Natural Emphysema Treatment

General Feedback
Posted by Sirlaughalot (Queensland, Australia) on 01/14/2013

Hi all, I have just found this site and I find it very interesting. A couple of days ago the doctor told me I had emphysema, WHAT! As I got back up off the floor! I am only 54 go running regularly and a non smoker, although I did smoke in my teens and have sucked in a bit of second hand smoke over the years. The doctor sent me away with a script for symbicourt and said "suck on that for two weeks then come back and see me" like hello I have a hundred million questions! I guess he didn't have the time! Please excuse my ignorance but what is everybody talking about on here regarding emphysema? Is everybody taking some of the items mentioned to remove phlem or what? The symbicourt seems to make it worse or is that my ANXIETY? Any response very much appreciated as my world has changed!

General Feedback
Posted by Darryl (Bc, Canada) on 09/03/2013

You just need to remember that all pharma drugs have side effects, and only mask the symptoms. The body has the remarkable ability to heal itself, if given the proper nutrients. Natural Health Rulz Forever :-)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Harold Jr. (Timmonsville, S.c.) on 01/03/2013

I have had emphysema almost 10 year started using dmso in nebulizer treatment 2 months started with 25% pure dmso and 75% cs or water 1 time a day. Works good. Tryed 50% dmso and 50% cs it was to much for my lungs like it was over loaded. I also make a toxin for bacterial infections , flu for clearing the mucus from my lungs. I mix 3/4 cup mothers apple cider vinegar, 3/4 cup honey. , 2 lemons, 3 cloves of garic, 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper, 2 cinnamon sticks. I take 1 or 2 shot glass a day you can add 1/4 cup ginger, 1/4 cup horseradish if you like. It good for the lungs. I was able to go hunting for 2 day first time in 6 years no oxygen. I also take symbicort. If you are on oxygen mach that use water put some cs are a cloves garlic in the water. Good luck to u. email me at , yngsaddle(at)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Harold Jr. (Timmonsville, S.c.) on 01/03/2013

please add 1 gal water to that recipe, sorry.

Posted by Had (White River Jct, Vermont) on 08/24/2012

I use cayenne as well. It does have a back bite. The irritated tissue gives the 'burn' after drinking the powder in warm water. I bought the pills thinking 'by-pass' that. Well, just got the burn lower in the gut. You want the 'help' focused near your lungs, so the warm in water gets very fast absorbtion. I added extra fermented foods, and lowered the amount I was doing til I found a balance point. If it is 'burning' it is trying to kill or heal an area that isn't right. hope this helps.

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 10/26/2015

Dear Hussein,

The original poster of this remedy says he used 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper 3 times a day. This would be dried cayenne pepper powder. We get ours from an online herb store or health food store as it will be stronger than that from a grocery store.

We put ours in juice and drink it with a straw. It is very spicy. With any new treatment, it is best to start small and increase slowly. I would start with 1/4 teaspoon in juice once a day. Then try twice a day. If this doesn't bother you, you could increase to hte 1/2 teaspoon in juice or water 3 times a day. The cayenne is very hot, but you will get used to it.

I hope it helps you!

~Mama to Many~

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Lanos (Socalif, Usa) on 06/01/2011

Ruby, my breathing problems are not as severe as some others, however, I tried to use the hydrogen peroxide inhalation method, but I was forced to quit after just two days, due to increased use of my rescue inhaler.. each case is different.. And it seemed in mine that the phlegm got heavier in my lungs. It is worth a try, and I plan on doing it again when I'm sure no other issues w/my health may be causing an unfavorable outcome. I wish you the best.. God bless. also; Thanks to EC et al for your caring.

.P.S. Tried to warn you re the 'thumbs' thing. Oh well, I love you, & I support whatever you try to do to enhance this site.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Esa (Edmonton, Alberta) on 09/21/2016 3 posts

Slowryder purchased 35% fg h202 and her father used a 3% solution into a nasal spray and used that. I have no idea how to make 35% h202 solution into a 3% solution. Can someone please clarify. Thank you.

September 23, 2016 update: I have now purchased the 35% solution. And upon reading the bottle have the answer to my above question. The directions indicate that it must be diluted with water to obtain the 3%.

Posted by Betty (Powell River, Bc) on 04/06/2015

You can also make a delicious pesto with cilantro instead of basil..(along with raw garlic in it) and put some on your food every day. :)

Posted by Carmen (Western Australia ) on 11/05/2017

Hi could someone please tell me how much cilantro to how much water, boil or simmer? For how long please? Drink how much how often? Thank you.

DMSO, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Luis (Cali, Colombia) on 07/16/2009

Dear Robert:

I am accustomed to use both but separately. HP by inhalation and DMSO by drinking. But, please, buy only quality assurance DMSO 70% solution. One teaspoon daily is enough.

To your best days.


