Dental Extraction Pain Remedies

Swelling After Dental Procedure
Posted by Ann (N.C.) on 07/27/2013

I am having swelling reaction to dental work that activated mercury in fillings plus the anesthesia injections I reacted to (very sensitive from Lymes disease and celiac illness(. Any advice for swelling/itching/pain? Thanks so much!

Oil Pulling
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 04/27/2013 2072 posts

I spit my nasty oil into an empty plastic peanut container then wrap it into one of those cheap plastic grocer bags. It will proly wind up bursted in the landfill and incorporated into all the other nasties in the pit.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 04/26/2013

don't put coconut oil in your sink, tub, or shower or it will clog your pipes when it rehardens below 70? degrees and the plumber will have to pull the blob out of your pipes or your septic pump.... OUCH! Spit into a paper towel, napkin, or toilet paper and put in trash or burn in woodstove.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Tons Of Dental Work (Pain In Patootie, Usa) on 04/26/2013

I think the system is failing myself after tons of dental work. After a mouth full of fillings that later required crowns that later needed root canals, that then needed pulled and then needed a partial that was done wrong and caused more tooth failure. Wow. The dentist that invented the root canal proceedure wrote a book called the root canal coverup. He is against the proceedure!

I have lost faith in the system and there are two books out there on how to heal cavities with diet. I was allergic to that diet but it was working for some people that gave testimony.

For me it will be an ACT OF GOD and be it unto me as my faith believes, because all other options have expired.

I did find an online denturist that helped me deal with my poorly made partial and helped me understand what I would have had to pay a dentist many appointments in time to tell me so I Could get to the bottom of my nightmare.

By odd chance I got a nice denturist that was retired came to my home and gave me a very fair price and made the most lovely denture to fill my face back out, due to the sunken look caused by the poorly designed and cheap metals that turned colors --- old broken partial. My dentist broke my partial and then blamed me for it. I had to file a claim and it was a messy mess. They refunded very little of the cost of a denture.

Never..... let them fix a broken denture, it will cause more harm than good. answers questions in a timely manner for FREE!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Ashamed To Admit It (Everywhere, Usa) on 04/24/2013
4 out of 5 stars

Coconut oil in the diet has made life bearable from pain all day and night in numerous spots... Some ugly cavities and some broken crowns and some just seem to have sensitivities.

Gave up getting any more fixes, all the old ones failed and most recent work 2010, new crowns and fillings, ended up causing pain for solid year all day- everyday

12-12 to 4-13 Eat coconut oil in diet EVERYDAY and pain stays away... skip day or two and pain is back with a vengence.

Tea Bag
Posted by Renee (Emporia, Kansas) on 03/21/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Extracted molar quickly resulted with significant swelling and pain. Soaked a regular tea bag for a few minutes in warm water, squeezed out most of the liquid, then lightly bit down on the bag. After an hour or so, a noticeable reduction in both pain and swelling. Continued this process for several days... rapid healing has occurred.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Gardengirl (Gallatin, Tn. Usa) on 03/17/2013
5 out of 5 stars

2 weeks ago, I had a wisdom tooth pulled, it would hurt and in that area it would feel hot. I started off putting minced garlic in the area and it stopped the pain, but 1 week later it still felt hot and too much garlic was making the gum raw. Thank-you for the vinegar idea, it worked and after about 3 days it is healing, no more hot spot. I mix about 2 teaspoons in a glass of water and swish it in that area... 3 times a day.... Feels great now!!!

Oil Pulling
Posted by Janice (Toronto, Ontario) on 03/02/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I've had a few sensitive teeth before, but recently a back molar, cause was crappy dental work, four days now I've been doing oil pulling with Sunflower oil, it seems to work, because my dentist who helped me with another sensitive tooth won't do anything for this one. Maybe it's because the needle I got in that tooth is linked to my cataracts because the needle touched the eye nerve and I was twitching for 3 straight months, not sure, but the oil pulling works. One friend said using coconut oil every morning made her loose teeth sturdy! 4 days now and it doesn't hurt as much, but it's only 4 days, and that's good...... the Colgate Pro Sensitive when I put that on I screamed, a friend's dentist told her that would ruin the enamel, on the waiting list 6 months to see this special dentist!

Oil Pulling, use Sunflower or Coconut 1 Tbsp. swish throughout the mouth 1st thing in the morning, rinse with salt water after spitting it out, and then brush your teeth, that's it.

Posted by Anonymouscat (La, Ca) on 01/31/2013
1 out of 5 stars

Magnets for facial area or brain is NOT suggested generally. That is what I read, in this book.

