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Dermatitis Treatment and Natural Remedies

Olive Leaf Extract
Posted by Allison Simon (Miami) on 05/04/2021
5 out of 5 stars


Taking 2 olive leaf capsules helps stop the itching within 30 mins - 1 hr. Incorporate olive leaf supplements into your daily regimen. Will be a big help. It somehow helps with inflammation and inflamed skin.

Swimming in the Ocean
Posted by Eion (Los Angeles, California) on 10/13/2015
4 out of 5 stars

First I want to thank all people who post on this site. A community of people sharing remedies for healing outside of the Big Pharma profit paradigm is a beautiful thing.

I read so many interesting regimens for curing dermatitis but I was wondering why mine had come back in the first place. I have not had it at all for 9 months and all of a sudden it's back on my face.

After doing my detective work I have realized there is one factor which makes all the difference for me. 9 months ago I moved close to the ocean. The only time I have left my home area in those 9 months was to work in Puerto Rico for the summer (and I was in the ocean all the time there). Only now that am I away from the ocean (Toronto) has my dermatitis returned. I am a regular ocean man. I am in it every other day now that I live close by and now that I look back on it, since my reconnection to the sea water, I have not had ANY dandruff of facial Dermatitis. Until Now, having been away from the ocean the last 2.5 weeks I have a flare up again.

So, for anyone suffering from Dtitis who lives near the ocean, now's a good time to take up surfing.

All my best, Eion

Swimming in the Ocean
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 10/14/2015 2073 posts

If one is not-so-lucky to live near the ocean, then a bath with added minerals like Borax & Epsom Salts or simply otc Sea Salt will suffice. To be completely safe & healthy, one would need to either have a whole-house in-line filter for removing fluoride and other contaminates or add a pinch of sodium thiosulfate crystals to the bath prior to the beneficial minerals.

Posted by Jupiter (Yuma, Arizona, Usa) on 11/14/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I am very grateful to everyone who has previously posted on this website. This is why now that I free of this terrible problem I come back to this site to help at least a person that is frustrated trying everything with not significant results. I have been suffering from perioral dermatitis for the past months and have changed many things in my daily routine. I did a little bit of everything posted in this site. However, the final and less expensive routine come from my kitchen. A little bit of Sodium Bicarbonate and ? of a Lemon. Clean the affected area with the lemon juice and the bicarbonate every night. For the first night (in my case 3 days) do not use nothing more than this paste to clean your face, no creams, lotions, fats, makeup nothing. I promise you that after a few days you will see results. My skin is not perfect as it is to be but it is free of POD and can use natural creams. Now once in a while when I feel that POD is starting to come out I just clean my face with this miracle paste and magically the rash disappears.

Dandruff Shampoo
Posted by Jrheats (Nebraska) on 03/17/2016
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

I have tried dandruff shampoo and apple cider vinegar. After using each a couple times, the dermatitis would flake and seem to clear up with no more bumps present; however, it has returned both times after it had appeared to be gone.

Lily, how did it turn out for you?

Contact Dermatitis
Posted by Donnalsm (Subang, Selangor, Malaysia) on 11/05/2011

I have an ongoing problem with contact dermatitis for a number of years now. When prescribed medicine doesn't work, the best remedy for relieving my eczema symptoms so far would be:

1. Use pH balanced products for washing.

i.e. shampoo, body wash, household cleaning agents and such.

- try organic soaps or castille soaps. these are made of chemical free, all natural ingredients.

2. Avoid using products with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which can cause skin irritation.

- check product contents on the label before you buy soaps, shampoos, detergents, etc.

3. Avoid washing the affected area too often.

- washing too often will cause your skin to lose its natural moisture. Dry skin will crack easily and can become sore and itchy. so, seriously reduce the frequency of washing your affected skin.

- I have tried using rubber and latex (surgical type) gloves, but it made my skin worse. It might had something to do with the layer of powder lined inside the gloves which irritates my skin.

4. Keep your skin moisturized at all times.

- I use pH5 Handcreme by Eucerin which contains enzymes that help to repair dry and damaged skin cells.

5. Higher amount of non-acidic Vitamin C.

- a daily intake of high strength 1000mg tabs of acid free vitamin C . Any brand is fine, as long as the base ingredient is CALCIUM ASCORBATE and not Ascorbic Acid.

