Dental Extraction Pain Remedies

Posted by Kelsey (Oregon) on 05/25/2023
5 out of 5 stars

I read that book, about Root Canal Coverup leaking infection. So, I decided to have four root canals extracted because of the information in that book. My health was excellent at the time. My dentist disagreed me about having the root canals removed. His opinion was that root canals might leak a little but that most people's immune system simply fights it off. I had all four root canals extracted then I needed implants, well then I need more bone built up, before all four porcelain or ceramic implants could be placed. It was an intense and very costly process. Well, every single one of the porcelain implants failed, one by one. My dentist told me my body rejected them. Four dental implants all had to be removed. A very costly mistake to say the least. I should have just left the root canals alone, I believe some a few people get sick from root canals, but most people don't. The primary point, was that after the dental implant extractions, I was prescribed a painkiller, oxycontin. but I decided to take bromelain as a painkiller instead. I took two at the onset of any pain and it took the pain completely away! I sailed through recovery with bromelain and garlic chicken broth.