Natural Remedies for Ear Issues

Onion Juice
Posted by Patricia (Indiana, US) on 08/12/2014

I used to have chronic dizziness off and on for a few years. I was told it might be benign positional vertigo. After a while the dizziness got worse and I noticed that when I did the "pop your ears" (pinch your nostrils and gently exhale air through your ears to aerate your eustachion tube) thing there would be a crackly sound in my right ear.

My doctor saw no sign of infection with the otoscope. However, he gave me an antibiotic and then an anti fungal to no effect, ditto hydrogen peroxide and iodine and venetian violet had no effect. When I prayed about it (gotta give credit where credit is due but of course you can edit this if you like) the word "onion" came to me later.

On the net I then saw a nurse and others using onion juice to treat ear infections. I put one in a blend with water and then put the mush through a mesh strainer. Next I put that liquid through a thin cloth placed over a glass. I kept this liquid in the fridge.

The liquid went into my ear through an eye dropper. Actually first it went into the palm of my hand to warm it up. After the ear canal was full I would then pop my ears and then suck inward hard and swallow (don't know if that part was necessary or not, just trying to make sure it got under the ear drum). Then I would massage below the earlobe and down through the jaw line as the nurse said, for about 10 times.

It took a few days, several times a day, to get better. Finally something worked!

Re onion being antibacterial, someone I know used green onions, fairly strongly, in a small green smoothie drink to heal diarrhea. Worked for her, though I found cayenne pepper also did the trick.

Onion Juice
Posted by Seeking The Nature Faery (Mackay, Australia) on 09/07/2012

Juice an Onion, don't worry if you don't get much out of it as you only need a couple of drops. I have a syringe. Place a couple of drops in the infected ear. It may feel a little warm as Onion has a natural warmth. Do this as soon as the pain is noticed and just before bed. If pain continues next day seek the help of a Doctor. I have never had to use more than 2 doses to clear up any ear infection. But of course I have never left an infection to go rampant. I have 6 kids and never used antibiotics for ear infection as I have used Onions- The Natural Antibiotic.