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Dermatitis Treatment and Natural Remedies

Magnesium Chloride
Posted by Arianna (Portland, Ca) on 02/15/2010
5 out of 5 stars

During the past year, I developed dermatitis on my face. What started as a small puss-filled rash on my chin spread across most of my lower face. Then, this rash turned into eczema. I was horrified and I tried tons of remedies, including apple cider vinegar, anti-fungals like coconut oil and oregano oil, and topical prescription-strength steroids. Nothing worked.

Then one day I wondered if I was fighting a bacterial infection that would be better healed by alkalizing my skin rather than acidifying it (with apple cider vinegar). So I put magnesium chloride on a cotton ball and spread it all over the rash. It stung like crazy!

The first thing I noticed was that after one day of applying it 2-3 times, the eczema started drying up and flaking off. It seemed to be working. Slowly, over the course of a week, the eczema disappeared. I still had some dermatitis rash remaining, but it was much improved.

It has been one month now. All my eczema is gone and the dermatitis in 99% gone. Occasionally, I get a single puss-filled eruption, but I immediately apply the magnesium chloride and it disappears within a few days.

EC: For those who don't know, Magnesium Chloride is also called Magnesium Oil (when water is added to the flakes) and is the type of magnesium used in Transdermal Magnesium Therapy. Read more here:

Magnesium Chloride
Posted by Katrina (Newcastle Upon Tyne, Uk) on 08/14/2012

I am very grateful to everyone who has previously posted on this website. I have been suffering from mild perioral dermatitis intermittently for the past year and have blamed many things from antibiotics to having my top lip waxed.

As a kinesiologist who couldn't cure herself I was getting very frustrated having tried many remedies. As I already had magnesium chloride oil in the house so decided to give it a try, that was on Sunday, I have wiped it over my top lip night and morning since then (it is Tuesday morning now) and it has made a dramatic difference.

It stings like mad at first then calms down which is when I apply my moisturiser. Concealer works very well I have found.

Thank you for all of the helpful information! :-)

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Sherrinav (Wilmington, Nc, United States) on 11/01/2010
0 out of 5 stars

Did anyone experience stinging or itching from the gse even if you rinse it off? I've had PD for a few years. It started with a little noticeable redness around the crease of my nose. No one else really noticed. It also had the watery bumps occasionally. I didn't know it but I also have it around my chin area below the crease of my mouth, which the dermatologist pointed out with her magnification mirror. She prescribed tetracycline the first time, which really cleared it up nicely but made me gain weight and tired. So I stopped and it came back worse.

She then gave me doxycycline which also cleared it up nicely, but it had the same side effects. When I stopped taking it (because I'd rather have a little rash around my nose than be fat and lazy)it came back worse than ever. Now I can see it below my mouth and everwhere else, cheeks, forehead too.

So I began to search for the cure naturally. I started taking probiotics and yogurt - on the face and eating it. The yogurt mask really calming and soothing and made my skin look pretty good considering, but didn't cure it. ACV agrevated it. I tried it for two weeks and it did not make it any better. I will probably continue yogurt mask every now and then just for the pleasure of it. It's been two days since I first used GSE. The first day I used 10 drops in a tablespoon of water dabbed on with fingertip. The second day (today)was the same solution dabbed on with cottonball - it stung a little but felt really itchy/crawly and turned fire red. I could see red spots I'd never seen before! So I rinsed it off with water and applied coconut oil which helped a tiny bit. It still felt itchy and "crawly" the rest of the day which I was imagining the GSE to be annoying and killing the nano-insect if there are any, lol. Anyone else have that sensation? It looks worse now than it ever has. I'm hoping it is the gets worse before better thing.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Posted by Leki (Greenville, Sc) on 02/19/2011

You should both try taking the solution internally in combination with a topical application. And, YES - there is a "crawly" sensation on the skin when the diluted GSE is applied - it will abate within about 15 or so minutes. Just bear through it to get the full effect of the treatment - just like you have to bear through the bad taste when you drink it. I always tried to think of these minor issues in terms of a cost/benefit ratio. Well worth the end result in my mind. Best of luck to you in curing your PD!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mielle (New York, Ny) on 03/03/2011

Hi Colleen,
What a brilliant association you made! Yes, I also received a tetanus shot back in the mid-80's because of a motorbike accident. A few weeks later I noticed the PD on my chin. It was relatively mild and it came and went annually (nothing serious) and eventually it went away. A year ago, I received another tetanus shot and this year BAM! I have a big, red, blob that seems to be spreading around my chin and below nose. I too understand (from an Eastern perspective) that this is associated with the intestines. Regarding different causes of PD, I was thinking same, since different therapies work for different people. Thank you, from my heart :) for sharing your experience and thoughts! I will try the aloe-vera treatment. Currently, I'm only drinking a little of it with coconut water but will go for the gallon tomorrow.

