Eyelash Loss Remedies

| Modified on Jul 30, 2023
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Treatment for the loss of the eyelashes typically involves treating an underlying issue. Nonetheless, common home remedies include the application of essential oils or other oils. Maintaining lubrication on the eyelids and keeping the lashes sanitized helps growth as well.

What is Eyelash Loss?

Madarosis, more commonly known as eyelash loss is not a threatening medical condition; however, it is often frustrating and even distressing to an individual. Common symptoms of the condition include thinning of the eyelashes and a scarce amount of lashes.

Individuals with madarosis may also experience eye infections, irritation and allergic reactions, which may contribute to the thinning of the lashes. Several other factors are associated with the onset of eyelash thinning and can be categorized into five groups, ophthalmic, dermatologic, menopausal, systemic and medicinal.

Home Remedies for Treating Thinning Lashes

Treating the underlying condition of madarosis, such as a skin condition like eczema, is often the first step toward curing thinning eyelashes. However, common home remedies are also effective. Treating the affected region with castor oil, taking biotin and cleansing the skin with borax helps reverse thinning of the eyelashes and treat any associated conditions.

Castor Oil

Irritation of the affected area is often one of the main causes of eyelash loss. Applying castor oil to the lids daily functions to soothe the area and encourage regrowth of the lashes. Castor oil is a natural oil that delivers anti-inflammatory agents suited for healing irritated skin.


A coenzyme and B vitamin, biotin is also known as vitamin H. Fortified with a number of additional nutrients, biotin plays a key part in the health of the skin, metabolism, cells and other body parts. Taking biotin is one of the most effective treatments for reversing eyelash loss.


Proper hygiene is also important for healthy lashes. Cleansing the skin with borax eliminates any toxins that may be integrating the skin and system and enhances the growth of the eyelashes.

Most often a system of underlying conditions, eyelash loss is often a frustrating issue. With proper skin care as well as effective nutrition supplements, however, thinning eyelashes can be reversed and regrown.

Baby Shampoo

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Posted by Giglez2u (Morrill, Ne, United States) on 09/28/2009

Eyelash loss

First of all, let me say that I love, love, love your site!! So informative and educational. I've been looking for posts in reference to loss of eyelashes and cannot seem to find any. I'm 39 yrs old and have been consistantly losing eyelashes since my teens. I've not been able to wear any make up, eyeliners, mascaras ect.. And up till recently, they've always grown back albeit sparsly. Now though, they've plateaued and I fear they will not regrow at all. I am constantly having problems w/ itching and tearing. My doctor had advised baby shampoo, but hasn't given me any relief in all this time. I am at a loss, (literally, lol) as I would love to frame my peepers. I get sand, debris in my eyes constantly and it is painful. Always puffy and red. PLEASE help if at all possible!

J. from NE

Replied by Bee
(Mo, Usa)

I wonder if castor oil would help. I have been using it for stys, but I also have suffered from trichotillomania for years and years. Still suffer from it, I pull my eyelashes and eyebrows. The castor oil seems to soothe the area, and since I've been doing that my eyelashes are growing back slowly (it takes sooo long for them to grow back!!) and I haven't felt the urge to pull as much. Don't know if it's coincidence or not. I'm so determined to quit pulling, but I've been thru ups and downs over and over with this. It also results in a lot of irritation in my eyes, redness, itching, and feeling like there is always something in my eye. The castor oil helps soothe it. I just smooth some onto the area around the eyes at night with a qtip and let it stay overnight. Hope this helps!

Replied by Giglez2u
(Morrill, Ne, United States)

Thanks Bee, I'll have to try it. My problem isn't so much that I pull, but I rub my eyes constantly, and I know that I make the problem worse. Should I try once a day (night) or more often?

Replied by Patty
(Indianapolis, Indiana)

Try biotin supplements 5mg twice a day. Biotin is a B vitamin. The hair skin & nails vitamins are excellent if they contain large quanties of Biotin. Remember 100 mcg = 1000 mg. Most h, s, & nail vitamins don't have enought biotin to be effective, this will also help you hair, nails, and skin if they need help.

Replied by Mariya
(Jedda, Ksa)

100mcg is not eqv to 1000mg... It is only 1mg.. Please maintain the credibility of this site.