DMSO, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jack (Toledo, Ohio) on 01/18/2010

I only use DMSO on the "outside of my skin" in cases where I want a specific med to go right to the internal spot I need it to be. For example, say its joint pain med or cream, I apply the cream to the spot on my skin above the spot where the pain is, THEN ADD THE DMSO ON TOP OF IT. This is like using a hypo to inject the painkiller directly and quickly into the pain area. This how DMSO WORKS!

DMSO, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Lynde (Pretoria, South Africa) on 07/12/2017

DMSO and Hydrogen peroxide (HP) can not be taken at the same time as HP binds with DMSO so you lose the benefit of the extra oxygen molecules.

Posted by Denise (St. Paris, Ohio/usa) on 12/16/2010

Paul have you had your vitamin d level checked? My husbands was very low and started taking 5000 IU of vitamin D3 a day and his psa number is now normal. Check out all the information about D3 and prostate. My husbands urologist was amazed by this low psa number. This was only 3 months between psa readings. Hope this helps and good luck to you. Denise

Posted by Prioris (Fl) on 02/25/2014

Go to the Ailment section on earth clinic and find COPD. You will see that hydrogen peroxide has 10 YEAS. That is probably what your mother should use.

Posted by Lawrence (Menominee, WI) on 01/16/2015

Can cayenne be used in an inhaler since the objective is the lungs. I imagine the concentration would need to be worked out and require a tincture form. Has anyone tried this.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Tom (NJ) on 02/25/2019
5 out of 5 stars

I have emphysema. Some of you might be familiar with a Russian breathing device known as the Frolov Breathing Device. I use one of these. The use of water is used in this device. For those of you familiar with this Russian Breathing Device you know it is used with all pulmonary disorders. I don't use water, well not exactly. The US government rates .05% hydrogen peroxide as "GRAS". (Generally Regarded As Safe) This is the strength I use. I take 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide and cut it by a factor of 60. (e.g. For example, by adding 1 oz of 3% HP to 59 oz of distilled water you will have 60 oz of .05% food grade hydrogen peroxide.)


Vitamin A
Posted by Leanna (Nj) on 08/13/2017

I am aware of those studies - and I am contemplating whether mixing 2% retin A (tretinoin - something many women keep around for acne) with DMSO in a chest rub might work as a transdermal route to reaching the lungs - rather than inhaling spinach vapors. I have no idea of the safety issues, so I am not recommending this, just putting it out there as a thought and wondering if this has occurred to any other readers.

Salt Water Gargle
Posted by Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 06/17/2013

I don't know how much it would help but read the site by Dr. Batmanghelidj to learn how to drink water and eat salt to thin mucus and keep your body from producing histamine that causes symptoms of auto immune issues.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jan (Perth, Scotland) on 06/07/2013

Hydrogen peroxide for COPD, emphysema: Are there any people currently using Hydrogen Peroxide for COPD? I have a sense of mucous, more like a frog in my throat and inflammation, swelling it feels like in my lungs.

There is very little on the internet about H202, yet quite a lot about Turmeric or curcumin which can also be used, however it causes stomach acid for me.

If it is so good, and safe, how come there is not more about it.


Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Sherry (Or) on 01/05/2018

I have mild emphysema so far diagnosed in march 2016. I have type 2 diabetes as well. I bought 35% hydrogen peroxide. Will it still help me even in early stage and how much should I inhale in throat or nose as well as drink follow your dosage?

Posted by Gavin (Manganui, Northland, New Zealand) on 12/13/2011

Thanks for your feedback on cayenne, and its great to hear that your hubby is improving. If you add a couple of cloves of raw garlic a day into the mix, he will start to cough up the nasty stuff in his lungs.

Posted by Kiwidel (Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand) on 05/12/2012

Hey, thanks Gavin, haven't been on here for a while, hence the delay in reply. However, I wanted to thank you for the extra suggestion of the garlic = sounds like a great idea. Will try to convince hubby to add it.

Posted by Greg (Bristol, Uk) on 08/24/2012
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Cayenne 'tea' - I have COPD and just tried 1/2 a teaspoon of Cayenne powder in warm water and I must say that there was a very prompt and marked improvement in my breathing - but I really dont think I can drink this regularly as it caused an equal impact on my stomach and throat............ Does anyone know if Cayenne extract capsules are also beneficial - also info about the strength to aim for and whether they are gentler on the metabolism ???

Posted by Jay (Toronto, Ont, Canada) on 08/25/2012

To Greg from Bristol, Uk: Although you may experience some benefits from using cayenne in the powdered form, it is much more effective if you use the tincture. Start with a drop in some water or tea 3 times per day and increase the dose by a drop or so each day until you are using a half dropper full(depending on the strength of the cayenne in the tincture). As you noted there is a downside to the powdered form with stomach distress and the effectiveness is very low with a very long term use to gain noticeable benefits. Using the tincture should produce measureable improvements in blood circulation within a few weeks. Jay

Posted by Hussein (Malawi. Limbe) on 10/25/2015

I am also suffering. It's 8 weeks I have daigonised with Emphysema - suffering the same like your husband. Please help me - how do I take the cayenne chillies?

