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    | Modified on Jun 18, 2014

    Female Health, Arousal, and Libido
    Men and their erectile dysfunction get all the press, but women need to have rewarding sexual lives as well, and female sexual dysfunction is a serious health problem. It's a complicated issue for sure with social and emotional components to libido and arousal, but there are physical conditions and side effects from nutrient deficiencies, medications, and more that can limit a woman's sexual pleasure and desire.

    Not only is a woman's sexuality a source of needed pleasure, but it can be a critical part of our romantic relationships. So when you are feeling vaginal pain when having sex, lack sexual arousal, or can't achieve orgasm it's good and necessary to seek medical help from a doctor or certain health supplements and herbs that can improve sexual function and libido.

    Increase Female Libido and Sexual Health with Natural Cures

    Maca root is perhaps the best known herbal remedy to promote female libido.(2) Sexual issues can also arise as symptoms of diabetes or cardiovascular issues, so you may want to address any high blood sugar issues or try something like cayenne pepper supplements to improve blood flow throughout your body. Yoga and acupuncture may also help you to relax and enjoy your sexuality more easily, as well as improve your general and cardio health.(3)