Replied by Andrew
(Manchester, England)

Erm, in-"credibly", 100mcg (micro grammes) is actually 100 THOUSANDTHS of a mg, or 0.1mg. ;)

Replied by Mathematician
(Denver, USA)

You're all wrong about the math : )... This is really very simple... 1 MG (milligram) = 1000 MCG (micrograms), and 1 MCG (microgram) = 0. 001 MG (milligrams)

100 MCG is 0.1 MG, however it is NOT 100 thousandths of a MG.

To grow hair anywhere on your body, stop consuming processed foods, coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, and Double Stuffed Oreos (and Single Stuffed). Start eating raw organic fruits and vegetables, and nuts and seeds. And start taking high-potency multi-vitamins and minerals. 100% RDA is the MINIMUM to keep you alive, that's why you need high-potency multi-vitamins and minerals. Walk 30 minutes each MORNING (you'll burn more fat that way). Do it! Get your whole body working properly again. See a holistic doctor that works with alternative medicine before considering anyone's advice. You don't need to be cut open (unless you have a sponge or operating tool left in you from the previous surgery).

Now, I've been regrowing hair on my scalp by washing it with a big handful of Borax and water (20 Mule Team Borax from the grocery store in the laundry detergent isle) every other day (every day is too much, because it is so alkaline). Areas once completely bald now consistently have more and more new hair growth (over a few months, it started with tiny, fine, blonde peach fuzz, then eventually turned into thicker blonde hair, and is now turning into brown hair, and keeps getting thicker, and even my family is shocked at how thick it is getting - my hair is brown, so that is a good thing for me - it will become whatever your normal hair color is - it even turns grey hair back to its natural color). Borax is 100% natural. It is more safe than table salt (Google it). I think it will take another year for the hair on top of my head to really grow all the way back in, but I've never been one to give up. I'm surely not stopping now!

I even wash my eyes with Borax... No burning AT ALL... Totally safe. I wouldn't use this on children, though. They don't even need it! And don't make the mistake I made, wherein I didn't let the Borax dissolve completely and I had a couple of little grains of Borax in my eye, which eventually dissolved in my eye, but it did not hurt me, just don't scratch it! Just pour a little bit of Borax into the palm of your hand, and mix it with water, enough to fill your hand. You can rub it around with your finger until it dissolves completely. Then you can wash your eyes with it (every other day, to grow back eyelashes, eyebrows, etc). I also put 100% pure Emu oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes, and it is helping with hair growth. I also put it on my forehead, and all around my eyes...

Let me tell you something... I put 2 or 3 drops of Emu oil around my eyes for a week (at night before I go to sleep) and I look 10 years younger, even other people are telling me that. I was 44, now I'm 34. Seriously. It's unbelievable. And the wrinkles on my forehead are getting less obvious, too. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it happen to myself. I also use the Jamaican Black Castor Oil for this.

I'm even regrowing the hair on my legs with Borax. I rub Borax powder (with water) all over my legs in the shower, every other day (every day is too much alkalinity!!! ). I thought my legs were bald from wearing dress socks for years and years. As it turns out, cats and dogs have mites all over their fur, and when they rub up against your legs, the mites get onto your legs and they burrow into your pores and eat your hair follicles. Have you ever crawled under your house, or gone into your attic to fix something or get something a long time ago? Are you bald now? If so, it's probably mites. Borax kills mites in your scalp, but it's safe for you. This is the cause of MPB... Mites Pores = Baldness... Some people say MPB stands for Male Pattern Baldness.

My grandmother used to use Borax to kill roaches when I was a little kid, so I grew up thinking Borax was poison. Borax IS NOT poison. And it didn't seem to kill any roaches, either. Borax is a natural element found in Mother Earth, and it is safer than table salt. Have you ever eaten table salt?

Also, I put half a teaspoon of Borax in 1 gallon of drinking water and drink from that every day until its empty, then I repeat the process. You can't taste it, unless you put more in. I cook with it, everything. This solution is supposed to decalcify your pineal gland (and that is a good thing to do, Google it) and it also flushes the toxic poisonous Fluoride out of your system (yes, the kind in your toothpaste and mouthwash). I also add 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda per 1 gallon of water (along with the half teaspoon of Borax) and it keeps my system alkaline. Diseases thrive in an acidic body (non-alkaline). Disease cannot thrive in an alkaline body. Candida cannot survive in an alkaline body. Your body cannot heal when you are in an acidic state. Your body CAN heal when it is in an alkaline state. God knew what he was doing when he designed us. When we take care of our bodies, our bodies take care of us! I saw a video on YouTube saying that cancer is actually Candida overgrowth that can be healed with Baking Soda. All I can say is, I've never had cancer.

If someone had told me this 10 years ago, I would have laughed at them. I discovered these things and implemented them, and these things work for me, still, to this day. Someone on another website called me a "hippy"... I'm still laughing out loud about that. I am a business man who wears a suit. And I have hair, just not as long as those wonderful hippies. I might go ahead and grow it out, though, now that I can ; )

Peace, man.

