Natural Remedies for Ear Issues

Oregano Oil
Posted by Damo (Brisbane, Australia) on 06/07/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Just wanted to add a comment that oregano oil completely cured my ear infection without the need for putting anything in the ear canal.

I had a perforated eardrum which was starting to heal, however I managed to pick up an infection in the inner ear area. My jaw became very painful, could barely chew and was on soft food only.

A long time fan of earthclinic, I looked through the comments and decided that since having a perforated eardrum, I shouldn't put anything in the ear canal itself. What I did do was use oregano oil both under the tongue and externally on the ear.

3 times a day I placed 5 drops under my tongue, and 2-3 drops on my hand then rubbed that onto my ear, behind the lobe and covered as much of it as possible. I also applied a couple of drops to the skin outside of my jaw hinge, giving it a massage at the same time to encourage blood flow.

Results: I was slightly worse off the first morning, however it was all improvements after that. Roughly 20% improvement a day. Now on day 6 and things are 95% back to normal. Amazing.

Warnings: It should be noted that I used a brand of oregano oil that is cut with olive oil. Straight oregano oil is too strong to use on it's own under the tongue or externally. Also, this may or may not be relevant depending on your work place, but it smells pretty intense when you first apply it! I ended up having to skip the lunchtime external application on work days, so just 2x day, however still took it under the tongue 3x day.

Earthclinic has helped me out many times over the years and this is the first time I've felt compelled to provide my own feedback (as there wasn't much on there for this ailment). So grateful for everyone that has taken the time to share their knowledge, and to the sites owners for putting it all together. May it long continue.