Dry Mouth, Skin & Eye Floaters DIY Spray by Art Solbrig

| Modified on Jul 29, 2021

Art's Dry Mouth Spray Reviews
Posted by Salsagirl (NY) on 07/27/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I just wanted to thank Art for his dry mouth spray recipe. I have found it very helpful. When my mouth was particularly dry, the spray often helped to keep my tongue from sticking to the roof of my mouth. And in the rare cases where it did stick to the roof of my mouth, I held it there while spraying it with the spray to carefully loosen it - no damage to the taste buds. Thanks again for sharing it Art!!

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Posted by Art (California) on 05/04/2021 1238 posts

Hi Selena,

I have seen boron work well for arthritis, but not as a lotion, it was used orally. I think the oral route is convenient and practical for boron. The doctor who originally discovered using borax for arthritis, Dr. Rex Newnham used both borax and boron to good effect in his patients. He discovered this decades ago in the 1970s and Ted reintroduced it to the EC community many years later at higher dosing.

Here is info on Dr. Newnha :



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Posted by Selena (Toronto) on 05/04/2021

Hi Art,

Is it OK to use Boron instead of borax solution?

Thank you!

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Posted by Art (California) on 05/03/2021 1238 posts

Hi JenE,

I can only say what I have done for myself as my arthritis was severe and was apparent from head to toe. Much more than would be practical to use borax lotion for. I used Ted's solution of 1/4 level teaspoon in a quart of water 4 days per week. So I drank one quart with one-quarter teaspoon of borax in it on Monday and repeated this procedure on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I took Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off. This has kept my severe arthritis in remission for over 13 years now.

Results were apparent within one month and I would say that all symptoms were gone within 2 months and have lasted until now. This has worked for me better than I could have ever hoped for and borax has been reported on the internet to work for multiple forms of arthritis. I have severe psoriatic arthritis that affected most major joints of my body and made life miserable with so much pain.

Here is a link to a page which plenty of information on Borax and some of its uses :


Good luck!


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Posted by JenE (Western North Carolina) on 05/02/2021

Hi, Art,

& thanks for all the useful posts here!

Just wondering what the feedback has been from your friend w/ the arthritic knees.

My brother just had to have his 3rd knee replacement (don't even ask where the 3rd knee is --- he does not find that humerus :-) but his ankles and shoulders are beginning to ache and lock up too.

I would like to help him find alternatives to medical dis-ease management, and he is open to trying anything else first.

Thanks in advance for any updates.

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Posted by Art (California) on 11/20/2020 1238 posts

Hi Tessa,

Thank you for the very useful feedback!

I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to run out of borax any time soon, I feel the same as borax has kept my severe arthritis in remission for well over 12 years and it was throughout my body.

I'm really interested in finding out if the borax lotion will work on larger joints such as hips, knees, shoulders etc. A friend of mine is currently testing it on arthritic knees and wrists, but it is too early to see if it is doing anything yet.


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Posted by Tessa (Okanagan) on 11/20/2020

Hi Art –

I've been using your borax lotion recipe since mid-July and I massage it into my hands every time I wash them (countless times throughout the day). It only took a few days before I noticed a big difference. Maybe that was how long it took me to build up my “borax reservoir” ...!

My arthritis is in my hands/knuckles (mostly right hand) but the combination of the lotion along with a vigorous massage is helping me immensely.

I also take a pinch of borax with my morning coffee (I actually have a measuring spoon that says “pinch”).

I don't want to run out of borax any time soon so I've bought an extra couple of boxes (I use it in my laundry and for dishes as well so I go through a lot). I understand that in England and various parts of Europe borax is difficult to come by – I hope that doesn't happen in North America.

Thanks again Art 😊


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Posted by Art (California) on 11/19/2020 1238 posts

Hi Tessa,

Thank you for the quick feedback, your feedback is so useful for the EC community!

I'm glad to hear that the mix is already working well for you! I think you will really like it when you try the aloe substitution or the other one that you mentioned, instead of DW.

Regarding the Borax lotion mix, how long did it take you to notice benefit and are you applying it twice a day, am/pm?


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Posted by Tessa (Okanagan) on 11/19/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I love xylitol and add it to coconut oil for oil pulling. I use it in my homemade sinus rinse, toothpaste, facial scrub - plus as a sugar substitute (only a small amount at a time, though).

Happy to see Art's spray recipe featured in an email. And, since I had all of the ingredients, I made up a batch using distilled water (next time I will make some with either aloe vera or rosewater for extra moisturizing).

It really does work wonders for dry mouth (especially now with the heat being on all the time indoors) both as a spray and a mouthwash/refresher (a couple of teaspoons in a glass and a good swish).

Thank you Art!

By the way, I'm still having great results with your borax lotion for my arthritis :)