Replied by Tara

I began taking B12 for other reasons. Two unexpected things have improved with it. I now have my eyebrows back and my eyelashes have stopped hurting. They would sting, I would rub at them then I would pull them out. They felt like ingrown hairs.

Replied by Rebecca
(New York)

Wow, tons of awesome information .... thank you.

Castor Oil

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Posted by Kerri (Buffalo, NY ) on 04/30/2023

I heard that Castor oil works for making your eyelashes longer and thicker. I was a little skeptical but I tried it and I couldn't believe it as I could see individual eyelashes getting longer and longer! My eyelashes have never been this long and I've only been treating it for a month. Definitely don't need to waste my money on fake eyelashes!

Replied by JJ
(El Paso TX)

Please tell us the brand. I tried using Castor oil capsules by picturing them with a pin and then applying to lashes but they got worse and actually started falling out.

Castor Oil
Posted by Melanie (Ontario, CA) on 01/18/2021

I have been using Black Castor oil for eyelash growth for 3 weeks and the results are amazing. I've since been researching. Many oils, lavender, oregano, tea tree, eucalyptus, one drop each, can be added to regular eye makup remover to deter and eliminate eyelash mites when used twice daily. I'm going to try this. I'm hypo-thyroid and since this condition started my eyelashes have thinned a great deal. For years I tried vaseline, almond, coconut, regular castor which didn't realy help. The black castor has sprouted many many new baby eyelashes.

Replied by Sue

Does anyone know if black castor oil is better for this purpose than regular castor oil? Are both OK if they get into the eyes?

And is there a preferred brand?


Replied by Melanie
(Canada, ON.)

Black Jamaican Castor oil is supposed to the the best of all of the castor oils for hair growth. I have been using Heritage black castor oil and I'm very pleased with the growth I've seen. My eyelashes look and feel thicker than ever before. I'm a few weeks in and will continue to use it rather than anything else again. Castor oils are safe for eye uses. If you suspect eye mites, which for myself I've wondered, tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus as well as coconut are recommended but since I know Lavender and tea tree oils can burn the delicate skin around the eye area, I will dilute one drop of each in my eye makeup remover and use as a daily eyelash wash. I think an eyelash wash is a must if lash mites are suspected. One drop of Lavender oil can be added to your new mascara tube to deter eyemites. I've done this and works well without irritating the eye area. Never use mascara older than three months. The details I've listed above are from my own experience and are working great for me.

Castor Oil
Posted by Lovelia (Malaysia) on 02/29/2016

My eyelashes are like pretty short and i'd decided to make it even longer naturally. So, I applied castor oil at my eyelids and lashes. After a week , I realized that my lashes do grew longer and longer week by week. I am extremely happy with the results. Castor oil is the best. It not only made my eyelashes grew longer but also prevented them from falling off, making my lashes stronger and firmer.

Castor Oil
Posted by Suzy (Eugene, Or) on 11/24/2013

Weighing in with another "YEA" for castor oil and eyelash growth.I have been doing this for 3 weeks. I can see my eyelashes now! I have high hopes to be able to use an eyelasher curler soon. I am applying nightly with a cotton swab with a technique like brushing on mascara then any excess goes on the eyebrows as well.

Castor Oil
Posted by Amanda (Santa Barbara) on 08/29/2013

Castor oil really works on achieving longer eyelashes! I noticed my eyelashes were looking sparse and blah and bought castor oil from a health food market and applied it in the evenings with the tips of my fingers. Rub gently on the eyelids and on the eyelashes and you will notice the difference between 2-3 weeks. Safer and better than buying the lash growth mascaras.

Replied by Brainbuster

I can vouch for this as well! I'm a man, and my eyelashes were scant. In one week I noticed a difference. On September 30th, I started applying castor oil (the cheapest brand at my local Walmart) to my eyelashes liberally with a Q-tip. It's now October 30th, and my eyelashes are much, much longer.

The first night I put on castor oil, there was no way I could just brush it on the lashes, because they were so short, so I applied it like eyeliner. These latest couple weeks (the 3rd and 4th weeks), I can easily brush it on the lashes without going near my eyelids. I'm like Snuffaluffugus.

Castor Oil
Posted by Dianna (Austin, Tx) on 03/07/2009

Castor oil will not harm your eyes. I frequently massage my eyelashes and the edge of my eyelids with castor oil (the regular non-cold pressed kind at the moment) and it doesn't even make my eyes blurry and doesn't burn at all. since I have been doing this it also seems to have helped my vision and my eyes aren't red as often.