Dental Extraction Pain Remedies

Posted by Rw (Bluefield, Va) on 08/12/2016

When my daughter got all four wisdom teeth pulled in the same day, I gave her homeopathic Arnica 200c just before the procedure, shortly after the procedure and every few hours during the first day, and as needed the few days after. She never needed any pain meds even though we had gotten the prescription filled just in case. She never had any swelling or bruising. Homeopathy (it's not herbs) causes the body to heal faster and eliminates or decreases symptoms in the meantime if you choose the right remedy for your situation.

The homeopathic remedy, Ruta, is effective for pain resulting from braces or the visits where they adjust the braces. You can get the remedies on Amazon or any site where homeopathic medicines are sold. There are several different brands.