Natural Cures for Fibrocystic Breast Disease

Posted by Leemarie (Georgia) on 05/01/2015

I began making eating Turmeric paste that I made from Turmeric Powder 5 years ago. I am 45 now and have had fibrocystic breast tissue all of my life since I can remember. I began making the drink and having it 2 times a day and if not drinking tea would put it in my scrambled eggs and saute with onions or in my ground beef. I use turmeric root in my home-made organic chicken broth and beef broth too. Basically I get it however I can into my diet.

My skin became radiant and very soft all over and my face glowed. And my husband said my skin felt damp. It was a major change from my very dry skin in contrast. And finally I noticed that there was something different about my breasts. And my husband actually pointed out that they weren't lumpy anymore. I've always had that kind of breast tissue and so when it went away they were smooth feeling and no lumps at all. I had no idea that it would benefit me in that way but I'm very glad about the changes. I also had no more painful underarms that I'd become accustomed to and so the changes are welcome. I absolutely love Turmeric.