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| Modified on Feb 26, 2019
Posted by Nicole (NY, USA) on 02/26/2019

MSM is probably also very good for diphtheria.

Powdered Sulfur
Posted by York Bennett (Missouri ) on 11/30/2018

Love this, thank you.

Powdered Sulfur
Posted by CH (PD, USA) on 09/30/2007

American Indian Remedy: Great Grand Dad, Indian medicine man, used to go among people with diphtheria but never got sick, grand dad ask him why he never got sick, he said because he would put powdered sulfur in his shoes, put socks on his feet and continue to do this until he could taste the sulfur in his mouth., approximately three days. Once he could taste the sulfur in his mouth, he knew it was safe to go amongst the sick, each day when he left the sick he would take his clothes off except for his socks and burn them and bathe everything except his feet he left the sulfured socks on and kept the sulfur in his shoes on his feet to stay protected from getting the disease.