Inflammation, take Bromelain tablet and turmeric are amazing. I took Bromelain and arnica montana and drank aloe vera juice 5 days prior to surgery and I had an easy recovery.

Raw Milk
Posted by Linda (Anoka, Mn) on 10/31/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I had the same problem and cured it in one week by drinking raw milk. It also worked for my 8 yr. old granddaughter and son-in-law.

Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 10/30/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Quite a few years ago, at this point, I was really having problems with this same thing. Believe it or not, it was my acupuncturist who fixed that issue. I would never have put this together but he explained that tooth sensitivity is related to stomach issues. He needled me for this and it took care of this! Now, when my teeth feel strange or are sensitive, I know it has more to do with my stomach than my teeth. I eat calming foods and never drink cold drinks as cold puts out the digestive fire and causes havoc in the stomach.

Hope this helps, Lisa

Tea Bags, Clove Oil
Posted by Littlewing (Boston, Ma) on 02/10/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Strangely I just had a tooth extracted a few hours ago. Unfortunately I've had many teeth pulled so I can say from lots of experience that the above advice is RIGHT ON. All great ideas for fast and painless as possible healing. One more thing - try to keep your tongue out of it. Difficult to not fiddle with it, I know, but try your best.

General Feedback
Posted by Andy (New York City, Ny) on 02/08/2012

Back in 1995, I had an awful pus on my gum that was painful, yet it was killing my tooth as well. To kill the pain, I washed my mouth with Listerine mouthwash, then I used a sharp pin as used in tailors. The pin was cleaned with rubbing alcohol, then I pushed the pin into the area of the pus and then pulled out the pin. Next, I squeezed the pus out from opposite side of the gum where the pus was sitting. This forced the pus to come out of the hole that was made by the pin. All of the infection then was gone.

Next, make an appointment to the dentist. According to the dentist, I had to get a root canal job done on that tooth. The root canal job only lasted less than one year. The following year, I had the root canal removed (very bloody procedure)!

As I completely had the next tooth became a bridge job. As to the root canal jobs, it is not worth the expense of pulling out the root canal if the tooth is so old and about to crack into pieces or has been drilled so many times, that it would soon fall apart anyway. Best is to pull that tooth, no root canal, and just do a bridge job or a new denture instead.

Never allow a dentist to implant teeth. This is very dangerous for the jaw bone, which my dentist has informed me when I asked about it. The jaw bone can break or crack from any implanted tooth, and also it can become infected, until death occurs. As new technology is advancing, find a dentist with laser technology rather than the old drilling the teeth as it causes pain, heat and cracks from so much heat and vibration of the drill. One of the best machines now is from Biolase Technology company. There is a search engine of dentists that use their equipment to find the dentist in your area. This is a painless dental technology, not like drilling. Go see it at their website. I am now using this type of dentist, and I can tell you it won't even make you nervous as with the noise of drilling and grinding the teeth the old fashion way. You will be laying down on the dental lounge instead of the old dental chair, no joke.

Clove Oil, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Summer (Fukuoka, Japan) on 12/26/2011

I just want to add one more story. I have been applying clove oil in the area I used to have discomfort every night. Fortunately, I don't have pain but I started bleeding this morning when I was brushing teeth. Is is abnormal?

Clove Oil, Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Summer (Fukouka, Japan) on 12/25/2011
5 out of 5 stars

To: Mr Ted.... I have a question

I had a root canal done in a right upper tooth when I was 15 years old. Everything was o.k. Until I was pregnant with my daughter about 9 years ago. The gum was infected (around the area of root canal) a large pus from root canal was hurting my mouth. I was put on antibiotics twice during my pregnancy. My oral surgeon drained the pus after I gave a birth to my daughter. That was 9 years ago.

I began to have pain in the same area this summer. Once more I saw my dentist and he told me that I needed to extract the tooth. To make a long story short, I found a dentist who would do a re-root canal. He did a re-root canal for me this October of 2011 and put a new crown. His comment was there would be no guarantee that this tooth would last long. I thought he was saying to me indirectly that I need to extract this tooth eventually. My gum area was again started hurting about 2-3 weeks ago, so I put clove oil and tea tree oil in where I was hurting. Fortunately all my pain is gone and I feel that this tooth will last long. Do you think these oil are getting rid of my infection? I understand we cannot wipe out infection from root canal completely.

