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Natural Remedies for EPI

on Jun 13, 2023| Modified on Dec 21, 2023
EPI Remedies
Posted by GertJr (Madison) on 06/13/2023

I have IBS-D so, when I had uncontrollable diarrhea for a week, it wasn't totally out of my normal. I became severely dehydrated and went to a walk-in clinic and got IV fluids, then consulted my gastro Dr.After numerous tests, he said I have exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) and need pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy. So, my question, is this reallyl something that just shows up without warning? Is the elastase test definitive for it or should I ask for a more definitive test? He says Creon is the only acceptable enzyme replacement, but it causes gout, diabetes and IBS-D--so I'm not inclined to go there. Plus, it's very expensive and I'm currently trying to see if Abbvie Assist will pay for it. Any thoughts? BTW, I've been taking supplements and eating clean for ages--could this be why I'm never really feeling good? (Because lack of the enzyme means you don't get the nutrients) Seems I do everything right and still never feel good. I don't remember ever feeling good, but I've had the ibs since early childhood. Are the epi and ibs related, caused by each other? I'm open to suggestions but cannot eat raw, period. It tears up my gut. There's a Dr Hazan in Calif that runs a research lab in Calif that says the older you get the less raw you should eat, it's hard on you for what benefit you get. I just want comments and any suggestions, please. I tend to not take pharmaceuticals, although I thing at times they're the way to go. Thanks