Natural Remedies for Ear Issues

Chiropractic and Bee Proplis
Posted by Jamie (Lake Worth, Fl) on 09/12/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Out of desperation I took my then 4 year old to a chiropractor for ear infections. It was recommended by a friend who's daughter was also plagued with ear infections. We had tried the traditional route, antibiotics, tubes, tonsil and adenoid removal. Still the child had ear infections. I really had no faith, but it was worth a try. The doc manipulated the neck, ears and back. Also put the child on bee propolis, we called it bee medicine. It worked, traditional doctors were not fixing the problem, just treating the symptoms. We started by going every day other day for a couple of weeks, then once a week, ever other week. This treatment went on for a year or so. Which was fine, my dear son finally got some relief. I asked the chiro what was causing this. He told me the nerves extending down the neck were crimped. Causing the ear infections, until the nerves were straightened out he would have ear infections. I was not a chiropractor believer until this. I now use one for my allergies. I found out my neck was curved in a whiplash type position causing all of my sinus problems. It's worth a try, isn't it?

Just thought I would share that this was in 1994/95. My son never had another ear infection. YIPPPEE