I really want to keep all my teeth including the one I talked about. Is there any other recommendation to keep the tooth other than what I am doing right now? (using oil) Sincerely, Summer

Warm Salt Water
Posted by Amber P. (Broken Arrow, Ok) on 06/23/2011
5 out of 5 stars

warm salt water is the only thing that has given immediate relief to the pain of my wisdom tooth coming in. warm tap water and sea salt.

Tea Bags, Clove Oil
Posted by Pixie (Indianapolis, In, Usa) on 03/03/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I had a tooth extraction two days ago and thought I'd share a couple of things that were shared with me to make recovery a lot easier.

1.) Instead of gauze, use a warm, wet teabag to apply pressure. The tannic acid in the tea will help stop the bleeding and cause the tissue to start healing faster. Any tea will do, though I used black tea.

2.) A drop of clove oil on the wound will help with pain. It stings at first and then numbs it. Clove oil is also good for helping the wound heal and has antiseptic properties, even if it has a nasty taste.

3.) After 24 hours, gently swish with salt water--about 1 teaspoon of salt to 1 cup of water. Swish after every meal. The salt will kill any bacteria and the gentle swishing will dislodge any particles of food from the open wound.

4.) Keep to soft food for the first 24-48 hours and easily chewed foods--nothing crunchy or chewy or drunk through a straw--after that.

5.) A vitamin C supplement is a good idea during the recovery phase.

Root Canal Extraction Pain
Posted by Slh (Lehi, Ut, Usa) on 02/09/2011

I had a similar pain to Mr. Bari after having a root canal. What was found was a very small extra root that had not be extracted during the root canal. My dentist had not seen it on his traditional x-ray, but a periodontist caught it with a more detailed x-ray.

Once the root was extracted the pain stopped.

Root Canal Extraction Pain
Posted by Noureen (Dhaka, Bangladesh) on 02/07/2011

My father mr. BARI, 54yrs old, had a root canal on the rt sided 2nd molar of lower jaw. After that he had severe sudden pain at the lower jaw which is sharp, sudden. Lasts for 2-3sec occurs 7-8 times day. The pain radiates to the cheek, eyebrow, forehead. Doctor had diagnosed it as atypical TN. He is taking gabapentin for 3yrs and allergic to carbamezapine. but for the last few days his pain is not relieving though he has incresed his dose of gaba from 600mg/day to 1200mg/day. now what should he do? should he go for a botox injection? if then will it be able to relief his pain forever?

Sage, Bayberry, Privet, Plantain
Posted by Glight (Hattiesburg, Ms, Usa) on 01/06/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I had my wisdom teeth removed over Christmas. I used a Tincture of Sage, Bayberry, Privet and Plantain. Had no problems at all. I Love my Herbs!

General Feedback
Posted by Carly (Seattle, Wa Usa) on 06/12/2010

Hi Simi -

I am scared to death of dentists myself (due to a very bad experience with one as a child).

I am writing to reassure you - when you go to an oral surgeon they can put you into a twilight type of sleep, where you will not be in any pain or even care while they pull the tooth. An infected or rotten tooth can have a bad effect on your entire body.

I know it is scary. I wish you well.

Hang in there.


General Feedback
Posted by Dianna (Tx) on 06/11/2010

i have this exact same problem... except that my tooth is still alive... it doesn't hurt and the dentist wants to do a root canal and the put a crown on it and the cost will be 1,800!!! with the other work i needed this will just not be doable for me. so i started brushing my teeth with a toothpaste containing xylitol. this has worked so well my teeth and gums feel much stronger and i feel that i can leave it alone until i decide what to do. i know this isn't a cure - so to speak - but also massaging my gums has helped too.

General Feedback
Posted by Sk (Redmond, Wa, U.s.a.) on 06/08/2010


my name simi, i have a upper left molar tooth #14 which needs to be extracted surgically.The tooth structure is almost gone,one side of the crown has gone down to the gumline, one side is there. it has hole in it and has cavity. my dentists told me to go to a oral surgeon to have it removed. I am very scared,does somebdy hade the same problem. What are the possible complications i can face. Will it be a good idea to consult with a holistic dentists for this problem. since there is a hole in the tooth i have not been chewing from that side of the mouth for long now.i have heard of getting a hole in the sinus, so iam more reluctant, but iam not able to use left side of my mouth. Also the cavity in the pulp, i been doing oil pulling with sunflower oil atleast once a day. But i dont know if that will fix the problem. I think i cant certainely grow the tooth back. Does somebody has any advice for me. I been puting this off becz i am scared. Any help is appreciated.

thanks much.

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