Natural Remedies for Fatigue

Alkalizing Remedies
Posted by Seagal (Lville, Ga,usa) on 07/04/2010
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Hello. I am reaching out for help. Last month I had a hida scan done which resulted in everything functioning normally. Last year I had a endoscopy done which showed acute gastritis. Went to see a different Gastro Dr. who has me taking a ppi which I think is contributing to flu like aches. Before that I had and still have this pain that won't go away in upper right chest thru shoulder. It is constant, most days I have to take acetomeniphen or the like for the pain in order to sleep. I clinch my teeth because of the pain and now that hurts. I am tired all the time and I am getting to the point where I don't feel like doing anything on my days off from work. My thoughts are foggy, I feel I am one big ache.

Sorry to be whining. I have tried the apple cider vinegar/baking soda a while back which helped the acid reflux but the pain was still there. I also did the lemon/lime and baking soda with water in the mornings to achieve a ph (pain still there). I am talking in circles here I know. Please, your imput is greatly appreciated. Should I go for more tests etc.? What to do.