. It also makes my stomach feel good.

The metallic taste settled down after a couple of days. I've since noticed that you say to use the Cilantro every other day. Was my using it every day what caused the metallic taste do you think?

About 2 weeks ago I noticed a large mass in my right breast. It was hot to touch and sweating, but there was no sign of infection, no redness or swelling. It appeared from nowhere, I've never had breast lumps. I presume it is a calcium deposit caused by the magnesium? I have wondered about too much calcium in my system, I have arthritis in my knees and ankles. A bone density test I did once, showed readings so high they were off the chart.
This mass is getting smaller. I am continuing with the lemon/baking soda, do I do that until it has disappeared? Do I still take it 2 x day everyday? I have stopped the Magnesium, is that right or will I continue with that also, if so how much and how often? I want to start to using a mineral supplement, instead of just plain Magnesium. Should I find one without Calcium? Have also started taking Vitamin E 500 iu x 3 day.

Also, you talk about your Miracle Water and broad parameters. I started my menstrual cycle again, I haven't had one for 6 months. It lasted 9 days, a long time for me. Not heavy, but annoying. I tried 1 tblspn of coconut oil twice a day. Still bleeding. Tried Evening Primerose Oil. Same thing. I was starting to worry, It seemed strange that it started out of nowhere? Today I took apple cider vinegar. A dash in water, it went down a treat. (No burning or burping). An hour or so later, took a bigger dash in water, and the bleeding has stopped. Yea! Does this sound right? As I said I haven't had one for 6 months, and I have no other menopause symptoms. It will be interesting to see if they continue to be regular after using the Miracle Water.
I hope you can find the time to answer my questions, I would really appreciate it.

Also, you should think seriously about documenting all your trials and successes in a book. Your years of work and experiences are important. I also believe that if we looked long and hard enough at you, we may be able to see a pair of wings attached to your back. Your are a blessing and are at-one with the angels!

Kindest Regards.

EC: Sue, thank you so much for this extremely detailed feedback!