Two Potent Remedies for Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)

Posted by Gth (Simi Valley, Ca) on 04/11/2022

I was told ten or fifteen years ago I had DDD. The pain had gotten so bad that at times it was hard to take a deep breath or stand straight. Standing in the kitchen doing dishes or chopping veggies where I had to lean forward slightly was the worse. I started this about three weeks ago. Within three days I noticed an improvement. Now I barley feel any pain and don't really need to use the Stopain. I do before bed just to ensure a better night's sleep. Not only has it helped my back, but also aches in other joints. I started giving it to my husband. He too can't believe the results in only about a week, especially in his knees. This really is a miracle. I am so grateful to you for your article, Art, and that it showed up in my inbox.