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Erythrodermic Psoriasis / Pustular Psoriasis Treatment

on Sep 03, 2020

Black Oregano Oil
Posted by Mel (Blind Bay, B.C. Canada) on 09/18/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I recently had a bout of pustular psoriasis. Earth Clinic sent out their news letter and that was how I was able to determine my ailment. I had already started using creams and oils to relieve my anguish, but once I knew the what I was dealing with I jumped into highly medicinal oils.

I had started with tea tree oil and got some relief but after a few days I moved to Black Oregano Oil. It has been a week now and my hands look normal but I can still feel a slight prickling associated with my psoriasis.

I started applying the oil liberally for a few days then added taking one '0' gel cap twice daily. I feel this is coming from inside me as I am under severe stress levels so I added the oral aspect to help me control another outbreak.

My hands went from a bloody frightful mess to normal looking in a little over a week. Relief was almost instant. I hope this helps others as it has helped me. Best wishes to all who suffer from this debilitating disease.

Black Oregano Oil
Posted by Sabita (Orange City) on 09/21/2020

I have used oil of oregano with 70% carvacol for various issues. Right now for a flareup of psoriasis. I have successfully dried it up taking the oil of oregano capsules 3 three times a day. I'm also staying away from sugar and I am following the suggestions in Dr. Pagano‘s book Healing Psoriasis.I am having very good results. I really have to pay attention to what I eat in the future!

Black Oregano Oil
Posted by Melany (Blind Bay, B.C. Canada) on 10/16/2020


Black stands for Black Cumin Seed Oil that is mixed with Oregano Oil by the producer of the product which is Enerex. FYI - unfortunately this only maintained the psoriasis for the week+ then it progressed with a vengenance. But I didn't give up. I tried multiple things that all worked initally and then stopped.

I went to my local health food store and picked up a bottle of Immuno Care by Hedley. This is a combination of herbs and a few other essentials used to support the immune system. I started taking 2 every 6 hours immediately. I got such relief within the first 12 hours it was incredible. I also continued to take Boiron Sulfur 30C, 5 pellets every hour or so with a Calendula salve made locally, for topical use. In under 24 hours and 2 soaks in the tub with epsom and borax, I've basically stopped itching, hands have nearly stopped shedding, no more burning, reduced reddness and no further psoriasis development.

It's still early but I'm VERY optimistic that the immuno care is what is curing me. I may have to take this for awhile to build up my immune system as my stress causing situation is not over. I now sleep long, deep and uninterrupted by psoriasis.

The Black Oregano Oil is super good for internal use but became too harsh for topical on my tender psoriasis skin. I started using just Black Seed Oil to keep moisture in my body.

Black Oregano Oil
Posted by Lester (Traskwood, Ar Usa) on 09/21/2020


The Black Oregano Oil, What carrier oil and in what Rate of mix did you use?