Namaste! :)

Castor Oil
Posted by sac (houston, tx) on 06/23/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I had problems for years with some type of dermatitis on my face. I'm not sure what type, but it was around my hairline, eyebrows, and around my nose. I applied castor oil several times per day for several days and it has been clear now for over a year.

Ingredients to Avoid
Posted by Mary Smith (University Place, WA) on 05/09/2009

After receiving two fillings from my dentist in January, I had an immediate response with my very first case of dermatitis above my lip, at the age of 52. I have tried a number of things, using baby shampoo to wash my face, applying Vaseline, and ingesting various teas and vitamins. I am now using ACV and so far it has given me a break but I am not sure what the next week will bring. I had a temporary implant done about two months ago and that further exacerbated the problem, creating a pink severely itchy patch directly above the implant that comes and goes, creating scaling and pealing into my lip that never scabs. We will see if the ACV continues to keep the symptoms at bay or if this is just the break I experience in between. It has become almost weekly at this point.

Ingredients to Avoid
Posted by Andrewdreiling (Overland Park, Ks) on 09/27/2010

Check out the books "whole body dentistry", "uninformed consent", & "root canal cover up"... If u have amalgams/silver fillings, they must come out & be replaced with a safer material (non-bpa composite, porcelain, gold, etc) asap... Mercury poisoning is a BIG problem... Hope this helps!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil, Calendula, Yogurt
Posted by Erica (Ncentral, Ma) on 09/15/2009
5 out of 5 stars

CALENDULA CREAM!!! I used the same brand as listed above, twice a day, and it has cleared it up amazingly!! I was also eating and applying (all organic) apple cider vinegar and yogurt and using coconut oil as a moisturizer for a while and i think it was keeping it at bay, keeping it from getting worse, but not clearing it up much. This is after having the condition since january, having gone on antibiotics two seperate times and it still coming back. CALENDULA IS AMAZING!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Homeopathy
Posted by Erica (Ncentral, Ma) on 09/15/2009

I also switched to non SLS hair care and body wash as well as non flouride toothpaste!!

Vitamin E
Posted by BPhilips (Mcminnville, OR) on 05/02/2009
5 out of 5 stars

HI I have suffered from pd for like a year. I have tried so many things. what I have found that works the best is regular vitamin E geltabs. I squeeze the contents out and massage into my freshly washed skin every night. Every day I see amazing results. This is day 5 and my pd inlamation has gone down by 90%

Posted by Peggy (Rutledge, Tn) on 10/19/2011

This is an update on my original posting. I used the yogurt on my face if I get a bad break out, which began to happen more often lately. I also began using the ACV which worked for a little bit but then after about 6 months it was no longer helping. I returned to this website to see if anyone had any more answers. I don't use anything with SLS or flouride in it but still was having breakouts, mainly around the lower outer rim of my mouth. I tried Ted's remedy, slightly. In the USA borax is a laundry soap and I refuse to drink laundry soap. I did try mixing the borax and peroxide but that just dried out my skin.

So I tried just the peroxide. Within a week my face was totally clear. I use it at night and in the morning and have been doing so for a month now and still clear. I have had one small pimple similar to when I have a full fledge break out, put the peroxide on it and it is gone in a day or so. I also use a product from Mary Kay (I do not sell it, I just use it) that helps the skin stay nice and soft. I will keep everyone up to date as to if this continues to work. Unfortunately I think this is going to be an ongoing issue but if I can maintain it and keep it under control I am happy.

Posted by Cara (Marina, Ca, Usa) on 11/23/2011
4 out of 5 stars

My PD was really bad about three months ago even though I was doing everything my dermatologist told me to. I was on 150mg of doxycycline and clindamycin and I wasn't wearing makeup or using anything on my face. I even got rid of all personal products with fluoride, SLS and petroleum. I was really sick of taking antibiotics without any sign of them working so I decided to try a new approach, stopped the antibiotics and gel and bought Epicuren Acidophilus Probiotic Facial Cream at the spa where I work. My product trainer said that it limits bacterial growth that causes acne by depositing good bacterias that inhibit them. I thought maybe it would do something similar as the gel but in a healthier way, cause we do need bacteria on our skin and shouldn't killing all of it be bad for you? It actually started working in about a week and seriously improved my PD in like two more. I started taking Acidophilus supplements to help it. It got to the point where it was only one red bump and no rashiness for awhile, but I switched up the routine and now it's all angry again. But I honestly believe using this stuff twice a day was what tamed mine.

