Natural Remedies for Fatigue

Posted by Daffodil (Seattle, Wa) on 04/11/2014

I had debilitating fatigue for 10 years. I slept all the time and was fatigued with the brain fog, etc. when I was awake. I had really tried everything to fix it but nothing really worked. Then I went to a chiropractor (I found him online, he had very good reviews). The first time I went to him he did an adjustment on me, and there was this massive cracking and popping. I don't know how this works but after this adjustment I just felt so much different- I could fall asleep relatively easily, I slept well, and I could wake up at a normal hour. I know that different people have different responses to chiropractic care, but I had never heard of this as a potential solution to my fatigue, and it has changed my life. If you have tried everything else, it might be useful to find a trusted chiropractor and see if a chiropractic adjustment helps you.