Epididymitis - Treatment and Remedies

Epididymitis Triggers: Overstretching
Posted by Craig (Albany, Oregon) on 11/04/2015

I recently went through an experience where I went to four different doctors seeking help to alleviate significant right testicle pain.

I described (what I considered to be) the root cause of the problem to each doctor: over-stretching during exercise. More specifically, doing butterfly stretches, something that I'd never really tried before.

The first doctor diagnosed me with prostatitis and put me on a course of antibiotics. The second and third doctors diagnosed me with epididymitis, and put me on a second course of antibiotics.

After a month the condition was no better, so I went to see a fourth doctor. When I described my condition to him as epididymitis, he smiled and said "or something like epdidymitis".

What? He then proceeded to tell me that my condition wasn't bacterial, but simply the inflammation of a nerve that runs through the groin area. He said that my condition was the result of an overstretched ligament from doing the butterfly stretches, and prescribed ice and Advil.

And he was right.

I've discovered that almost every time that I get sick, it simply means that I'm doing something wrong, and I just need to figure out what it is. This experience is an example of that maxim, and I can only imagine that if it holds true for me, then it holds true for others as well.

Anyway, I ended up diagnosed with three different things by four different people, and saw first hand how crucial it is for doctors to listen hard, and to occasionally think outside of the box.

No more butterfly stretches for me! Hope this helps someone.