Posted by Julia (Edmonton, AB) on 02/02/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Manuka Honey for POD: I tried three different antibiotics as well as apple cider vinegar separately over the course of Five months and none seemed to work. Most just caused further irritation (including the ACV). My mother had just discovered this well-reputed medicinal Manuka Honey (UMF 20+ was what she had), and said it has healing properties and I should try it.

I applied a thick layer over the entire area every night and sometimes in the day if I wasn't going out. I started only a week ago and already you can hardly see my POD and it's no longer itchy. The honey is a bit messy on the bedclothes, but is obviously working and was soothing right from the get-go. Just trying to get the message out there!

EC: POD = Perioral Dermatitis

Posted by Kare (Edmonton, AB) on 06/16/2009

I have a horrible outbreak of POD right now. Worst one ever. I just started applying Apple Cider Vinegar and Manuka Honey to it as of last night. I am also in Tetracycline now too. I will keep everyone posted as to how this is working.

So far the honey is soothing and takes the dryness issue away. The medication has lots of restrictions and did make me feel a little upset in the stomach after i took it.


Ingredients to Avoid
Posted by Johnna (Stratford, CT) on 12/09/2008

Wow! There is so much information on this site. This is my situation: My daughter is 7 years old and has PD. She has had a stuffy nose for weeks but doesn't have a "cold". Her nose itches and runs throughout the day. Her rash worsens when it is dry/cold outside or after she takes a shower. I think this condition is definitely chemical related. My daughter was exposed to formaldehyde which is a chemical that is many products. Long story short, her bedroom furniture contained formaldehyde which was causing her to have a reaction, coughing, running nose, etc ...I later found out that she was sensitive to the formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is found in EVERYTHING, (rugs, counter tops, cosmetics) and can be dangerous at high levels. , etc Anyway, my daugher is now ultra sensitive and has a constant runny nose, especially when the heat is on b/c more formaldehyde gas is released in to the air when the temp goes up...and she has PD, which I believe is directly related! I have not tried the ACV yet, but i was wondering if it's safe for a 7 year old? Also, has anyone ever heard of formaldehyde causing this condition? I also changed all of my soaps, shampoos and laundry detergent to exclude SLS...but the rash didn't go away. Does it usually worsen in the winter and clear up when the spring comes....please give me your advice. I am a little worried that she will be sensitive forever now. Thank you.

EC: PD = perioral dermatitis

Ingredients to Avoid
Posted by John (Cambridge, Maryland) on 11/26/2008

skin dermatitis: I'm looking for a remedy other than what the doctors general give -- which have not worked over the years. Since I moved to Maryland's eastern shore where there is a lot of salt in the air from the Chesapeake Bay and the ocean, it has worsened. I'm sure there has got to be a remedy out there, if I can only find it!

By the way, great site! I've got to get a lot of stuff for my dog here! Thanks!

Cocoa Butter
Posted by Roger (Bristol, IN, USA) on 11/17/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have had contact dermitittis for about 3 years now. My doctor prescribed antihistimines and Aveeno lotion. When it got worse I went to a Dermatologist and he gave me cortizone creams. I found the cortizone effective, but the rash spread and got worse. I tried ACV and it seemed to help but I eventually had the rash over most of my body.

Then I started using Palmers Cocoa Butter lotion. It is very inexpensive and works much better than any other lotion. My condition seems to be related to temperature so all summer I was dermittitis free by using the cocoa butter. Now that winter is coming I have slight breakouts, but I am sure that the cocoa butter will keep my skin from developing a severe condtion again.

I took ACV & coconut oil orally all last winter with little effect until I started using Palmers.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Theresa (Montgomery, Alabama/United States ) on 11/10/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I discontinued using Fluoride tooth paste. This has had a positive effect on my dermatitis. when the doctor told me to discontinue the use, it was in a general list of what to do and what not to do. There was no specific information. No reasoning other than, I thought that my face would be irritated by the toothpaste getting on my skin when I brushed my teeth. This was not the reason. After having had this for a year, I decided to stop using fluoride. I went with one that did not contain it Within a week, the rash and broken skin was starting to heal.

