Diabetes Type I: Home Remedies and Holistic Treatment

Posted by Judy (Denver, Co) on 05/11/2013

Two months ago I asked my dr to give me some oxygen because I live close to an oil refinery that recently had a spill and could smell benzene sometimes and would feel short of breath. Had a lung function test that showed I have the beginnings of emphysema and my blood oxygen was 88. She said when you're on oxygen you forget to breathe and refused. Three weeks later I went to ER because I was extremely short of breath and I had pneumonia. They took so many blood tests they had to take blood from both arms. I was in the hospital five days and besides antibiotics I got cortisone in the form of tablets. When I went in my ankles werent swollen. 2 1/2 days later they started to swell and my blood sugar went up terribly.

I am diabetic and they said the Blood Sugar rise was to be expected. They said the ankle and leg swelling was because I was sitting in the edge of the bed with my feet dangling so they put compression socks on. Because they are tubes they cut off the circulation above my instep and ankle was about three times normal size on right side. Took the things off and now swelling can go down at night. Have been home about three weeks. I can live with that, but now I have pain in my left hip and knee when I get up from sitting position. I have had this pain (slightly) for quite awhile but not to the extent it is now. Once I stand the pain on left side is very bad, but once I manage to take a step with right foot the pain goes away. This is not arthritis pain. Going up and down a step or two doesn't bother it. Trying to get situated in bed is an ordeal. I lie on my left side. Trying to lie on right side the pain on left makes that impossible. I first thought it was sciatica until it got so bad. Now I wonder if it's related to diabetes. Dr has never said anything. Only asks how I would rate it.

Four days ago I had very little pain and next day I was on my feet a lot and that night the knee and hip hurt so bad I had to sit up all night. The next day the pain was still bad. I had to take 2 tylenol rather than just one. Today the pain is a lot better and I may have found what helps it. I ate strawberries. A time before when it lessened, I ate strawberries. I also have decreased kidney function and cannot take magnesium or a lot of the other things suggested here. Any one diabetic ever had this and what was done for it?