- this has helped my skin to recover very quickly from cracks and flare ups before they could get any worse.

That's about it. Hope you'll find this information useful.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Becca (Nashville, Tn) on 10/07/2011

my first outbreak of pd was 6 years ago, on the sides of my nose. at that time, i had no idea what it was. it took 3 months to go away, with no treatment. now, after finally being diagnosed by a dermatolist a month ago, i know that i have pd.

when my most recent outbreak occurred, i began reading your blogs on this forum. i have to say it was quite discouraging.... the remedies would work for some and not for others..... i spent all my free time reading and researching different possible causes of pd. the one that made the most sense to me, was the link between pd and overgrowth of candida in the body. (since my pd felt itchy and raw like a yeast infection). i began to cut out all sugar from my diet. all dairy.... all breads.... all sweet fruits. basically i eat chicken breast, fish, nuts and veggies. nothing fried. then i started taking a probiotic.... (get a high quality one that contains acydophilus. ) i also started taking biotin everyday.

i tried some of the recommendations on here, like acv. the only thing that did for me was irritate and burn my skin. took it a week to start looking somewhat normal color again. so personally, i wouldn't recommend doing that one.

i kept reading and researching and found a blog from a guy who suffered from pd. he said the only thing that cleared his pd up was an antifungal lotion. i was willing to try anything at this point, as i was almost three weeks into the outbreak! and miserable!!! i went to the drug store and bought some lamisil and began applying it twice a day... liberally. i've been using it now for about 5 days. my pd is almost completely gone! maybe it's the anitfungal lotion.... maybe the diet finally started working.... maybe it's the supplements.... or maybe i just landed on the miracle combination!

for those of you who suffer with pd, i'm so sorry that anyone has to go through this. it's such a stubborn unresponsive condition. but my pd definitely responded in a very positive way to this treatment:

candida free diet



antifungal lotion

hope this helps someone! stay positive! :)

Posted by Angel (Naples, Fl) on 09/25/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I had clear skin most of my life except for the occassional pimple. Three years ago, while in my mid forties, I started to have acne on my chin. I went to the dermatologist and was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis. I thought maybe it was do to hormonal changes given my age. The dermatologist wanted to put me on antibiotics for an extended period of time in hopes that it would work. I didn't want to take drugs so I decided to try and find a natural treatment on my own--without luck. Then I heard a radio show called, "The Soap Dish"--the host is Deana Kelly, owner of the Naples Soap Co. She said that her establishment sold a natural Sea Salt soap that cleared up skin problems including acne. I tried it, not expecting too much since I'd tried many different things. To my surprise, after three weeks, it cleared up my chin. At first I was using on my entire face, including problem area (chin). I did notice that it was drying out the area around my eyes making me look older, so just now use it on my oily areas (t-zone, forehead, chin).

Also, Deana has made it very affordable. Please let me know if it helps you. I would happy to know that this info helped even just one other person suffering with this problem.

Acidophilus, Biotin
Posted by Kathy (Idaho ) on 08/30/2017

Hi Liz, I know that this is long after you posted asking about coconut oil, biotin and your prescription meds. My daughter was diagnosed with eczema several years ago. We found through trial and error that using coconut oil right after a bath or shower helps tremendously. Towel off gently and when your skin is still damp apply the oil and let your skin absorb it. This oil can also be taken internally and helps immensely by moisturizing from the inside out, even helps with the creaks and dry skin that comes with getting older. I hope that by this time you have found help for the dermatitis. My son is currently dealing with a pretty severe case of that and I am trying to find answers for him. Wish me luck..

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jerry (Cleveland, Ohio) on 06/16/2011
5 out of 5 stars

First I would like to thank everyone for sharing what has worked for them. This has been a nightmare! But I think I have found a routine that works for me and hopefully will work for you. Every morning I take probiotics and ACV capsules. (I tried drinking it but couldn't do it again) At night I take more of the same as well as green tea vitamins. I changed my shampoo to non sulfate. I also changed my toothpaste to non flouride and only drink bottled water. Before I go to bed I put organic plain yogurt on, and keep it on all night. This combinbation has worked well for me and I hope it works for you.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Bunnylebowski (Seward, Ne) on 11/12/2011