Then I also read where you need to use a moisture cleanser to wash with. I had tried all the "non allergic" ones given on the list. Nothing worked. The water based cleansers only made it more dry. I found that with my face being so dry, I needed oil. If you have this you know anything and everything burns and stings. I remembered the old home remedy that my grandparents passed down to my dad about coal tar. I started using

"Rainbath" on my face. I remembered it contains coal tar that does not burn the skin. The coal tar was used way back in the day to relieve athletes foot and also mange on dogs. Then I went and purchased a bottle of "Sweet Oil" at the pharmacy, and put this on after I wash my face. I follow it with a lotion from the list the Dr provided me with Within 3 weeks, this has almost disappeared.

Zinc, Magnesium
Posted by Debra (South Charleston, Ohio) on 09/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

As a dental hygienist, I had developed contact dermatitis from wearing gloves. Last spring I started taking Zinc 15mg & Magnesium 400mg daily. My hands are free of dermatitis!!!

Antiseptic Handwash
Posted by Violet (St. Pete, Fl) on 09/15/2009

Dog mites don't affect people. If your dog has mites you'll know it because he will be itchy and miserable, thus the dog should be treated. But, like I said, dog mites affect dogs and human mites affect humans - they are two different things. So for those of you who enjoy sleeping with your pooch it is ok to keep doing so. If you notice a problem after being licked then you are probably allergic to the dog's saliva.

Ingredients to Avoid
Posted by Laurie (North Royalton, Ohio) on 08/29/2008
4 out of 5 stars

Hello, I just wante to let you know that I recently discovered this sight after having ANOTHER bout of dermatitis. I am trying ACV, VCO, and probiotics but I'm not sure if the are working because I am on prednisoe until tomorrow. Last year, I had a very bad reaction to getting my hair highlighted, and since than I have dermatitis flare-ups. After much research, I finally figured out that phenoxyethonal is in many beauty products and I believe this is the source of my allergies. I have an appointment with an allergist mid-Sept so I will let you know my findings.

Arnica Salve
Posted by Lily (San Antonio, USA) on 08/18/2008
4 out of 5 stars

I have rosacea and was trying remedies on this website. The Borax soution mixed with peroxide and water applied to the face is working well so far. I also had dermatitus. I had dry skin around my nose and on my chin. It burned and left my skin very flaky. I didn't even know what it was until I saw others on this website who had the exact same symptoms I had. I had seen many others who had dermatitis try ACV. I tried it and it worked okay, it just stung so bad. What has really helped me is a facial cream called Pomada De ARNICA. I bought it at HEB> it is only 2.99, so i tried it and it soothed my skin. It is in the same aisle as all the spanish herbal creams, just further down from the more popular brands. it is a mixture of petrolueum jelly, eucalyptus oil, and other oils and minerals. It is like a balm, but the point is in two days the redness went down alot, and the flakiness is gone. I was so excited!!!!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Adria (Kennesaw, GA) on 05/30/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking coconut oil capsules (2000 mg twice daily) for 3 weeks today. It has completely cured the psoriasis I have had on my elbows for over 25 years now. I'll have to get back with you to let you know what else it has helped me with. But, so far, I LOVE IT!

Diaper Rash Ointment
Posted by Laura (Chicago, IL) on 05/30/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hello everybody, I had a dermatitis on my neck and one thing that really helped was A + D ointment, the kind you use for diaper rush. I remember it was the best remedy for my kids when they were babies, so I tried it , and I felt the irritation, burning and swelling going down right away. You can buy it anywhere the diaper rash stuff is sold.

Posted by Lenni (Juneau, Alaska) on 07/17/2008

What kind of yougurt did you put on your face? & Has it ever came back yet?

Posted by Holly (Boone, NC) on 09/25/2008

Lenni, It does come back if I do not stay on top of the use of probiotics which my main source os from fermented foods. I must say the yogurt, which I use plain goats milk but any plain should do, make my skin feel so good that I use it several times a week.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by JEROLYN (Lebanon, TN) on 12/05/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I am 43yo and have suffered for 20 YEARS with this dermatitis curse! Like all the others, the prescription meds were but a band-aid to a much larger problem. I was elated to find this page. In the past the only treatment the doctors and I could manage was phototherapy, but just another band-aid. I have tried the ACV which initially worked then, to no avail. Probiotics produced no change. My sort is very stubborn! SO... I tried peroxide alone b/c that was all I had here at the house. It works very well for me but I am going to add Borax to the mix as I still get some minor flair ups. THANKS to you all! At least I have some hope of help other than producing further wrinkling to my already aging skin!

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