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    | Modified on Jun 18, 2014
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    What Is Desmoplastic Fibroma?

    Extremely rare, desmoplastic fibroma is a bone tumor. Cancer in the bones can occur in any bone in the body; however, it most often affects the longer bones that comprise the arms and legs. The pelvic bones as well as the mandible are also frequently affected. Specifically localized, desmoplastic fibroma begins in the bone – it is not a cancer that begins elsewhere in the body and metastasizes to the bone.

    This type of bone cancer has been found in patients ranging from 20 months to 60 years old, but it typically affects adolescents and young adults between the ages of 15 and 25 years old. While no definitive cause of bone cancer is known, research has uncovered several factors that appear to be associated with the development of bone cancer. Exposure to radiation, heredity, and metal implants have been linked to the onset of bone cancer.

    Individuals frequently experience symptoms of bone cancer differently, but some signs of the disease are known. Bone pain, swelling and tenderness, frequent broken bones, fatigue, and unintended or unexplained weight loss are all indicators of bone cancer. Typically pain is experienced over a long period of time or even several years; however, some rare cases present no symptoms.

    Cancer in the Bones - Natural Treatments

    Depending on the severity of the disease, desmoplastic fibroma may require surgery or other medical cancer treatment. Natural methods of treatment can also be incorporated, though, to establish a holistic regimen of treatment. Supplements of lysine powder and bromelain help the body identify and combat foreign cells. A regimen of ? teaspoon of lysine, ? teaspoon of threonine, and 1/8 teaspoon of citrulline taken hourly for 8 hours over a month period is an effective approach to eradicating the tumor causing cells. Additionally, a healthy diet low in sugar helps the body recover.

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