Exercise-Induced Urticaria Treatment

| Modified on Jul 29, 2022

What Is Exercise-Induced Urticaria?

While increased heart rate, fatigue and heavy breathing are all common symptoms following exercise, the development of hives typically is not. However, individuals affected by exercised-induced urticaria experience all of the above and more. Generally speaking, exercise-induced urticaria is characterized as the rapid onset of hives or raised skin welts following exercise. The welts themselves may change in size and shape over time and may come together to form large or giant welts.

Exercise-induced urticaria presents in a number of ways. It is often developed in conjunction with exercise-induced anaphylaxis; however, it does not have to be comorbid with this condition. In any case, exercise-induced Urticaria involves several common characteristics. The characteristic welts are the most common symptom of the condition and may appear as small round wheals, patches or rings. The hives generally itch and may be white to red in color. Generally the welts occur in batches and are typically found on the face and extremities, yet the reaction can occur anywhere.

Exercise-induced urticaria is typically caused by the capillary dilation that allows or facilitates a rapid transfer of fluid into the superficial dermis. This transfer presents the characteristic welts and causes the general reaction. As the fluid builds up, thick, firm plaques are formed.

Natural Urticaria Treatment

Pinpointing the actual cause of exercise-induced urticaria is often difficult; however it can help identify effective treatment options. Nonetheless, several natural treatments are effective for managing the symptoms associated with the condition. Taking activated charcoal orally functions to collect and eradicate any toxins in the body, which can speed healing. Likewise, dry brushing and applying oil of palm to the skins surface soothes and eliminates hives. Drinking additional water and supplementing with barberry are also good urticaria treatments.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Patricia (Venice, Ca) on 08/25/2008

I have exercise induced urticaria and I started drinking organic ACV in organic apple juice first thing upon rising. You wait 15 minutes before eating anything else. I also bought a filter for my shower head to filter out the chlorine. I am also going to try a salacylic acid wash. This all helps. My spots are much smaller after a workout now. The measurements are about 1-2 tbls ACV in about 2 oz. Apple juice.

Replied by Allison
(Dallas Tx)

Wow. Sorry about your EIH, but it's good to see I'm not the only one. I get excercise induced hives and I get them sometimes after showering or bathing.

Replied by E.M.D.
(Ft. Collins, Co, Usa)

I, too, get exercised induced hives. However, I usually get them only when I'm outside. I exercise everyday in the house with no problem. I've had a food allergy test, but the cause of my hives seems to be enviromental. I get them at all times of the year, so I can't seem to identify the root. We've even moved from MT to WY to CO, and I still have them. They appear only on my legs when I walk, hike, or run. The itching becomes rather unbearable, but they dissappear within five to ten minutes.

Unfortunately, I can't take ACV. It dries out my skin, makes my face break out, and gives me a red rash around my mouth. I have no idea why, but I do have an undiagnosed condition (which is posted on the undiagnosed/mystery conditon page of this site), so maybe that has something to do with it. I really appreciate all the ideas here, and I will have to try some of them. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts and experiences. And I'll let you know what I find out!

Diamine Oxidase (DAO)

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Posted by Koren (BC) on 07/29/2022

Cholinergic Urticaria (hives due to a sensitivity to heat)


I am looking for cures for Cholinergic Urticaria for my son. This condition happened after he was diagnosed with Blastocystis Hominis parasites after a trip to Costa Rica 2 years ago. We finally have gotten rid of the parasite, but the Cholingeric Urticaria still exists.

Diamine oxidase enzymes supplements help with the symptoms, but they are hard to get in Canada. We want a cure.