Natural Remedies for Fatigue

Posted by Anonymous (Manitowoc, Wisconsin, Usa) on 05/06/2010

Chlorophyll helped fatigue and mental fog

If you're feeling tense, lethargic, foggy headed, indecisive, digestively unsound try taking a chlorophyll algae supplement, or making wheatgrass juice. Apparently wheatgrass is the same as quackgrass/crabgrass? Just go into the back 40 and pick a bunch (providing there are no chemicals/pesticides etc back there..), the roots are good too. Put it through the blender with some water, pour it onto a towel over a bowl and squeeze the juice/water out. Or you can get a juicer like I eventually did. Well worth the $250. Run some dandelions through roots and all, too. Dandelion root tea helps a lot, too. Tea two or three times a day, a full glass of juice once or twice a day.