It's me again... 7 or so months later and still no PD! Try the prosacea stuff! The active ingredient is sulfur.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lisa (West Virginia) on 03/29/2017

Try apple cider vinegar on your face. Also see if you can drink it as well.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ashie D (Makati, Philippines) on 01/25/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I am soooo happy I took the time to browse your site a week ago for some ideas to help clear my skin up. About 9 months ago I got small rashy pimples around my mouth. I've been lucky to have always had near to perfect skin. I could see myself that they weren't spots and more rashy type of pimples. It didn't shift for a number of weeks, so I paid a visit to a dermatologist. She recommended a cream called diprogenta and antibiotics and advise I try changing to non-flouride toothpaste (diprogenta- steriod type cream - but sure I didn't realise it was steriod cream at all at the time, and wasn't aware it can thin the skin out and cause a heap of further problems down the line). The rash cleared up, but I could only keep it at bay by topping up with steriod cream every day.

A few months later I tried a Different dermatologist. She recommended cold turkey from the steriod cream and prescribed antibiotics. A week later I returned and as she could see the rash was getting no better, did some scrapings and flippantly decided that it was a fungal rash. She didn't really seem used to dealing with celtic skin and I wasn't convinced But took the fungal meds she Prescribed. She prescribed a fungal Cream also (which later I found had some steriod in it) - and low and behold the rash disappears, but once again to keep the rash at bay I had to keep topping up with the cream daily! Problem not solved.

Last week I decided I'd try cold turkey and take a more natural route to solve my now 9month skin prob. I booked a few days at the beach, thinking that the saltwater and fresh air will be good for my skin. I checked this site out to see if there are any natural supplements / topical stuff that were recommended. I hit the health store and stocked up on apple cider vinegar (to drink and apply topically), epsom salts (to gently exfoliate skin), probiotic supplements (to cure from inside out), ethyl alcohol (to apply topically), virgin coconut oil with ginger extract (to apply topically), tea tree oil cream moisturisor (to moisturise). In addition to that I ate quite healthy food during the week - fruit smoothie in the morning with poached egg on toast. homemade soup with crackers and homemade hummus for lunch, homemade lasagne and salad for dinners.

day 1-2 of cold -turkey the rash was ablazing! Stung like hell to apply the apple cider vinegar and ethyl alcohol but calming after a few mins.

day3-4 of cold-turkey, much the same but the rash was no longer spreading and appeared to have peaked. Rash was getting quite crackly at this point so before applying makeup I found dipping my face in a bowl of warm water with epsom salts and left to air dry left a v. Fine coating of salt on the skin, which strangly worked v. Well as a base for applying some concealor over the rash. there was no hope in hell I was going to go into work without concealing the rash and thankfully it didn't backfire! An amazing concealor/fopundation I used was by roche possay - AMAZING stuff!

Day 6 - skin 80% back to normal and with a touch on concealor you couldn't see any rash.

Day 8 - skin is 97% back to normal!

in 4 days time I'm hitting the beach, for what I though would be a weekend of laying low and letting my rashy skin get some air and sea water. Turns out my skin is already cured so instead I'll be flashing my new amazing skin!

I'm not sure what caused the initial rash, but it was after a few weeks in the tropical sun. I suspect old suncream may be the root of the problems - or alternatively flouride toothpaste. I've since switched to a non-flouride toothpaste from the health shop, just incase it is the root cause. I'm going to continue with my epsom salt face soaks and use it as an exfoliator mixed with my usual cleanser and will use the apple cider vinegar as a toner at night, and continue to drink it during the day, as my skin is Glowing from it at the moment! The great bonus about the apple cider vinegar is that it's also a natural appetite supressant. Not that I'm trying to diet, but I've noticed over the past week that I've no interest in junk food or over-indulging! thanks to everyone who contributed on your site with all their great ideas - you really have saved my skin!!

Diaper Rash Ointment
Posted by Anonymous (St. Louis, Mo) on 06/15/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Hello. I developed Contact Dermatitis from one of the two things, power washing a house down and the cleaning agent running down my arms and drying, and or from a tanning bed. My guess is the latter, it happened 24 hours later and I dont mean tanning bed bumps.

