Diabetes Type I: Home Remedies and Holistic Treatment

Avoid Wheat
Posted by Jj (Crystal River Florida) on 04/25/2017
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I just saw a doctor from MIT explain how glysophate (which is residual left from when they kill wheat with round up) is the biggest cause of all inflammation in our bodies. India is done with GMO'S and going all organic -I wish they would here. But big Pharm and doctors would go broke. They also don't want people to know how bad aspartame really is and many aspartame using companies will pull commercial money if even mentioned in a show airing with their commercials.

Avoid Wheat
Posted by Louise (Sandy, Utah) on 05/30/2016
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Diabetes Type 1:

Everyone should try to find a copy of the October 2011 issue of the magazine, (maybe at the library) "Life Extension." The article on page 81 is "Wheat: The Unhealthy Whole Grain." Obesity was rare 40 or 50 years ago and now we're getting fatter and fatter. It's because of the farmers pouring Roundup on their wheat crops to kill the wheat to make it seed more to produce more crops. It's all about money. So the wheat we are eating is very deadly. I've stopped eating it. That article devastated me. It actually destroys your organs. I've seen pictures on the internet of rats who have huge tumors from eating wheat whose organs have shrunk and they are dying. The only way you can really eat breads is to bake them from almond flour or something that isn't a grain. Even rice and corn is not healthy. I actually was looking through my magazines when I found the old copy and after finding that article, no more grains for me, ever. No sugar, no high fructose corn syrup. It isn't the gluten, it's the Roundup that are making people sick. It causes diabetes, (insulin resistance) which leads to heart disease, kidney disease, neurological disorders, arthritis and paralyzing delusions of schizophrenia. I don't know about you, but I sure don't want schizophrenia!

When I was a young girl, everything was healthy and I was skinny. I ate all I wanted. Now I have prediabetes. Some countries have outlawed Roundup. PBS had a special about how our bees are dying and it was concluded it was the roundup in the crops. Where will we all be without bees???It's a very sad time in history. Even corn and many other foods are genetically engineered. They actually put Roundup in the seeds so that insects can't destroy the crops, but it is destroying the bees and the human race slowly and gradually. Here is a good report too:


Good luck and love to everyone.