Esophageal Stricture Treatment

| Modified on Jun 28, 2020

Corkscrew Esophagus
Posted by Catherine (Nebraska, US) on 02/08/2015

I have a friend that has been diagnosed with a corkscrew esophagus..She cannot eat vegetables, fruit, meat, or bread products..the only thing she can eat is dairy (pudding, plain yogurt, plain chocolate or vanilla ice cream, milk), chocolate (no nuts or color..such as in M&M's...Hershey bars mostly), smooth peanut butter, graham small amounts..certain brands of applesauce. She can drink water, tea and coffee and only grape juice. She also uses root beer to make floats. When she eats anything else, she becomes sick, can feel her esophagus twisting and then vomits. This has been going on for over 2 years. She has been to countless Drs., she is now going to a naturalist and still no results..I am so worried for her. We have heard of maybe surgery or botox treatments..Does anyone else have this problem or know of someone else that does? Please reply..thank you.

Achalasia Remedies
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 08/26/2014

Hello Gosia,

Re your husband's Achalasia;

The Cause....

See a PubMed Double Blind study, January 8, 2004 that shows Herpes Simplex Virus effects the neurons in the sphincter and causes the motor impairment. Read especially the concluding last sentence to be convinced.

To kill viruses I take Colloidal Silver; If I had such a condition as Achalasia I'd not only orally consume but I'd use a "steam inhaler" with mask and using CS in the pan would deeply breathe in the CS as a steam for three minutes three times daily. In three days I'd expect to see some relief in symptoms; and if so would continue oral and steam usage. I'd drink two tablespoons three times daily and let drain down throat. If improved as described above I'd stay on program for three months. Virus may be systemic, so I'd consider staying on CS orally for six months and maintenance steamer use twice weekly.

Achalasia Remedies
Posted by Gosia (Chicago Il.) on 08/26/2014

Please help. Does anyone know of any natural cures for Achalasia. My husband was just diagnosed in May. Here is brief info on Achalasia.

  • Achalasia is a rare disease of the muscle of the lower esophageal body and the lower esophageal sphincter.
  • The cause of achalasia is unknown; however, there is degeneration of the esophageal muscles and, more importantly, the nerves that control the muscles.
  • Common symptoms of achalasia include difficulty in swallowing, chest pain, and regurgitation of food and liquids.

Thank you.

Strong Peppermints
Posted by Jody (Fredericton, Canada) on 07/25/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I've had esophagus issues most of my adult life and there are several things that work to help get through the rough ones. Milk helps a lot when I have pain. Soda water or club soda help a lot-gets rid of the acid without the sugar which can compound problems. Finally, if I'm in the throes of an esophagus spasm or other pain there I use fresh Altoids. Just let them dissolve like usual and the strong real peppermint loosens everything up. Now to cut back or quit the coffee, red wine and nice cigars:(

Posted by Tracy (San Augustine, Tx, Usa) on 09/06/2010

You didn't disclose the origins of the Esophageal Stricture you have. If it's the result of tissue scarring, then you might want to try remedies that promote healing of scar tissue & use them internally in a tea or soft porridge that you sip. If the Stricture is from a hiatal hernia, then use a remedy for that. I healed a hiatal hernia once using Goldenseal Root with some other herbs. And if the Stricture is a result of Reflux or GERD problems, then you'd need to correct those problems with the appropriate remedies before you see any correction to the Esophageal Stricture you have.