The doctor medicated me with Steroids, most of the derm left but then came back immedietly and twice as bad. Did a second treatment, again the same results. His next cure was a Professional and I have him, a endo bill and I dont need some sappy Dermatologist eating up my income for something he can only treat and not cure. That I can do at home which is why I am here.

What worked for me. Desitin, a diaper rash cream. Its not cured, I still have the derm but..its almost gone, 7 days now. I smothered myself with it on all areas of red itchy bumps that spread all over my stomach and under arms, arms and patches on legs.

I did consume the ACV for 3 days 8 ounces and 1/4 cup of vinegar, it was too hard on my stomach. I knocked it down to once a day. When I took the Steroids they knocked my diabetic immune system right out bringing on a horrible yeast infection. I read that yeast will cause the derm to spread even more in your body. In this my help was aided from the ACV. However, pleast note, it was the cream that worked.

I am still using it, you must refrain from itching at all times, this too makes a huge difference. Make sure to get a bar of soap with no ingredients in it from the Health Store, something very mild with no harsh chemicals what-so-ever and use it only. This too will aid in the cure.

Now, 7 days later, bumps under arm and under breast are completely gone, just left overs on my arms, little tiny bumps everywhere but barely noticeable, still itcy, dont touch them.

Let me tell you this has been going on for two months now. The coconut oil will stop the itching completely, at least for two hours or so or fresh out of the shower, it will not make the bumps disappear as the cream did.

You may or may not have patches left, its like after what I went through, big deal, I will use this stuff forever, no it doesnt smell good, I may not be completely healed but boy oh boy what a huge difference.

No Dermatologist will tell you this, they cant make money that way.

I still have patches, and yes its itchy, but I will continue to use the cream. Smother yourself, dont itch it, use the no ingredients soap, watch them disappear in 7 days as this is what the cream says to do, use 7 days, but I will continue to do it. I suppose you can use Balmex too. I believe both contain oxide and it smothers the derm by doing so it does not spread and the weak enviroment dies out from it. Its not the cure but one major difference that will change your life. No more tanning beds for me.

By the way, make sure not to get hair spray on it, and or windex, any cleaning product, the slightest invasion to the arm will cause it to start itching like crazy, rinse it off immedietly and re-apply the cream, I do this about twice a day. Trust me, its a miracle worker, you must be diligent and patient in these mattes and be consistent witl applying this daily or you will see no results.

Best of luck to you all.

Things to Avoid
Posted by Anne Moss (Midlothian, Va) on 02/22/2011

I kept reading things on this website and then I saw the reference to cinnamon. I regularly eat saigon cinnamon with no issues but got a new type of cinnamon and that's when I got my serious breakout. It was when I saw this post that it hit me. Usually, if I break out or have a reaction it's due to something new or different in my diet. Thank you! Itchy eyes are gone.

To treat, I combined coconut oil, tea tree oil (5 drops per tsp or so of coconut oil) and a bit of neosporin. I also took coconut oil melted in water. It worked!

Magnesium Chloride
Posted by Lauren (Chicago, Il) on 12/13/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Magnesium/ Calcium supplements! I had terrible dermatitus and a dermatologist suggested I switch to a fluoride free toothpaste. (I also tried just about everything listed on this site) I started doing my research and eliminating anything with fluoride from my diet. I was horrified to learn that it is EVERYWHERE! Not to mention most cities add it to their water systems. I then read somewhere that magnesium/ calcium supplements can keep fluoride from absorbing into your cells. I started taking a Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc supplement everyday and my dermatitus cleared up completely in a few days.

If I miss a day or two of taking the supplement I notice it start to flare up again. Do your research on fluoride, it may not be the cause for everyone, but it's worth a try!

Cortisone Cream
Posted by Connie (Brush Prairie, WA) on 06/10/2009
1 out of 5 stars


Hello everyone, I just wanted to say that cortisone cream should be avoided for POD. It will mske the symptoms better at first, but eventually the problem will become worse according to my dermatologist and according to everything I have read in the literature.

Ingredients to Avoid
Posted by Brook (Atlanta, Ga) on 01/26/2011

I disagree with removing silver/mercury containing fillings, and it is irresponsible To Tell people To do that. I have been a dental hygienist for 25 years. Silver fillings have been declared to be safe by the American Dental Assoc. Many dentists refuse to do silver in favor of white composite types because they can charge the patient alot more for White composite fillings, and because the life span of one is 2-5 years vs. 30-40 for a silver filling. The Risk from mercury toxicity from removing the silver filling are much greater that leaving it in there. Not to mention that every time a filling is removed it must be replaced by a bigger one that removes even more tooth structure and weakens the tooth more. And dentists know this!

