Cracked Tooth Under Crown
Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for a Cracked Tooth Under A Crown

on Jun 09, 2023| Modified on Jun 09, 2023
Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by NanaWatters (Madison, WI) on 06/08/2023

I recently had an abscess next to a molar that had a root canal and crown several years ago. A 3-D Xray showed that the tooth under the crown has a crack. Amoxicillin took care of the abscess for a couple of weeks and then there was a new smaller one. My dentist says they can't save the tooth and would require an extraction and implant.

I've been reading that many people have had great results using hydrogen peroxide. Is it possible it would not only take care of the infection but prevent the need for extraction and implant? Needless to say, I'd love to find a better solution and not have to spend $5,000+. The molar next to it was extracted years ago, so a bridge is not an option.

Does anyone have a similar experience?