Natural Remedies for Ear Issues

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jeff (Scottsdale, Az) on 02/27/2013

I have used peroxide before too and it works well, however when I talked to my ENT doctor, he said not to use that because it is too harsh on the eardrum.

He recommended using mineral oil instead. A couple of drops in each each daily until the ear naturally clears up. I have used this method since and it works well.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Revhemp (Liverpool, Merseyside, England) on 11/01/2012

So far my ear has improved using Hydrogen Peroxide, but its been slow! It all began when I visited the doctor(not my usual Dr as he was off - ill! ) due to build up of wax, and I knew I needed my ears syringing. However the doctor said I had an ear infection and required antibiotics, and that my ears were in fact clear of wax!

After a week I returned to see my regular Dr, and he told me I did need my ears syringing! He was shocked when I told him about the previous Dr! So after a week off I went to have my ears syringed, something I have had done many times before without any problems. Alas, this time I ended up getting an ear infection in the left ear!

The skin on my outer ear was peeling off and really sore - inside the ear was so itchy, and my ear was(still is)weeping. One evening the pain was that bad I saw an out of hours Dr, who prescribed me with more antibiotics(the pain was in my ear, side of my face and was also giving me headaches, plus I had pain in my teeth! ).

Yesterday I returned to see my regular Dr and he checked my ear, and gave me more antibiotics!!! When the ear first began troubling me I couldn't get a cotton bud down the channel, now I can make it part of the way, like I say its a slow healing process. I am now thinking is it more than an ear infection? I have a small polyp in my left nostril, and I am thinking could this be the beginning of an ear polyp? After the first Dr said it was an ear infection not too much wax, then the second Dr said it was wax and I needed my ears syringing I do not have any confidence in either of their diagnosis!

I will persist with the Hydrogen Peroxide but am thinking about giving the juice of an onion a trial run! I would appreciate any thoughts on what may be the problem with my ear, and if their are any other remedies.

Cheers, rev