White fillings are a big increase in a dentist's production. Dentists who refuse to do silver fillings are very close to being considered unethical in my opinion, and I wouln't trust them.

Ingredients to Avoid
Posted by Jumpin J (Wisconsin, US) on 11/11/2014

Your opinion is not researched. Yes, white composite does not last as long ...although my 8 white fillings that replaced silver mercury are doing fine after 10 years. Dentists have finally come out, admitting that there is substantial and dangerous amounts of mercury in those silver fillings. One part per billion of mercury is significant to decrease health. Do more research. My complete health profile got better without the silver amalgam....sinuses to eyesight to immune system...all better....even strength and energy. I am an Occupational Therapist ...always interested in higher functioning...I've seen people come out of symptoms like Parkinson's just by getting those fillings out. Use a dam to stop drilled fillings from going down the throat...Dentists like silver because it is easier to mold and work with.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by HannaQueen (Portland, OR) on 04/20/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Ive had skin issues my whole life, and now all 4 of my daughters have excema as well. I moved to a small town with really hard water. It made all of us 10 times worst. We did everything you can think about. Here are a few things we have used and helped.
1. Use all natural lotions. no perfume/plant based.
2. Oatmeal bath. Take cheese cloth and put some oatmeal in it. Tie it close. Throw in your bath and use it to wash yourself. Very soothing.
3. All natural/plant based laundry soap, dish washing soap, laundry softener, soap bars, shampoo, etc. This will help out a lot.

We did this for 2 years and it kept the excema at bay. My 4 yr old started getting red spots under her arms, legs, and hair line. That was it, we had it. We moved into a larger ciy and the water was a lot softer. All red spots and itchy patches were gone within 1 week. If you have hard water, look into getting a filter on your faucets.

We believe in using all natural products instead of using steroid creams or harsh ointments. It really is a life style change but its better for you and your skin. So eat healthy, and use healthy items. Good luck.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by D (Lisbon, Iowa, USA) on 03/04/2009
5 out of 5 stars

If you have a diagnosis of SD you will know that there are many sites that say it is caused by Pitisporum Ovale, they are incorrect. SD is caused by Malassezia Globosa. My eight year old had it all over his face and it was spreading rapidly, the doctor gave us a prescription for Eldel, which has a black box warning and was $40+ even with insurance. It surpresses the immune system and I would not use it on my child who is a cancer survivor. My poor son could not tolerate any of the antifungals I put on his face, his skin was extremely sensitive and everything was painful. I finally hit upon non-pasturized honey, it works. Cleanse the area with hydrogen peroxide, put honey on all the areas. I put it on him right after school and then re-applied at bedtime. I also read a study that zinc pyrithione kills Malassezia Globosa, so I also purchased a 1% zinc pyrithione spray called "Z Care" by supplement on the net. It took forever for them to ship it, but it works. Once you know the exact cause, you have a better chance of fighting what ever it it is. My son could not tolerate head and shoulders on his face whatsover, but the "Z care" spray doesn't burn as long as you wait 10 min after you wash your face. Results with the honey alone were visibile in a day or two, but it is slow going until every little flaky area is gone. It took about 2 months to completely heal him. A note of caution, if the SD is all around the nose area, consider applying the honey and the zinc pyrithione carefully to the inner rims of of the nostrils. I just use a q-tip to appply anything to his face anyway. Don't spray the spray near your face, spray the Q-tip first. The SD was so bad that he also developed a secondary staph infection on the side of his mouth. The honey healed it, and knocked the infection right out. He has a small pink area of scar tissue, where the staph infection was, but I am hopeful this will fade with time.

Read the study:

Good Luck!