Posted by Stella (Welkom, Freestate/south Africa) on 08/06/2011

hi. My dad's got emphysima n he ws diagnosd in 2001. He workd for 35 yrs in the mines and his breathing is so bad that he cnt even eat properly. He is nt working nw n he cnt even afford 2 buy himself oxygen. This disease is so bad I dnt wish it even for my biggest enemy. My dad cnt get help anywhere, hospitals reject hm n he is so sick.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Ruby (Saint John, New Brunswick/canada) on 05/31/2011

I am just wondering if there is anyone of the site that has severe emphysema and has this worked for them? My breathing is really bad but I am not on oxygen yet but getting there!!!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Sheila (Ny) on 07/19/2020

Jerome of Cameron Park, California. I know it's been a long time since you wrote these comments here on EC, but, I'm hoping you continue to follow along. Hope your journey to better breathing and health is going well and would love to see an update. I have been looking for the Oralmat product and can't find it available anywhere. Did you get it in the US? Infor / reply appreciated. Many thanks,

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Freda (Canada) on 07/20/2020

I have googled Oralmat and found several placse. Iherbs sells it.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jerome (Cameron Park, California, America ) on 07/25/2011

As we all know this is a work in progress and I feel every day I am progressing bit by bit.

After nebulizing the first time with H2O2 and H2orega I felt a little heaviness in my lungs. The next time I mixed the H2orega with bottled spring water and I felt no heaviness and my breathing seemed to deepen. So, I stopped using H2O2 and only use water.

Here's to progress!!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Anon (Usa) on 07/20/2020



Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Helpyourself (Houston) on 05/24/2017

To dilute peroxide to 3% pour peroxide into a bottle that measures 1 oz and add 10 oz. or water ( preferably not tap water ). DO NOT USE 35% - always reduce to 3%.

Posted by Lee (Harvard, Il) on 02/18/2013

Did you get the recipe for this? I have empyzema and need something for my breathing, If you did get it can you post it? Thank You

Posted by Jo (Cartersville, Georgia, Usa) on 03/26/2013

Carol I would really like to know how you are feeling now, and do you still use the cilantro? I have the start of Emphysema and I have been looking for something that will help. if you can please provide some feed back on how you are doing and some of the things you did. Thank you so much.

Posted by Gavin (Manganui, Northland, New Zealand) on 03/26/2013

Cilantro (Coriander) along with lemon juice removes heavy metal poisoning as well. Just got that from another site with some interesting stuff... Another one was for getting rid of mites by immersing the hair in olive oil for an hour then washing it out and repeating in five days. It suffocates the mites

Posted by Carmen (Qld, Australia) on 06/14/2015

I am writing to you to see if you can off me some advice. I have tried the Hydrogen Peroxide for my emphysema, but it made me very sick in the stomach. I also have tried the Cayenne, but it burnt my mucous membranes too much. I have had Crohns Disease all my adult life, but have it managed now, however this Emphysema is really ruining my life. I am breathless, sometimes can't even talk, no energy a lot of fatigue, however I am still active and make myself get on the treadmill regularly.

Is Cilantro Coriander, and how can I take this for my emphysema, or can you suggest something else to help me please.

I live in Australia, so hopeing you can suggest something to help me, I may have to have something sent to me, have also hear Fenugreek and Lobellia may be helpful.

Please give me some help to point me in a positive direction.

Kind Regards, Carmen

EC: Hi Carmen,

No, coriander and cilantro are not the same thing. Please see this article. Most grocery stores sell fresh cilantro in the herbs section.

Posted by Robert (Reading, Pa) on 01/02/2018

What strength hydrogen peroxide did you use?

Posted by Paul (Nashville, Tn Usa) on 12/15/2010

How long did the cayenne user take his doses before his prostate numbers were down? I am currently a prostate cancer sufferer, and I have been using essiac tea along with baking soda/maple syrup with what appears to be some results (a 2 point drop in my psa over a six month period). Also just started with h2o2 inhaler.

Posted by Pamela (Gering, Nebraska) on 03/17/2011

Curious, how does one use cayenne for healing empheysema?

Posted by Patrick (Montreal Quebec) on 02/23/2014

Hi, my mom has copd. Does cayenne help with copd? How much can she take, she is 76 years old. Thank you

Posted by Karen (Mi) on 01/20/2016

What diet changes need to be made? Thank you.

Hydrogen Peroxide
4 out of 5 stars

Dear sir/madam. i am trying bill munro's inhalation method at present and i am feeling some improvement. i would like to try taking h2o2 orally along with the inhalation method but i am unsure on the safety of doing this . Ido 3% h2o2 @6 puffs four times a day. my problem is emphysema. i am a 66 yr old male. can you or perhaps bill comment.

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