Fluoride Poisoning and Fluoride Detox

Posted by Dave (Surrey, BC) on 04/15/2009
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I slowly went from 1/32 teaspoon to 1/4 teaspoon dose borax to remove fluoride from the body. I quit after about 2 days on the 1/4 teaspoon dose. I mixed it properly in pure water according to the directions that I found here. I had to go off of the borax due to aches and pains in the testicles, kidneys, and head. I was very frightened, especially about that kidney pains. Unfortunately, the pains indicated damage. I now, months afterwards, have pain in the kidneys every day, and I have actually LOST almost all of my sex drive. The pains indicated damage that seems permanent. Being prediabetic, perhaps I shouldn't have risked kidney damage!!!! But I miss my sex drive more. It's gone, and borax is not only as toxic as salt to me. Not by far.