Natural Remedies for Fibroadenoma Breast Tumors

| Modified on Jan 24, 2022

Home Treatment for Fibroadenoma

Fibroadenomas are marble-sized non-cancerous breast cysts or tumors that are the most common found in young women. Usually about marble-sized and painless, they can be rubbery or hard and generally move easily when touched. While the cause is unknown, fibroadenoma growth is most likely connected to reproductive hormones and occur generally when women are fertile and can increase in size during pregnancy or breast feeding.

Fibroadenoma lumps are solid and round, and are normally no larger than an inch in diameter. Juvenile fibroadenomas occurring in adolescence can grow rapidly and get as large as 4 inches in diameter.

Fight Fibroadenomas Naturally

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Fibroid Breast Tumors and Hormones Replacement

Posted by Felice M. (Prairieville, Louisiana ) on 01/23/2022

Fibroid Breast tumors and Hormones Replacement:

I am 56. I've had a full hysterectomy. I have 2 fibroids in right breast. Recently found 3 in left. Had to stop hormone replacement. What can I do to rid of the tumors and what can I do about my hormones that I feel like I need?

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Replied by Mama to Many

Dear Felice,

Burdock root tea may be helpful. Burdock is an ingredient in Essiac, a famous cancer treatment. It is useful to reduce growths. It is a gentle but powerful herb and not unpleasant.

Castor oil, massaged in topically twice a day, may also be helpful.

Finally, you could try keeping animal products to a minimum for a while. Even organic meats have hormones, which can aggravate growths.

I'm sorry - I don't have any suggestions for hormone replacement alternatives... Herbalist Susun Weed has a book on herbs for the menopause might have some helpful ideas....

~Mama to Many~

Nascent Iodine

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Posted by Vedaj (Ca, US) on 11/15/2014

I have had a fibroid adenoma in my left breast since my breasts developed 40 years ago. It was diagnosed in my 20's at "between the size of a walnut and a golf ball". I was told to have surgery but opted not to. Recently, at age 51, I started taking 3 drops of nascent iodine 2x per day and within a week it had shrunk to the size of a grape.

Replied by Pavani

Does nascent iodine really dissolve fibroadenomas?

Replied by Leejay
(Ketchikan Ak)

Can you let me know how your breast is now and what was it like before you started the nascent iodine. Thanks.

Replied by Rani

I am having 4 in right 2 in left breast from 15 years no the size in 14mm , shall I try this nascent iodine , surely is it works , my age is 32 now I have 2 children.

Replied by Tiur
(Bekasi, Indonesia)

How to use iodine? Injected or oral?

Replied by Akshita

Is it. Even I'm suffering from fibroadenoma for 5 years. And I'm in my 20's..using homeopathy. They reduced a little bit and stopped to shrink..can I use iodine too?