Epididymitis - Treatment and Remedies

Posted by Mark R (Chicago, Il) on 07/24/2016

For 7 months I had pain and nausea after a bad testicle injury. Basically it felt like pieces of my epididymis were ripped and hanging in my perineum. Doctors were worthless and they said they found nothing on an ultrasound except small spermatoceole here and there.

Over 7 months I tried many treatments. Some notable ones were iodine protocol detox which seemed to clear up scar tissue in the area. Also I applied MSM to the area and that seemed to help with healing and pain. But NOTHING helped with the feeling I was leaking sperm into my blood. Everyday I still felt nauseous, I'd get low-level fevers and my testicles would smell like semen. My body was definitely triggering an autoimmune response from leaky pipes down there.

Just last week I tried liquid chlorophyll. After ingesting it and feeling slightly better, I decided to apply chlorophyll directly to my balls and perineum. It's been nothing short of a miracle. I don't seem to be leaking sperm anymore. I have no symptoms and feel 100% better. I'm not sure if this will last because my testicles look visibly different as if there was structural damage down there, but if it does last that would be amazing. I just paint my balls with 6 drops or so of chlorophyll every day and I feel great all day. It leaves my balls and underwear stained green, but I can live with that since I don't have debilitating pain and nausea anymore.