Borage Oil
Posted by Sandy (Tampa, FL) on 02/10/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Borage/flaxseed oil for Contact Dermatitis: I started taking flaxseed oil and in time realized that my dermatitis started to get better. At the time I also had bought a lotion with borage oil that said it was good for skin conditions. I looked up borage oil and found out that it has GLA and omegas which are good for inflammation and works against dermatitis, eczema etc. I realized that taking borage oil internally and putting on the lotion would probably be even better. I started doing this about a month and a half ago and my hands haven't looked this good in years. I think I've finally found a cure that works for me and I hope it works for you. I just take the pill once a day and put on the lotion as needed throughout the day. On the side--I realized that the reason for my dermatitis was harsh soaps so I have also started using Castille soap to wash my hands. It doesn't dry them out like other soaps do. I hope this helps someone out there. I had tried ACV/coconut oil and such before but while it did provide some relief it did not completely heal me as borage oil has.

Ingredients to Avoid
Posted by Cherry (Mission Viejo) on 11/15/2021
5 out of 5 stars

My son has a chronic runny nose as well, however if he avoids dairy it clears up. He cuts back on processed carbs as well and it helps. He was cutting weight for wrestling when we noticed the improvement:)

Posted by Tara (Madison, WI) on 12/06/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have tried both ACV and Lemon Juice and the Lemon Juice actually worked better for myself. I took a Q-tip, dipped it in the lemon juice and rubbed it on my dermatitis. It does sting and burn a little bit. It helped dry it up pretty quickly so it could heal faster. I only did this at night before I went to bed.

Posted by Karie (Boca Raton, FL ) on 11/24/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I work in a Salon for 13 years and I got Contact Drematitis I tried everything even the Apple Cider Vinager. I finally talked to one of my customers and he referred me to a Product Under Perscription Only. The Cream was called Elcon Cream. It took it away in 2 days. I was shocked, I had tried everything for 1 month. I have some left over and now I use it when needed. You have to make sure the you clean the site where the rashes are with Antiseptic Wash every time you put on the cream. I wanted to let everyone know what worked for me. I know how bad it can itch and Hurt. I hope you take my advice. Karie, FL

Antiseptic Handwash
Posted by M (St Louis, MO) on 09/12/2008
5 out of 5 stars

A friend in the cosmetics field said the redness in the lines some people have from the nose to the corners of the mouth can be caused by mites. She recommended alcohol. Not having any on hand at the time I used Germ-X handwash, not the intended use for it, BUT it worked to stop the irritation and get rid of the redness and bumps. I noticed that IF MY DOG LICKED MY FACE I WOULD GET THE IRRITATION AGAIN! now I NEVER let my dog lick my face, ever! I'm sure I have him to thank for the mites I think I get. So Germ-X when needed, CLEAN BED LINENS OFTEN, AND NO DOG SLEEPING ON THE BED!!

Antiseptic Handwash
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 09/20/2009

Wow, Violet..... wondering where you are getting your facts. Ever read what Hulda Clark says about pets and parasites? Are you aware that Demodex Mites cause mange in animals and get into your nose hair roots and are almost impossible to cure? A dog's tongue contains E-coli and is the greatest cause of human stomach ulcers. Ever watch what spot your dogs licks when his buddy comes up? Do you know why all dogs have to be wormed every so often? Ted and many others have posted all this on this site. Read more.

Antiseptic Handwash
Posted by Violet (St. Pete, Fl) on 09/21/2009

Hi Robert Henry, I got that info from my vet. I sleep with my dogs all the time and after reading M's post I called my vet to inquire about the mites. That is what she told me.

I was not aware that demodex gets into human hair roots but I am well aware of all your other comments (worms, e-coli, where dogs lick).

I am on this site all the time but I have just recently started posting, in fact that was only the 2nd time I have posted here and from the tone of your reply obviously I have upset you. Sorry :-(

As for reading more, I am a very prolific reader but I have by no means read everything on this site yet... I'm working on it ;-)

I am always interested in hearing what others have to say, and I am more than interested in learning as much as I can about natural cures. Now I'm off to read the demodex posts.

Antiseptic Handwash
Posted by Kewpie (Ca) on 04/21/2014

Actually demodex mites are human mites that we give to our dogs. Your vet will not advise you correctly on this anyhow because they do not recognise that we are passing them back and forth with our dogs. I do have an old vetrenairian book from the 1950s that discusses demodex as a human ailment passed to dogs. If you are worried about mites, use D.E. powder.

It is not E coli that causes ulcers, rather it is H. pylori.

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